Ember Jacobs sat in her locker room with her siblings, thinking about the recent attacks by Nexus 2.0.
"They got Mom and Momma AJ... What are we gonna do, guys?"
Ash growled and punched the wall.
"Can't we just kick their asses? There's how many of them... like three?
"Seventeen, Ash. How are we gonna kick their asses if there's seventeen of them and three of us?"
Corrinne Calloway angrily stomped into the locker room.

"Look at the monitor!"
They turned to see Danikha Calloway fighting off Haylee Slater and Emika Johnson, members of Nexus 2.0.

"And nobody can go out there! Not me, not Daddy, nobody!"
Alisha Hardy barreled through the hallway, clutching a baseball bat.
"Wish me luck!"
Gemma ran out and followed her, carrying a steel chair.

Light It Up and No More Words began to play as Ali and Gemma raced down the ramp, taking out the girls attacking their aunt.
Gemma drove the chair into Trina's ribs while Ali swung the bat and connected with Emika's head.
Badass began to play and Ember walked out with a ladder, balancing it against the ring. She climbed to the top and grinned down at Haylee, tilting her head before delivering a flying clothesline.
"That's for my aunt, you redheaded, talentless little whore!"
Emika tried to tackle the brunette but Gemma interfered, driving the bat into Emika's ribs.
"I don't think so!"
"Stupid, interfering little brat! Just like your idiotic mother!"
Snarling, Gemma began pounding Emika's face into the turnbuckle.
"Don't talk about my mother, you worthless, pathetic excuse for a human. Your dad is the idiot if he created someone like you."
Emika growled and shoved the brunette off of her, kicking Gemma in the kneecap.

Burn In My Light played as Raile walked down the ramp slowly, staring Emika down. Emika paled and turned to run, but Ali, Ember, and Gemma surrounded her.
"Where do you think you're going, Johnson?"
Layla Danielson snuck up behind Raile, hitting her over the head with a chair and performing her father's signature YES chant but failing to see Raile get up and grin.
"Nice try, Danielson... My turn."
Layla gulped as Raile stalked her back up the ramp before punching her in the face.
Piper and Orion Farrelly came out dragging Jesse Otunga and Janica Dumas with them.
"Oy, Jacobs! Yeh can't have all the fun!"
Ember smirked and gestured for Piper to give her Janica.
"I got a score to settle with this bitch!"
Janica tried to slip out of the ring before Kane's pyros exploded and the arena went dark.
Strobe lights began to flash as the rest of Ember's friends and cousins entered the ring, dragging someone from Nexus 2.0 with them.
The lights turned back on and Kelsey Barrett looked around wildly, trying to determine what was happening.
"Wha' are you doing?"
Ember crouched behind her, smirking.
"Taking down Nexus 2.0, bitch."
She hit Kelsey with a spear and pinned her for a three count, grinning as Badass began to play again.
Ash grabbed a mic and handed to his sister, who waited for the noise to die down.
"What you just saw was the beginning of the end for Nexus 2.0. We're done letting them take over the show, and we are done letting them attack our family!"
Corrine Calloway snarled and grabbed a second mic.
"For those of you that don't know, my mom is in the hospital with a cracked skull thanks to these losers. But this little Dead Girl will get her pound of flesh, I promise you that."
She crouched over Katey Ryder, smirking.
"And I'm gonna start with you, Katey."
Smile Empty Soul's Nowhere Kids began to play and the rest of the kids came out to the ring, staring down the camera.
"We are the lost generation of souls, the kids that don't like playing with others. The outcasts, the rejects, the freaks, and the crazies. We are the ones society has forgotten in favor of the "popular kids". We are the Nowhere Kids and we are done living in the shadows."