A/N: Hi! This takes place after City of Lost Souls BUT Malec are still together because I mostly pretend that part of the book never happened. Please review I'd love to know what you think! Enjoy

Simon knocked on the door to Clary's room in Luke's house, he had heard Clary's and Isabelle's voices from downstairs and didn't want to interrupt any last minute outfit changes, he knew what Isabelle was like and he knew how impressionable Clary was when it came to her appearance. Not that he really cared what she looked like; Simon thought she always looked fine in her T-shirts and jeans. Isabelle would have none of it.

"Clary, can I come in?" he said quietly, his voice was still mangled from sleep. He was never a morning person especially after this whole vampire thing, and the fact that he hadn't had to get up for school in months. Not that he minded about that either. He heard Isabelle huff and something fly across the room.

"Hey Simon. You're safe." Her voice was surprisingly chirpy. The smell of shampoo and make up hit him as soon as he walked in; he wrinkled his nose up at the smell. "You're wearing make up to school?"

"She said she wanted to look nice!" Isabelle interrupted, rubbing the pink powder furiously into Clary's cheeks. "Looking nice, doesn't mean tonnes of make up." Clary said, examining her face awkwardly in the mirror.

"You weren't wearing any before. You looked practically ghostly." Isabelle said examining Clary's face with great intent. Simon wondered why girls even wore make up. Poking yourself in the eye with chemicals just didn't appeal to him.

"Thanks Isabelle, way to boost my self esteem on my first day back." Clary said looking at herself in her mirror by the window. Her red hair was longer and it fell in curls down her back. She turned around throwing her hands in the air, "It'll do."

Her makeup was a far cry from Isabelle's dark lids and red lips but still it was different. They were supposed to be blending back in to school life and that was going to be difficult for a short tempered demon hunter and a vampire. Nerves suddenly swept over Simon, he felt the blood pulse around him and if his heart still beat it would be going fast. He really despised the people at school. They noticed everything even if they didn't notice Clary and himself before.

Isabelle was gathering her makeup and shoving it back in her black bag and Clary was putting her green messenger bag over her shoulder. Simon shook his head and cleared his throat trying to calm himself down.

"Ladies, you both look ravishing and may we leave now preferably before Christmas?" he said. Clary pulled her face into a mischievous frown, "Good things come to those who wait."

"Really? I didn't think going back to school was a good thing." He asked, smiling at Clary's expression. Isabelle kissed him slowly on the cheek; he looked at her, her eyebrows raised and half a smile teased at the side of her lips. "Oh."

"Right, lovebird number one, let's go. Thanks Isabelle" Clary said heading over to Simon, jabbing him in the ribs, clutching her bag to her side uneasily. "Wait there." Isabelle's tone was demanding but Simon had to pull Clary back with the strap of her bag.

"Right, Clary, I've put a glamour on it so nobody will see it." She handed her a shining silver dagger, "Woah, Isabelle, this is school. Not the Institute and I'm not planning on any demon fighting today." Isabelle held the dagger towards her. "Just in case. Jace is beside himself letting you out of his sight. A bit of protection wouldn't go a miss." Clary took the dagger and put it her bag reluctantly. Isabelle turned to Simon, her face stern and protective, he braced himself.

"You're not hungry are you?" she asked, he sighed heavily putting a hand on her arm. "Isabelle we've been through this. I'm not hungry at all." A small smile rested on her face. "Just don't eat anyone Simon." He laughed and kissed her on the forehead. "I promise."

Isabelle made him happy but sometimes he longed for the days before all of this when it was just him and Clary, going to band practice and spending hours outside the library with her. Sometimes he even missed Eric. A lump rose in his throat but he pushed it away. It was strange to be doing something normal and the normalcy of it scared him. He had no regrets over the past few months but he didn't want to be a vampire, he wanted a college education, a good job, a wife and kids. He pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose, adjusting his eyes. Being sixteen forever sounded good until you actually thought about it. Now the concept didn't seem that good at all.

"Simon?" her dark eyes gazed up at him, making his knees weak. Her eyebrows furrowed together, "Just because you're hot now Simon doesn't mean you can hook up with all of these mundane girls. I am your girlfriend. A girlfriend who has a whip and is not afraid to use it." He laughed but Clary pushed him through the doorway. She made a small gagging sound, "Either Isabelle is ready to kick some mundane ass or I don't even want to know."

"Wait, I'm hot now?" he asked Clary who pushed him further down the stairs.

"Good. Now you kids best leave before you're late." She said, Clary turned throwing a glare at Isabelle. They argued like sisters Simon thought, he followed Clary out of the front door of Luke's house. "Just like the first day of school but instead of our parents taking pictures you're smuggling weapons and I've been told not to eat anybody. This should be fun."