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Kella glared at the last Kikwi as it freaked out just like all the others. "Okay, seriously are these Kikwi's saying 'Kew Kew' or 'Fuck you!'" Kella asked glancing at the sword Spirit.

"Mistress, I am not detecting any additional dowsing in the area. I suggest that you go to speak with the kikwi elder." Fi announced.

Kella nodded and jumped off the ledge looking around and groaning as she saw bokoblins running towards her. "This should be fun." She muttered.

Ghirahim's POV

The demon lord smirked as he watched the bokoblins he had ordered to attack the sky child advance on her from his perch in a tree.

He blinked in annoyance as she ducked the first bokoblins blow and rolled sideways out of the way of their attacks and jumped to her feet, bracing her self.

This human was peeking his interest as she smirked slashed a bokoblin across the face with her sword and backflipped out of the way before slashing the first bokoblin over the throat causing it to shriek and collapse. She smirked and jumped in the air in shock to avoid the other two bokoblins' blades. "Son of a-" He chuckled at her but stopped when she she did a spin attack cutting a shallow slice through the remaining two Bokoblins before turning to her companion.

"Intriguing..." He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

Kella's POV

She smirked as she shot a seed at a bokoblin with her new slingshot and narrowed her eyes before slitting his throat. She glanced up the steps and was mildly surprised to see a huge ass door with tribal markings on it.

"This must be it."

"Mistress I detect a strong aura coming from this door. My research indicates that this aura is classified as Zelda." Fi reported.

Kella glanced at Link. "Come on, squirt. Let's go find your girlfriend." Kella said and quickly hit the diamond with a seed from her slingshot.

Link smiled at her before walking in. Kella was about to follow him when she heard a laughter fill the air. She spun around only to find nothing but a few diamonds.

Skyview Temple

"Mistress I have bad news. The auras of many creatures reverberate throughout this temple. As a result I can not detect Zelda's Aura. You will not be able to dowse for her here." Fi informed her. "Given the situation I suggest you move around to see where we should go next." Kella sighed in annoyance.

"Great. Just great." She muttered as she ran through the corridor with Link not far behind her. She defeated the bats before eyeing the vines and the blocked door. "Wait here." She told ink before running up the vines only to be knocked back down. "Oh. Hello beautiful." She mocked the plant before sling shooting it and climbing up.

Once up the vines she proceeded to cut off the plants head before hitting the diamond with her sword, causing it to break up into numerous mini diamonds. She jumped off the ledge and went through the door.

She glanced around the new room and grinned when she saw the amber relic clutching to the wall. She rammed into the wall and picked up the amber relic, pocketing it before climbing back up and glancing at the eye ball. "Okay then." She muttered as she started to circle her sword around and around and couldn't help but laugh when the eye fell out of the socket and the bars on the door lifted.

After she made it to the next room with Link running after her she groaned inwardly as she saw the green balls that blew up in a matter of seconds on the floor and two snapping plants hanging from the ceiling. She narrowed her eyes and hit the first one with her slingshot. "Go past it quickly while it's stunned wait for me on the other side." She told him.

She smirked. "Just you and me, princess." She smirked and swiftly cut it's head off. She ran forward, past Link, and jumped into the air and swung her sword vertically, cutting the second plant's head in half before landing ungraciously. "Alrighty then." She said and cleared her throat before running farther into the room and killing the green bokoblin in her path before jumping off the edge.

"Bingo." She laughed as she saw the diamond icon and took out her slingshot. "Shit" She muttered as she saw that she only had 3 seeds left. She picked up one and put the other two back in her adventure pouch. She carefully placed the seed on the rope and pulled it back before letting go. She threw her hands in the air in victory when she saw it split up.

She climbed the vines and did the same thing to the diamond icon above the door before smirking and running into the one on the left.

Ghirahim's POV

Ghirahim smirked as he sensed the Spirit Maidens Aura just beyond the golden door. He turned around and waved his hands before snapping his fingers causing a lock to form on the door and a chest to appear not very far away from the room.

He snapped his fingers causing five daggers to appear. He smirked and snapped his fingers, watching as they hurled towards the door and just bounced off.

"Hm." These miscalculations were making him very disagreeable.

He walked over to the door and snapped his fingers, catching his sword in his hands.

Kella's POV

She headed over the rope and after taking a few steps forward walked backwards to stand beside Link. "Stay." She turned back to the rope before whipping around to look at Link. "Put." She turned towards the rope before turning back to Link. "There." She carefully walked across the roped until she was halfway there when she heard a bokoblin sound its horn. She tried not to panic as she felt the presence of one bokoblin behind her and could see one heading her way. She groaned inwardly as she fell down and clutched to the rope. She swung back and forth numerous times and grinned when she heard them fall to their deaths.

She pulled herself back up onto the rope and proceeded to the other side, swaying back and forth as she went and sighed in relief as she felt solid ground under her feet. She turned around and beckoned Link other.

A couple minutes passed and the two siblings were standing side-by-side in font of a huge ass door. Kella turned to him. "Okay let's go find your friend." She took out the golden carving she had acquired not long ago and proceeded to twist and turn it to get it to fit. She smiled when she got it to fit and placed it into the lock, giving a victorious chuckle when the door opened before turning to her brother. "Ready?"

"Ready." He responded. She nodded and pushed the door open and heading inside with Link following close behind her.