Tristen smirked as she leaned against the ring ropes, looking at Ember.
"What? You're not happy to see me?"
Ember practically tackled her mom, hugging the life out of her.
"You're okay!"
"Course I'm okay, Emmy. If I can survive a Hardcore Hell in a Cell with your father, and win, I can survive those idiots."
AJ looked on happily before Ember hugged her.
"Momma AJ!"
"Hey, little girl."
Ember handed her mom the microphone and climbed the ropes to sit on the turnbuckle, waiting.
Tristen looked around the ring quickly.
"There's someone missing from our little family reunion, guys."
Kane's pyros went off and Ember yelped.
"Dad I'm sitting here! Really?"
He walked down the ramp with his title, shrugging.
"I've told you about that, Emmy."
Tristen tilted her head.
"So you're just gonna ignore me, Champ? Think you're too good for me?"
Kane pulled her into his arms and kissed her.
"More like the other way around, Princess. You're too good for me."
AJ squirmed her way into the hug and giggled.
"Aww look! A big happy family reunion," a voice said from backstage. The TitanTron flickered to show Kelsey Barrett and her group sitting in the locker room.
Ember narrowed her eyes and grabbed the mic.
"What do you want, Barrett?"
Kelsey smirked and waved to her, putting an arm around Ash, who had disappeared earlier.
"Ashy, don't you have something to tell your sister?"
Ashwinder nodded.
"I'm joining Nexus 2.0."
Tristen's jaw dropped, as did AJ's.
"You're kidding, right Ash?"
Onscreen, he shook his head.
"Nope. I'm joining Nexus 2.0 and taking over. It's time for the new blood to stamp out the old blood."
AJ's eyes narrowed.
"You'd side with them over us? Over your family, Ash? We're your family!"
He shrugged.
"Sorry, Momma AJ. I'm done with not getting any credit around here."
Ember shook her head.
"If you join them, Ash, then consider us done. You don't take sides against the family. Ever."
"Sorry, Sissy. But I'm joining them."
Isaiah and Ali walked down the ramp, joining their family. Isaiah was the first to speak, looking up at the monitor.
"What about Harley?"
That caused Ash to freeze momentarily before he schooled his face into a neutral expression.
"What about her? I want power, Hardy, and I can't get that with her. With Kelsey, I have all the power I need."
With every word Ash said, Isaiah grew angrier and angrier. How could Ash just blow Harley off like that?
"You would blow off the girl that is crazy about you? You would break her heart?"
"Yeah. Not like I need you guys anyway."
Reno Brooks-Winchester attacked Ash from behind, hitting him over the head with a steel chair.
"You bastard! I trusted you with my sister!"
Ali bolted back up the ramp, baseball bat in hand, looking for Reno.

"C'mon Reno, where are ya?"
The sound of commotion reached her ears and she swung at the mass of blonde hair trying to pull Reno off of Ash.
"Don't fucking touch him, Barrett.
Kelsey spat in Ali's direction, causing the former kickboxer to laugh before launching a foot into Kelsey's face.
"Nice try, bitch. Like I said, do not touch Reno. Don't touch anyone from my family again or I swear that what Ember does to you will look like heaven compared to the pain I can inflict."
The blonde struggled as Ali put her in a full nelson and tightened her grip.
"Yes, dammit!"
Smirking, the self-proclaimed Extremist of the Nowhere Kids let her go, then walked over to Reno.
"You alright, dude?"
"I'm fine, Ali. All I need is to kick Ash's ass and I'll be perfect."
Ali narrowed her eyes at Ash and Kelsey before taking Reno's hand and walking away.
"Vince will kill you, Reno. Don't do something irrational."
"I'm not being irrational, Hardy."
Isaiah ran past them, hitting Ash in the head with a baseball bat and standing over him, head tilted.
"You think you can walk away from her? Break her heart and just walk off? I don't think so, Jacobs."
Ember walked through the massive crowd gathered around the two and pulled Isaiah away.
"Hardy, go find Harley and make sure she's okay. Let me handle my fuckup brother, okay?"
Isaiah nodded before kicking Ash in the ribs again.
"Stay away from her, Ash."
Ember leaned down and looked at her brother, eyes blazing.
"Dad's waiting for you, Ash. So is Mom, and you know how Mom gets when she's pissed."
Ash looked up at his older sibling pleadingly.
"Ember, you can't let them beat me up. Not our family. You're my sister."
Shaking her head, the black-haired teen walked away and left him on the floor.
"You made your choice, Ash. Not us."

Harley Brooks-Winchester sat in her cousin's locker room, head bowed, as the tears fell down her face.
"How could he hurt me like that? I love him."
Ali sat next to her and rubbed her back as Isaiah paced the floor, trying not to walk out of the room and beat his cousin.
"It'll be okay, Harley girl. Ash is a total idiot. I mean, really? He picked someone from Nexus 2.0? Ew."
Harley laughed slightly until a knock at the door occurred and Isaiah opened it, revealing Gemma Jacobs.
"Where is my asshole brother?"
Ember walked in behind her, along with Tristen and AJ.
"Daddy went to find him, Gemma. Harley, are you okay?"
"I will be..."
Isaiah stopped pacing and Gemma pulled him out of the room.
"Be right back."

Dragging her prey down the hall, Gemma pushed him against a locker room door and narrowed her eyes.
"You love her."
He looked down at her, not saying a word, until finally he nodded.
"Yeah I do. But she's so caught up in Ash that I can't get close to her."
"Does it look like she's caught up in him anymore? Go for it Hardy, but I swear that if you break her heart, I'll end you."
Isaiah gulped and nodded.
"I understand, Gemma."
"Good. Now go get em, tiger."