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"Pokèmon speaking"


"Normal speech"

The train ride home

The weeks and months passed quickly. Nothing interesting happened apart from Ron getting caught out of bed and losing a hundred points from Gryffindor. His excuse was apparently Malfoy had challenged him to a duel and hadn't shown. Of course, nobody believed him.

Also the defence professor had turned up dead with a face on the back of his head which caused Sky to become curious.

The group continued to work hard and got most of the top spots in every class. If they finished early, they would try to help others, try being the operative word. Some people didn't appreciate it and rebuffed them because they wanted to do it on their own. Others accepted it because they could try to use the time to better get to know Harry Potter. This didn't work. And some just insulted them for being teachers pets. This was mean as it wasn't their fault that the teachers liked them. They just do their work.

Harry was looking forward to the holidays. It would mean a few weeks away from Dumbledore and doing what he loved.

Talking of Dumbledore (or Dumbdoor), he couldn't take a hint that he was happy where he lived and with his friends. After he realised that he couldn't move him houses, he tried to set up friendships for him, particularly with the annoying Weasley boy, who tried to get him in trouble at every turn (Which never works) or with the bushy know-it-all (who Harry found annoying and who apparently wanted to be the best at everything.).

Also Harry found Snape annoying, a trait shared with everyone apart from those in Slytherin. He had it worse as Snape tried to belittle him at every lesson and wouldn't stop until Sky threatened him. Even then he still was mean to Harry.

Harry was heading down to the train with his friends.

"Looking forward to the holidays?" he asked Riolu as he rode in the carriages.

"I won't be so cramped all the time," Riolu said with cries of agreement from the other Pokèmon.

"I guess that's a good thing."

"Oh look, we're here," said Jackie.

"And look who's also here," groaned Harry, spotting Dumbledore on the station.

"Does he ever give up?" asked Jack.

"Nope," answered Neville.

"Well, I'm here with you so don't worry about it," said Sky.

On the station

"Ah, Harry, my boy, I'm afraid you must return to the castle. It's too dangerous for you to be anywhere else," said Dumbledore as he Spotted Harry.

"Oh, and last time I checked, what happens outside of school time is none of your business," said Harry cheekily.

"But what I'm doing is fir the Greater Good…"

"Who's Greater Good Headmaster? Mine or yours?" asked Harry.

"If you are going to leave the castle, you must go your Aunt's House where there are protections for your safety."

"Recall what I said earlier. It's not up to the Headmaster to decide where people go for their Holidays. Anyway, why would I want to go to someone I don't know?"

"Because there are powerful wards that will keep you safe…"

"Those would have fallen long ago as I don't consider the house my home. Can we go now? You know that you don't have any reason to keep me here" Harry and his friends climbed onto the train and It soon pulled off, leaving an angry Dumbledore.

On the train

Harry sighed. "Geez, Dumbledore is really persistent."

"Yeah, he doesn't know when or how to back off!" agreed Jack.

"I think you should just ignore him. Now I wonder what missions I should give you over the holidays…." Sky said as she smiled at the eager looks on the children's faces.

Dumbledore's office

Dumbledore was furious.

"How dare that boy not do what he is told? He should know better than that by now."

Dumbledore paced around the room.

"I guess I'll just have to get him away from Sky. Yes I can do that. It would be best to do it at the beginning of the summer holiday. It will give him more time to adjust." Dumbledore cackled.