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The Difference…

"Komamura," a harsh female voice called out from behind the seated Dog-captain. His fluffy red ears perked at the distinct sound of almost-irritation in her voice. He didn't turn around, merely remaining in his seated meditative state. Her dark eyes narrowed on him just the slightest, a small portion of her reitsu making its way out to confirm her annoyance. No reason to waste anymore time, "I trust there's a reason you called me out here…"

"Yes, SoiFong-Taichou," His black rimmed fluffy red ear twitched, and the Konoichi-captain had to resist the urge to touch the fluffy cute thing. Damn her weakness for fluffy cute things. The large behemoth of a dog leaned forward in his seated position, placing one boot-clad foot-paw on the ground and slowly raising to stand with his back to her, the symbol for the seventh division making it just past her head. She noticed his hands rested on his hips, or around that general vicinity, he was rather large and she couldn't quite look 'around' him like normal people. An odd sound came from his chest, "There was something I wanted to confirm…"

In a flash of light the large red dog had turned on her, his large katana bearing down on her…

Only to be stopped by her smaller kodachi, a light smirk entering her dark eyes at the slight surprise in his gold ones, "You're too slow…"

Instead of irritation forming across his face she watched as his odd-dog-brows evened out, an equally small smirk coming to the edges of his eyes, "I know…" in what a 'normal' person would consider a swift motion the large canine-captain twisted his sword making the blade horizontal, letting out a mighty roar as he horizontally cut along the konoichi's blade. Soifong had to grit her teeth, for all her strength she wasn't a 'stable' fighter, and with his size and larger strength the end result of the 'one on one' clash for power was obvious; after a moment's resistance the sheer force of his bulk and size out won her own, sending the much smaller konoichi flying across the plain, through three trees before finally stopping in the middle of a much larger one.

Komamura's ears twitched again as he stood up from the cutting stance, sword still held firmly in his hand, waiting for the smaller woman to retaliate…

And retaliate she did, like a bullet the moment SoiFong touched ground again she was coming back at him, her own sword poised for a quick strike. As soon as she left the tree line she leapt, using the sun to blind her opponent and come down for a killing blow. The large dog was ready, eyes narrowed against the light but following her shadow all the same, at the last instance, her sword literally a hair's breadth from hitting his nose, he sidestepped, letting her fall slightly and with his free hand he made to grab her wrist. His large fingers barely scrapped the cloth around her wrist before her foot connected with his shoulder, ricocheting her smaller form away allowing her to land several feet in front of him. Landing in a crouch the konoichi kept her eyes narrowed on the large canine, her sword raised in a backhanded defense in front of her.

Neither of them were even slightly winded.

Komamura turned his golden gaze upon her, eyes still open normally, his sword held loosely by his standards in his hand as he merely stood, looking at the konoichi, "What I lack in speed I make up for in defense, something it seems you traded as well," there was no condescending his voice, it was merely an observation.

The konoichi eyed him, rising slowly to her feet; sword still in front of her, "Komamura," her eyes narrowed the slightest as he shifted into a more battle ready stance, "Why did you ask me out here?"

His little odd-dog-brows raised as that crinkle of a smile stepped back into his eyes making him look oddly cute, "I wanted to fight you," his right hand tightened around his sword as a much darker expression entered his face.

The next instant had him smashing the ground where the konoichi once stood.

SoiFong had dodged at the last second, rounding on him, moving to make a strike at his lowered form. Just as her blade point was about to hit he shifted, where her kodachi would have pierced his left arm it skidded along his shoulder and back. The over extension would have left a normal person open as Komaura rolled his shoulder after the blade, dragging his large sword for a powerful uppercut slash. SoiFong too rolled with the shift of the colossal man, his blade cutting a path right in front of her face, close enough that she had to blink in surprise that he got that close. She fell to the ground on her side, vaulted off her hand as he stood with his blow in one fluid motion. From her lower position for the instant before bouncing away, even she had to admit that despite his 'slower' movements, he had excellent form.

She bounded away, flipping three times off the ground to make a significant distance between them. She wasn't retreating, she was planning. She landed on her feet, sword up in that backhanded position as her eyes stayed on the hulking dog. He stood straight from his slash, completely ignoring the torn up ground below him and looked over his left shoulder, the area she had tried striking him only to slightly miss. She followed his muzzle, and even from this distance could see his nose twitch as he stared at his haori. SoiFong scowled at herself, she had to stop finding those little animal motions of his cute, they were distracting. A sudden shift of white caught her attention and her eyes focused back on him.

The konoichi blinked, he'd taken off his haori? Lowering her sword just the slightest she called out to him from across the field, "What are you doing?" his ears perked up as he turned to look at her while folding his haori and she murdered the ideas of 'cute' that followed.

His gold eyes blinked at the smaller woman quite a distance from him, ears perked as he'd heard her inquiry. He gave a doggish grin, "Don't want to ruin it any more than necessary," he tilted his head to her, nodding for her to take a look at her own. She did, taking her eyes off him for only the barest of moments, and saw that his uppercut slash hadn't completely missed her. There was a long slash from the base of her haori on the left side to about halfway up, barely hanging on by the looks of it. She turned and scowled at him, not saying a word. He smirked her way finding her deathly expression… cute in its own way, "We can put them aside so as to not damage them further…" a sharper look entered his eyes, one of a wolf, "Then we can really go all out."

If he hadn't have said that the konoichi-captain wouldn't have even bothered, she blew up her haori just about every day of the week, so far she had a permanent contract with the seamstress' that made them to just keep making more 'second division' ones since her Shunko tended to destroy them anyway. She was a person who liked to train as she fought and when in the middle of a fight was she going to have time to care about destroying a priceless symbol of the captain's seat? She scowled at the red in black behemoth before her, now apparently seemed like the time. With little effort she slid the modified white jacket off leaving her in just her 'normal' Omitsukido commander outfit. She tossed her modified haori to the side without care, raising her eyes back to her opponent and her sword back into its position.

When she looked back at him, what she saw made her jolt just the slightest. It seems Komamura wasn't just taking off his haori, he'd taken off the black top and white underneath of the upper part of his uniform, leaving his chest bare except for wrappings that covered everything below his pectorals. She blinked, he was red and fluffy, with an off-yellow-white fur covering most of what she could see of his chest the same color as the lower part of his muzzle. He folded his collective upper garments neatly and moved to set them aside of their battlefield. Her eyes followed, her brain trying to catch up and form the appropriate question, "Komamura…?" that wasn't it…

His fluffy black rimmed ears perked in her direction, his eyes catching her over his shoulder as he set his clothing down, before turning to her fully, taking in her questioning look and her own 'altered' attire, he smirked lightly, "Seemed only fair," his baritone caught the konoichi but she continued to give him that questioning look, tilting her head slightly. He raised a still gauntleted paw and scratched his ear slightly embarrassed by her stare, "I've seen you fight before," his eyes trailed away, "wi-without your haori… you're… well…" he frowned trying to find the right words, "More exposed?" his ear twitched, ignoring the narrowing of her eyes as she glowered at him, he turned away slightly, "It seemed only fair…"

Contrary to what the dog-man may have thought, she wasn't glowering at him for the fact that he was saying her outfit was 'revealing', but instead at the fact that he had to mention it like that was its entire purpose… or that she cared, "This is the standard Omitsukido commander's outfit," she stated as if that was a proper response. Feeling slightly miffed at the fidgety way he was acting her brain decided to pick at his new 'outfit' in retaliation, "What's with the wrappings…" she'd been surprised to see them, sure, figuring added clothing would be uncomfortable with… fur, and that perhaps he used them simply as a means of swordplay, having them in place to limit broken ribs and the like like several fighters she knew.

She hadn't expected the nervous blinking and nearly shell-shocked look she got as a response…

A black brow rose on the konoichi's face, "Komamura?"

He scratched the side of his muzzle and looked away. The konoichi was starting to wonder if he could just blush to express his obvious embarrassment with the amount of 'nervous' reitsu she was sensing, "T-that's… well…" she continued looking at him, eyebrow raised and a serious expression on her face. The large dog's ears lowered slightly in 'defeat', "Its somewhat personal…"

"Personal?" she looked at him incredulous, eyebrow still up. What could be 'personal' about wrapping around his lower abdomen…?

The large red canine-man closed his eyes and if SoiFong thought about it hard enough she could imagine the blush superimposed over his red fur, "I-I'm a male dog… so…"

For a moment her eyes only narrowed in confusion… then his words sunk in. Komamura wasn't 'human' like the rest of the shinigami, he was an anthropomorphic canine, so it would be safe to assume his anatomy was somewhat 'different'… for a second the konoichi's eyes widened in perhaps the first display of real 'surprise' the dog-man had seen from her as she stared at his midsection. She blinked, surprised and speechless noticing there was a… 'difference'.

Komamura definitely felt uncomfortable, he'd only meant to even the playing field, in his opinion, since her outfit was so 'revealing' to show he didn't care. Now she was staring at him. His gold eyes went to the side, "No need to stare…"

SoiFong blinked, her eyes snapping back to his face, completely ignoring the light burning on her cheeks that she killed in moments, "I wasn't staring…" it was his turn to narrow his eyes at her as if to blow a hole through her lie. She scowled, murdering the rising blush on her cheeks, before tightening her grip on her sword, "Tell me…" she started slowly, standing up straight, "Does that mean when you get hit in the 'stomach'…"

His maw clinched as he looked away, somewhat more embarrassed because she wasn't nearly as 'off balanced' as he was, "Y-yes, it hurts… a lot…" if he had been any more distracted he wouldn't have caught the slight shift in sound. He looked down enough just in time to catch the konoichi slashing her small sword along his chest. He rolled with the hit, deliberately falling back to lessen the cut, it barely drew any blood and he braced on one gauntleted hand to try kicking back as she was still striking forward. If Komamura had been anyone else, as in any smaller than his large frame was, he would have missed her. Instead his boot caught her on the side, not directly enough to do real damage, butenough hit with enough power behind it to send the konoichi flying towards the sky.

SoiFong was caught by surprise by his quicker movements, and more so by his boot just barely catching her side and sending her towards the air. She expected him to follow up but instead she noticed the large dog roll along the ground into a standing position and lunging for his sword he left in the ground at his earlier position when he took off his haori. Landing deftly the smaller konoichi ricocheted after his bare back, sword poised and aiming distinctly at the red exposed fur instead of the wrappings.

Komamura grabbed the handle of his sword just as SoiFong planted her feet on his back, he rolled forcing her to either jump off or grab hold. She grabbed a fist full of the fur on his shoulder, aiming her sword to the back of his heart fully intent on 'winning' this little competition of theirs. She didn't get the chance…

"Tekken!" the dog bellowed and just as her blade was inches from their target a large ethereal red sword batted her off his back, following the shadowed swing the dog-man made himself.

The small konoichi skidded across the ground, causing a large indent as dirt was kicked up. As her momentum slowed she rolled until slowed enough to catch herself, landing in a crouch as she grimaced feeling the slash along her lower back that had resulted from Tekken's blow. She openly scowled at the shirtless dog far from her with his floating ethereal sword-holding-hand. Well if he wanted to be 'fair', "Suzumebachi," she spoke quietly as her blade turned into the familiar stinger charm on her right hand.

The two stared at one another from across the field. Komamura bracing himself into a sterner position, recognizing that she had brought out her shikai just as he had. He grimaced, in some ways hers was deadlier then his, two successful hits in the same spot meaning his life ended, while his could crush anything that stood before it. He noticed the slight shift in her stance, the red gash on her lower back from her sideways stance as she glowered towards him. They both knew he could have cut her in half, had he not held back just at the end or she not noticed it in the last instance. They were a deadly match, both their strengths being the other's weakness, a perfect symmetrical counterbalance in their fighting. He could kill her in an instance if he hit once no matter how accurate, her if she could get two consecutive perfectly aimed small strikes.

The dog grinned lightly, only one word coming to mind, "Contradiction," he said, ready for her to come at him.

SoiFong equally smirked, hearing the word and understanding his meaning, her thoughts following a similar line as his.

The konoichi shot forward, stinger poised as she aimed to beat him, only a small part of her mind telling her 'kill' didn't have to be involved to do it.

As she came forward Komamura moved, bringing Tekken down like a guillotine to trying and stop her, a twinge in his mind reminding him he didn't actually have to smash her to do it.

The attacks continued, SoiFong stopping just short as the massive ghostly blade etched a creator into the ground, she vaulted over it, stinger poised as she came down upon the summoner. Komamura brought his off hand up, gauntlet clanging against the stinger, backhanding it away as his other hand followed up with his sword in an uppercut slash. Just when he thought he'd cut the konoichi-captain in half she shimmered and disappeared, an after image, his head turned catching her just as she was coming up on his back, he elbowed her in the face but not before he felt the stinger connect with his ribs. His blow sent her flying back several feet, skidding along the ground until she righted herself, wiping the blood from under her nose as her dark eyes caught on the two black marks appearing on the dog's left hand and ribs.

She smirked, for whatever reason feeling the need to be smug, "That's two…"

A growl escaped the large man's chest, "Three if you count this," his hand trailed the light red mark from earlier, but despite his words there was no remorse in the canine-man's eyes. SoiFong could see it, he was really getting into this fight, really taking it seriously now. His voice deepened while his look darkened, "And that's two for me," he pointed at his face referencing where he'd just gotten her.

She scowled, not needing to be reminded of both the hit to the face or the slash on her lower back. She tensed in position, prepared to attack him again…

He brought his sword hand down…

Her eyes widened slightly as she felt the crushing reitsu as Tekken came down from the sky, completely crushing the area less than a moment later.

Komamura's ear twitched to his side, he had sensed her reitsu spike, and felt it as an angry Shunko powered kick landed across his face. He had barely enough time to raise his sword arm in defense, not that it did much of anything as he was pushed back. He twisted his wrist to make a backwards slash as a counter, only to miss as she continued with her momentum, landing in a crouch only to rocket up and punch him square under the jaw. His maw clinched, going with the blow, but he couldn't help the smirk that wanted to rise on it as he caught the fiery look in her eyes with that reitsu cloak encompassing her. As he started down his free hand snatched out, grabbing her extended wrist and pulled it with him.

As soon as he connected SoiFong's reitsu flared, burning against the gauntlet, blasting most of it off revealing a clawed paw-like hand that tightened around her wrist and dragged her down with him. He had an iron-grip that was for sure, using it to pin her as they both hit the ground. She seethed, hitting the ground on her back as the large canine landed kneeling on top of her, knees on both sides of her. Before he could bring his sword down for a hit her free hand, with Suzumebachi, lashed out, striking him in the ribs, using Shunko to blast enough reitsu at him to get him off.

His hand released hers and he was blasted a good few feet from the force of her Shunko-enhanced punch, rolling a moment until he sat on the ground staring at her. The two sat on the ground, only a few feet apart, staring at each other. There was a fire in both their eyes as they panted in unison. Her Shunko aura faded as she sat up while he ran a hand over where she had punched him, noticing no mark from the stinger. He frowned, his odd-dog-brows furrowing at her in question.

"Five," she said between pants, just staring at him, not caring for the obvious question he was asking. It wasn't that she had 'forgotten' to use it, she was just caught up in the moment and 'didn't' use it.

His golden eyes narrowed on her, "Three…" the glanced down, "Four if you count the pin…"

She gave him a pouting scowl he thought looked adorable before rising to her feet, looking 'down' on him.

He smirked a moment 'up' at her as he sat in a more comfortable position, then looked down at his hand, the red furry paw with black claws and pads on the fingertips and upper pad. It had been awhile since anyone had seen them, his eyes glanced to her a moment, just taking in that scowl as if she didn't even notice his lacking gauntlet. He turned the hand over, seeing the black butterfly mark still there. He sighed before taking off the other gauntlet, no need to lose that one too…

"Komamura?" his ears perked at her inquiry, gold eyes finding hers curious if still on guard, ready to fight.

A gave her a doggish smirk, lessening his own look of 'on guard', "No sense wasting them," he shrugged, tossing the gauntlet towards the rest of his cloths but not quite reaching them. When he looked back at the konoichi he blinked, she was removing her own arm coverings.

Her eyes caught his, narrowing on his astonished look, "it's only fair…" she repeated, almost mocking him. When the left was off and discarded on the ground she looked at the right, debating if it'd be easier to sheath Suzumebachi first or even bothering. A shadow loomed over her and the black haired small woman looked up to see the large red dog-man staring down. Without a word he took her significantly smaller hand in his, raising his other and running a claw just below the bracelet of Suzumebachi, cutting the fabric all around and then up her arm, letting the black fabric fall carelessly to the ground when finished. She glowered at him when he looked at her face.

He smirked.

She scowled.

The konoichi removed her hand from his 'paw', "That wasn't necessary…"

He shrugged lightly, "a small concession," he said with that puppy smirk still playing on his maw. When she turned a questioning gaze at him he just grinned with his eyes, "so you didn't have to disarm yourself…"

"Tch," she looked away from him, turning and stalking a bit away for good measure. Just because she had been thinking about it didn't mean he had to act so… so… The captain-konoichi shook her head, it didn't matter, she turned to face him again, a decent distance away, enough room to spar. A thought came to mind as she looked him over, "Komamura?" she asked.

"Hmm?" he responded, having watched her walk away.

"How's your hakuda?" the flat look she gave would have made anyone else think she didn't really care, but Komamura could see it in her stance, she was truly curious.

He grinned slightly, taking his sword and sheathing it, catching the raised brow she sent his way at the action, "Decent, but nowhere near as good as my swordsmanship…"

"Hmm," she said looking at her right hand, once again wondering if she should sheath her sword.

"I don't mind a handicap," her eyes immediately trailed to his golden ones, an odd mischief in them, like he was waiting to let loose a surprise.

Her black eyes narrowed on the red dog, taking in his wide, open handed stance as he prepared to fight her hand to hand. A dark brow rose, he'd sheathed his sword yet it didn't feel like his shikai had dissipated. She wondered, "Komamura," his eyes caught hers at her curious tone, "Can you use Tekken without its sword?"

A smirk rose on his maw, "How about you find out."

Unconsciously, a smirk rose on her own lips, his challenge accepted. She entered her own stance, her fighting in Shikai the same as her fighting with Shunko and essentially hand-to-hand. She noted derisively that the only time she really used her 'sword' was when it wasn't released, how ironic.

In her moment of thought it seemed Komamura had decided to go on the offensive, for once it was he that shot forward, hoping to bowl into her with his sheer size to quickly gain the upper hand. She dodged, sidestepping and aiming a kick at his stomach, pulling back at the last second as she remembered about the wrappings and what he'd said earlier. This was no time for the blush to creep up on her face, as it gave a moment of hesitation that allowed Komamura to come down on her with both hands in a hammer slam. She dodged reflexively but not after the slam connected with her shoulder causing the entire appendage to go numb a moment from the sheer force. It knocked the wind out of her and slammed her into the ground, with his fists smashing the dirt up a mere centimeter from her face.

Undeterred the konoichi took the moment for him to right his position, and using her own on the ground to spin her legs out and kick him behind the knees causing him to drop. Unfortunately this resulted in him falling forward, not back as she'd hoped so he fell almost on top of her. A mild moment of panic was deterred as the large behemoth of a dog caught himself with both paws on the ground on either side of her. For a brief, very brief moment to two stared at each other, gold meeting black, as the large dog-man loomed halfway over the much smaller konoichi, his wet doggy-nose a fraction from touching her own.

Then the moment was over…

… As SoiFong took the time to punch him in the face with enough force and a little Shunko backing to send the stunned red dog flying on his side for a few feet. He rolled for a few moments, ending on his back, only to notice the small shadow in the sunlight as it grew until Soifong, arm cocked back in what could be one hell of a punch, shot down on top of him. Komamura only reacted, reaching out to grab her fist, pulling it to the side as he rolled the two of them, forcing her into another pin, again with him on top. Soifong was learning very quickly that Komamura wasn't so much a 'fighter', using kicks and punches and forms when going hand-to-hand, as he was a brawler, grabbing his opponents and forcing them into immobile pins until they submitted. This was becoming very embarrassing, as he'd said it himself he wasn't that 'great' at Hakuda, while she was a master, yet this was technically the second time he'd pinned her in this match. Growling out her own frustration, Komamura had only a moment to realize what she was doing as her whole body exuded angry reitsu, enough to cause his pin to falter and allow her the upper hand as she rounded him, switching their positions.

The dog only blinked at the smug look the konoichi gave as she shimmered with that white reitsu Shunko gave her. Then she raised her right hand, with Suzumebachi, ready to bring it down on him, his eyes narrowed and he swung openly at her. She leaned back, avoiding the punch and looking very unimpressed…

That it until a very large, very red, and very strong fist came in on her right side and sent her crashing to the forest not far away.

Komamura lay down panting, damn that woman was a lot to handle, that Shunko of hers caused close quarters with her to be more difficult than necessary. He completely deflated, she was tiring to deal with, and despite her size extremely difficult to keep pinned. He looked at the ghostly fist of Tekken, he didn't normally use it in such a fashion but desperate times…

There was a shift from where the konoichi had been thrown; he could hear wood splintering and ground shifting as it seemed she had corrected herself. His ears perked in her direction as he heard shuffling steps coming his way, she was quite impressive indeed, not only getting up but walking, if shuffling, towards him after taking a direct hit from his Shikai's ghostly fist. He couldn't help it, the idea of this tiny woman being so 'durable' brought a grin to his face, and as her scowling face came into his view above him, all dirtied and roughed up, he started laughing.

Her scowl deepened as she kicked him in the shoulder. It wasn't hard, but the point was made.

The dogs laughter slowed as he tried halting it, the grin on his maw never leaving his face, "Seven…"

Her eyes narrowed in irritation before admitting, "Seven as well…"

His light baritone escaped his chest, "Seems we're tied."

She rolled her eyes before sitting down next to him, nursing her still numb arm from that hammer slam of his. Her scowl didn't let up as her dark eyes stayed on him, "Now what?"

He grinned lightly looking embarrassed, "I don't really know…"

"Tch," the konoichi looked away irritated at the 'cute' look on his face, "You still didn't mention what this was all for?"

His gold eyes blinked, confused, "I said I wanted to fight you.."

Her dark ones snapped to his, her black brows furrowing in agitation, "Why would you want to fight me?" her voice was low but the unmistakable hint of anger in her voice was hard to miss.

He blinked, wiggling his nose, "I wanted to know if there was a difference…"

His words caught in her mind. –'Difference', difference of what?- the thought softened her features just slightly as she voiced her question, "Difference of what?"

Those golden puppy eyes gained a light to them, seemingly something fond coming to his mind as he thought of his answer, "I fought your reigai," The partial widening of her eyes caught his attention, she must not have heard, "I wanted to know if there was a difference between you and her…"

The konoichi-captain scowled, that wasn't a particularly proud memory for her, being beaten by a shadow of herself, only to hear someone else had beaten it later. Her brows furrowed as she glared at him, "You beat her?"

She was surprised to see him shake his head, "It was a draw," confusion blinked away her prior anger and the dog-man caught on it, "Like now…"

That angry narrowing of her eyes returned, "So there was no difference?" SoiFong didn't know if she should be 'happy' her shadow had been the same challenge as herself or offended.

Once again the large grounded dog-man shook his head, "No," his response piqued the konoichi's interest as she looked him over with more interest, "The battle between us had been quick, ending in both of us using Bankai," if Komamura noticed the clinching of the konoichi's jaw he didn't say anything. His gold eyes went past her and stared at the sky thinking about the memory, "It turned out we beat each other with that one display of power…"

SoiFong was beside herself, should she be angry he talked about her Bankai with some level of admiration or happy that his compared to the power of hers? It seemed the more she thought about it the more she was wondering if 'contradiction' was truly the best word for the two of them fighting and not 'complimentary'. Her eyes looked to the side as she crossed her arms over her roughed up uniform, "Are you saying I don't compare since we didn't use Bankai…?"

Komamura's gaze immediately went to hers, his eyes blinking in surprise as he looked upon her frustrated form, "No, of course not," she didn't turn towards him and still looked just as angst ridden. It hurt but the behemoth of a dog managed to pull his upper half into a sitting position, supported by his arms with his eyes still on her as the konoichi continued to look away from him, "I actually preferred just fighting you, without the need for the excessive power of our combined Bankai…"

She still didn't look at him.

He frowned slightly, "SoiFong, I actually enjoyed fighting you over your reigai," at her continued disapproval he sighed deeply turning is own face away and observing the area around them, "when I fought her we completely destroyed this field, yet the only part of the conflict I could slightly enjoy was the beginning when we were fighting as you and I did," he didn't know it but the konoichi's dark eyes turned towards him as he wasn't looking, "I got a feeling as we fought, similar to how we did, but it disappeared as the fight escalated and the dire need to beat her increased," he didn't notice the growl that entered his voice nor the snort of his own frustration that escaped afterwards.

SoiFong did, placated slightly by his anecdote she looked him over before voicing her own question, "why did you have to beat her?" it was a silly question, but she felt it needed to be answered, her shadow must have obviously gotten the answer so why didn't she deserve the same.

He huffed, turning back to her, noticing the 'calmer' expression in her eyes, "I needed to get past her to help the captain-commander…"

Black brow piqued slightly in interest, "Why would you need to help him, I doubt the captain-commander couldn't handle himself."

He looked honestly offended, "that wasn't the point," his eyes narrowed and something about the way they were looking at her looked familiar, "I needed to help him because I respect him, if it wasn't for that man I wouldn't be a shinigami, I owe him everything."

It was the force in his voice that got her attention. He was being honest, and she now knew why the look on his face was familiar. It was the same look she had whenever Yoruichi-sama was in danger. The captain-konoichi frowned, crossing her arms tightly. She knew exactly how he felt, just because she knew Yoruichi-sama never needed her help, she needed to give it, just to make sure the woman was fine.

She could feel Komamura's eyes staring at her, "So you're the same…"

Dark eyes flashed to his, anger in them in an instant, "Same as what?"

His eyes were still, honest but just as threatening as her own, "When I asked 'her' why she fought, she said there was no reason," the sudden dark emotion in the konoichi's eyes was not lost on the dog-man nor unexpected, "When I persisted she gave me that same look, like the thought of something… someone," he amended when her eyes narrowed, "pushed her forward." He watched her digest that information, letting it sink in to her head that despite that woman being a mere shadow of her Komamura had garnered such insights about herself, things most people never wanted to even consider.

He sat up fully, leaning forward with his hands in his lap a bit more comfortably, the two of them were so close now but neither seemed to notice, "I wanted to fight you SoiFong because I wanted to know if what I saw was real," she didn't answer as he leaned closer towards her, "It was after I saw that look in her eyes that both of us decided to end the fight in one blow," he laughed halfheartedly gaining a glance from her, "although all it did was make us both fall, neither reaching who we were trying to get to…" it was only because of his proximity to her that he noticed the light change in color on her face. He smirked, "SoiFong… who-"

The konoichi stood up, turned around and took several paces away from the seated captain.

The dog blinked, surprised by her sudden action, only watching as she slowly walked away from him. For a moment he thought he may have offended the woman by even attempting to ask who it was that she fought so hard for, thinking that maybe it had been the final straw. He sighed deeply to himself before making the effort to get to his feet, slowly the hulking furry giant made it and as he raised his head he saw her standing a good distance away staring at him. He frowned a moment, wondering what it was she thought she was doing.

"Jakuhou Raikouben," came her steady voice and without effort the stinger on her right hand disappeared, rematerializing as the giant rocket launcher that encompassed her entire right side causing the ground to crack slightly at the added weight. Her dark eyes never wavered and never left him.

The lips of his muzzled pressed into a stern line. He hadn't wanted to push it this far but obviously she wasn't going to let that happen. His gold eyes took in her face, her stature, everything about her. There was no malice, no need to destroy, no need to protect that person in her yet she continued to fight. At first he wanted to question her, ask her 'why?' but slowly he understood. The same as he had wanted to fight the 'real' Soifong to compare to the reigai version, the 'real' her wanted to prove she was better and who better than the man that had fought it. This wasn't about fighting and it wasn't about the people they both fought for. Komamura smiled to himself, showing it to her as he drew his own sword, "Kokujou Tengenmyou-ou," his voice sounded the same as hers, calm, reserved and stern as the ground behind him shifted and gave way with the appearance of his giant puppet.

They both knew, for once, they were fighting simply for themselves.

"SoiFong," his voice carried across the field to her, "I want you to know, I enjoyed fighting you before," he tilted his head referencing their bankai, "I don't need this to prove what I thought about you…"

She raised the giant yellow and black stinger before answering him, "And what was that?"

He gave her a puppyish grin as he raised his arm back, Tengenmyou-ou mimicking his every move, "That you're different…"

Her dark eyes hardened on him as the guard lowered to cover her face, "And how's that?"

His grin widened as he brought his sword up in both hands, "… you're better."

He didn't need to see it to know the woman grinned at that, same as he didn't need to dodge as fire burst from the rocket sending it forward, he answering with his downward chop. Both bankai met somewhere in the middle, the power of each meeting causing a deafening explosion that would have blinded anyone looking their way.

As the dust cleared it was easy to see that both combatants were still standing, far worse for wear, but both too stubborn to let a 'little' explosion get the better of them. Panting, covered in sweat, slightly singed and extremely injured they spied each other from across the now barren field. Tengenmyou-ou was hovelled on the ground around Komamura, most of its armor crumbling and one look at its puppet master showed burns and various cuts and bruises showing how much the impact had actually damaged his puppet. On the other side, SoiFong was also worse for wear, various cuts and bruises adorning her body from her stubbornness to not move, resulting in shrapnel injuring her, around her was a newly formed creator thanks to the impact of Jakuhou Raikouben firing, along with a meter and some long scorch mark thanks to the propulsion. It didn't take a highly trained Shinigami to know that neither of them had much reitsu left and were mostly standing up by sheer willpower alone.

Catching his breath and wiping as much blood off his face as he could, Komamura was the first to take a step forward.

Digging her feet out of the creator and noticing him move SoiFong too took a step forward carefully balancing the added weight of her bankai's launcher.

Another step, then another, and another, and so on and so forth…

When the two were merely five feet from each other Komamura was the first to dispel his bankai, raising his sword in front of him in a non-offensive gesture Tengenmyou-ou disintegrated behind him leaving nothing but the indents in the ground to prove he had existed. With slightly more effort SoiFong gave a halfhearted 'Heh' before raising the launcher, releasing it, and they both watched as it too disintegrated into light, reforming as her own sword in her hand, raised in a similar gesture as the dog. They both stared at each other; eyes fixed on the others, and in unison sheathed their swords, standing firmly before the other…

… Before both falling face forward onto the ground from complete exhaustion.

How they landed left the two at face level so if either turned to look at the other they could look directly into their eyes, which they did. SoiFong's dark eyes took him in, his fuzzy red face and half lidded golden eyes, his fur fluffed out and some of it singed along with what remained of his clothes she was sure. Tengenmyou-ou made a great shield but didn't quite stop the fire from the explosion. Komamura stared at her, his golden eyes watching as her dark ones looked him up and down, having very little energy to make further his own observations. She was dirty, having soot and dirt smudged on her face, sweaty with her hair plastered to her forehead, with little scratches here and there from the shrapnel of their last attack. But it was her eyes that caught his attention, they weren't those suspicious, glaring, black daggers they usually were, in fact by her standards they were practically soft, tired, content as she watched him. His top ear twitched as he made the effort to roll on his side to get a more comfortable view. She did the same. They both just stared, taking in the haggard state of their clothing and the comforting exhaustion they both displayed. Her top was ripped, his wrappings falling apart, her hair was mussed, his fur was burned and spiking, it was a true marvel they both still had their pants on.

At the sudden awkward thought Komamura grinned, first in his eyes, then on his maw, to the point a rumbling escaped his chest and he rolled over on his back and started laughing out loud.

Soifong blinked, watching him, in an embarrassing way it was cute and against her normal actions a smirk tugged on her lips, eventually becoming a grin, and spreading to the point that she too joined him in his laughter, if much more subdued.

The dog-man's ears perked at the new sound, causing him to stop laughing and raise his head to look around until finally land on the woman on the ground next to him. His golden eyes blinked, Soifong was laughing, next to him. Another grin spread on his maw, erasing the surprised look in his eyes as he realized she was laughing 'with' him, not at him. And it wasn't condescending either, it was light, fluffy, and brought another skip to his heart. This woman was certainly full of surprises.

It took a moment but SoiFong slowly realized she was laughing by herself, upon noticing she opened her eyes and stopped, a light coloring entering her cheeks as she looked embarrassed. The grin in Komamura's eyes told her he had been watching her, which only brought more color to her face. He was a… 'strange' man. Interesting, but strange.

The two stared in silence for a moment, neither quite sure what to say and rather content to just lie on the ground.

"SoiFong," his deep baritone left his maw, catching her attention as her eyes focused on him, "I'm glad…" he smiled, "Glad I got to fight you…"

Her 'normal' look came over her, a slight pout replacing her normal scowl but the difference was striking, "did you figure out what you wanted?"

He nodded, "and more…"

Her dark eyes trailed the ground, not sure how to interpret what he said, "What now?"

The dog-man's large red shoulders shrugged as he turned to look up at the sky, "Don't know," an obvious smirk came crossed his muzzle, "I suppose we get up…" there was a distinct grunt from his left, noting she wanted nothing of the sort. His nose twitched in amusement, "Or not."

SoiFong rolled on to her back, staring up to the sky as well. There was an unusual level of contentment in her that she didn't quite understand. He hadn't said anything really and there had been very little reason for her to oblige him, but for some reason, even though there was no 'real' victor, she could say she didn't completely regretted this match. It was tiring, complicated, and pushed her on various levels against a real opponent that seemed to have the right strengths to point out her weaknesses. She found it hard to admit, but she had actually 'enjoyed' just fighting with him, "Do you think..." the words started before she even knew what she was saying, "Perhaps… in the future…"

Komamura's ears perked as he grinned, "another spar?" his head turned to hers, a jovial light dancing in his eyes as she turned towards him with that 'cute' almost embarrassed look on her face, "When we're at our peak again," he smirked.

She mimicked his smirked, eyes narrowing slightly in challenge, "alright."

His ears perked as his smile reached his eyes, if he wasn't currently lying on his back dead tired, he'd have cut a hole in the back of his pants and wrappings to let his tail wag freely. As it was there was an odd motion coming from this black pants, limited but still obvious. At the weird sound SoiFong looked up noticing the motion, she looked back at his face with a raised brow. The dog got that embarrassed look on his face as he rolled to his side facing her, his eyes looking at the ground, "Tail…"

It took a moment, but when she understood, her eyes went back to his pants then back to his face, the question obvious in her surprised eyes.

How Komamura wished she could see the look on her face, as it were he laughed tiredly, taking his free hand reaching into the back of his pants, cutting a line in the material and the wrappings around his stomach, then with some effort managed to lose his tail enough that it unwrapped from around his waist and pulled it out the hole. The entire process wasn't that long but from where SoiFong was looking looked very, very, very strange and she just didn't have the energy to kill the blush rising on her face. Then she saw it, a long fluffy red appendage that waved in and out from behind the large humanoid-canine beating the ground with every motion.

Feeling the need to show off, and be somewhat more 'comfortable' under the odd gaze she was giving him, Komamura rolled onto his stomach, letting his normally hidden tail wave around freely.

The look on SoiFong's face was absolutely worth it, because while the woman would never say it out loud, at least not now or for the next century, she found the extra appendage extremely cute. Her hand closest to him flinched and he got the feeling she wanted to touch it, just to make sure it was real, of course.

He smirked, head resting smugly on his forearms, "You can pet it if you want~"

The immediate glare laced with killing intent she leveled his way was totally worth the red blush that accompanied it.

The way his tail continued wagging said it all… the added smirk was completely unnecessary.

The konoichi looked down, fighting against her normal desire to look at the 'cute' thing, if only to be stubborn. She could hear his tail still wagging; even hear that smug grin on his face. She turned back to him, only to glare, but the moment she looked at his eyes she got the feeling he was enjoying her attention. The idea brought an increase to the red on her face and she just didn't have the energy to kill it.

"You're the first person I've shown it to," his honest voice got her attention. The large dog faced forward, staring across the field, feeling the konoichi's eyes on him, "I normally keep it hidden…"

"Why?" the question left her lips long before she had the consciousness to draw it back. When his golden eyes turned her way she realized she'd asked out loud, ignoring her rising embarassment she continued, "Why do you hid it?" she didn't care, she honestly didn't, it was just… cute, and shouldn't be hidden, and…

"The same reason I wore my helmet," he raised his head slightly and looked down at his 'paws', "and gauntlets," there was a frown forming on his maw, memories finding their way to him, "Its so I can look 'human'…"

All embarassment wiped away from the konoichi's face as her shot to his. Why would he want to be 'human'? her look must have asked her question for her because the moment his eyes locked with hers he immediately looked away. She vaguely noticed his tail stopped wagging and was laying flat against his pants, something about that irked her. She frowned, "Why be 'human'," she said in almost disgust staring at his tail, "When you're so much…" she bit her lip, this was getting too sentimental…

"So much…?" his eyes locked with hers, a desperate need for her to finish in them.

Her dark eyes softened just slightly as she looked down, embarrassed that she was 'encouraging' someone, "So much better…" the reaction was instant, a swoosh of air from the canine-man's backside and a quick glance confirmed his tail was wagging again, obviously glad for her opinion. The look in his eyes was extremely grateful and SoiFong had to murder the blush rising on her face, this needed to stop, now, "Komamura…"

"Yes," his voice was far too happy, too comfortable.

The konoichi scrunched her eyes closed, "This needs to stop…"

Without her looking at him she missed one of his odd-doggy-brows rise. She did hear the ground shift as he wiggled his body closer to her. Felt as his hot breath and fur tickled her shoulder and neck. When the konoichi finally decided to open her eyes she looked up directly into the large canine face of the captain of seventh squad. She didn't move and wanted nothing more than to punch or kick him away from her but her body completely protested the action. Instead her dark eyes just continued to stare into his golden ones.

"Why?" was his simple question. Due to their proximity it was obvious to Komamura when she gulped, obviously swallowing her initial response. His stare became more intense, taking her momentary hesitation as a means to continue. Leaning the ever so miniscule distance the large canine nuzzled the smaller woman, as a translation into 'human speak' he was sure this kind of gesture would be reminiscent of 'kissing her on the cheek'. He felt her stiffen, her eyes widen slightly as the heat rose on her face, "Why does this need to stop?"

SoiFong swallowed hard again, trying to get her bran to reset but the feeling of his soft, fuzzy fur on the left side of her face was extremely distracting. She could feel her sword hand twitch and she had no idea what she wanted to do with it. He rubbed again and the action jolted her brain back to working, her eyes narrowed, not entirely pissed but more back to normal as they turned on him, "What are you doing?"

The large dog stopped, his eyes opening half-lidded and looking at her own, "I don't know," when his baritone came out it rumbled not only through his chest but because of their proximity her tiny frame as well. It brought another blush to her face and Komamura was finding it very hard to resist how adorable she looked when caught off guard. He nuzzled closer, the tip of his nose coming under her chin as he just laid down, completely losing all pretense of moving any further, "But I like it…"

Soifong looked away embarrassed but made no move to leave her position. She wasn't going to say it out loud but she didn't quite feel like moving either. Unconscious of her actions her left hand, the one closest to him raised and scratched Komamura behind his ear. His fur was so soft despite being singed and all the fighting they had done. A kind of 'pleased' growl escaped his throat and reverberated through her body from the closeness, she was absently aware of his tail lazily flapping on the ground behind him, for whatever reason his silly puppyish actions just made her smirk. His whiskers twitched along her chin and she got the feeling he knew she was smiling at him when he snorted. She spared the large dog one last glance before realizing he'd drifted off to sleep, obviously very content with his position. She wanted to shake her head, toss him off and leave this barren field… but…

"So soft," she whispered softly hoping to not jar him as she nuzzled into his red fur.

Even in sleep his tail was wagging.

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