This is a free way crossover between 3 films. Hotel Transylvania, MEGAMIND and Monsters Vs Aliens.

I know, Hotel Transylvania hasn't come out yet but I just cant wait! So Here it is!

MEGAMIND and Monsters in the Transylvania vacation.

In Metro City it was time for a vacation for both Heroes of Metro City and both Minion, a Piranha like alien who was in a robotic gorilla suit, was sitting with his master Megamind, a blue alien with a giant blue head, a black goatee, a tight leather suit and he had green eyes, at the table in the basement deciding on where to go for their annual holiday.

Each and every year Megamind and Minion go on vacation while they get the Brainbots to do the saving for them (even when he was evil, Megamind had used the Brainbots to just keep an eye on Metro man) and Megamind had the great idea on where to go this year!

Megamind exclaimed as he sat his mug down on the mahogany table with a big wicked grin on his face "I have the best EVER idea on where to go for our little bachelor Haloza!"

(A/N: by the way, I made up that word for Megamind and what he means is: For their time to hang out.)

Minion said with a toothy grin and while wriggling his fins up and down with utter excitement "So do I, Sir!"

Megamind gave a wink and then the two said at the exact same time while doing a heroic high five "HOTEL TRANSYVLVANIA!"

Megamind and Minion laughed and Minion added "Also Sir. It's young Mavis' 118th birthday next week!"

Megamind sighed as he remembered when Mavis was just a little girl and she always danced at Megamind's feet when he came.

Minion said with a dreamy smile "It's been 3 years since we last went there and also you get to catch up with Dracula himself."

Megamind also loved to play cards with Dracula and he was also unnatural at playing poker with Wayne the wolf and the other guys while Minion liked to swim in the pool.

Megamind asked while getting out a small bag "I am way ahead of you my Simian Fishy friend!"

Megamind shown Minion the small present bag and he asked with a slightly worried frown "Do you think Mavis will like it? She is Dracula's daughter after all."

Minion peeked into the bag and he quickly shut it again before smiling at his big headed blue master "Sir, I am sure Mavis will love it!"

Said Minion with a kind look and this made Megamind smile and then Minion and Megamind ran upstairs to pack the bags to go.

Also in Modesto California, Ginormica (A.K.A Susan), a giant silver haired woman, The Missing Link, an ancient fish ape creature, Butterfly O'saurus, a giant fluffy creature with huge butterfly wings, B.O.B, a big blue blob with an eye ball, and Doctor Cockroach, a man with a Cockroach head, were also packing to go to Hotel Transylvania.

Susan was incredibly excited about this! She had never gone before to a monster hotel before but she was very nervous.

Never had she been in a whole hotel with monsters before and she was rather worried. What if they wanted to eat her? Oh wait. She was too big.

Doctor Cockroach was just about done as well as the other monsters other than Ginormica with their packing and their bags were loaded on to Butterfly O'saurus.

(In case your wondering whose going to take care of the invasions and things, The army has it covered.)

The other monsters had come to see why Susan was taking so long and Doctor Cockroach asked Susan with a slight voice of concern "Um….Are you alright, Susan?"

Susan was sat on her huge bed sat away from the door where the monsters were stood and Link, Cockroach and B.O.B jumped on the bed and made their way over to Susan and Doctor Cockroach asked as he climbed up on Susan's back and sat himself down on her shoulder "Are you sure? You seem kind of…Put out."

Susan sighed and confessed "I'm just a little nervous. I've never spent any time with other monsters, other then you guys, before and I'm worried that they might hate me."

Link exclaimed "Ya Kidding!? Hotel Transylvania is the best and it is run by Dracula himself! There's dancing, Gyms,-"

B.O.B popped out in front of Link and listed "Lots of Ham!,-"

Doctor Cockroach smiled and said as he looked up at Susan with a comforting look "And besides Hotel Transylvania is the best place to be and also Dracula is not as bad as the legends say."

Link piped in "Yeah! He is a pretty nice guy. Guess whose birthday it is?"

Doctor Cockroach went wide eyed and exclaimed as he jumped off Susan's shoulder "Oh yes! It's Mavis' 118th birthday in a couple of days!"

Ginormica questioned as she watched the monsters dance in glee "Mavis?"

The monsters stopped dancing and B.O.B exclaimed "Oh, Mavis is Dracula's teenaged daughter!"

Susan had to admit, it did sound kind of fun. She thought for a moment and stood up and said with a smile "Alright. Lets go!"

The Monsters yelled in excitement and they all ran outside to Butterfly'O saurus and jumped on his back before flying towards their destination.

With Megamind and Minion, they had just finished packing their bags and Megamind prepared his and Minion's hover scooters for the long trip and after the two were done, they flew off into the sunset towards Hotel Transylvania.

Hoped you liked this first chapter! I have seen a lot of trailers for Hotel Transylvania and decided to do the next chapter after I have seen the film! I hope you liked this and I shall update next week! Stay tuned!