Minion and Link went swimming in the pool with Doctor Cockroach who had young Winnie on his lap.

Doctor Cockroach was told to look after the youngest and sweetest of the pups. So both Winnie and himself sat outside while sitting in one of the lounge chairs.

Winnie looked to the bug headed scientist and took the pink binky out of her mouth "Mr Cockroach? Do you think I'll be a good swimmer?" the cute little female werewolf pup asked.

Doctor Cockroach looked down at the cute puppy on his lap "I am sure you will be, Winnie. It depends if you can swim or not."

Winnie nodded and then frowned "But I never swam before because my brothers kept threatening to drown me." said a now gloomy Winnie.

Doctor Cockroach frowned also but then he got off the lounge chair before gently putting Winnie into the water in the shallow end.

Doctor Cockroach asked while holding Winnie at arms length and keeping the water length to her feet "Now which one of you will help Winnie swim?"

Link was just on his back floating and he opened one eye "No thanks." he said "I need to catch up on some swimming."

Suddenly, Minion swam forward and said with a smile "I'll do it Doc."

Minion swam next to Winnie who put her arm around and underneath Minion and Minion gently guided the young girl wolf in the pool and soon she was swimming on her own.

Winnie giggled and splashed while she grabbed Minion but suddenly Winnie accidently let go and she began to drown in the deep end. Minion was enjoying himself so much that he wasn't paying attention to the fact that he was swimming to the deep end of the pool.

Minion panicked. He couldn't swim deep enough. His kind could only go a curtain depth in the water but Link saw this and swam under water and rescued the small brown/golden furred puppy and he struggled to get her to shore where Winnie's father Wayne was waiting with a towel for his little ball of fur.

As soon as Winnie was out of water, Wayne wrapped her in the towel and quickly carried her inside.

Minion said while looking sad "I'm sorry. I just lost myself..."

Link patted the sad Piranha like alien on the head before getting out of the pool.

"Come on, Minion. Walk with me. Talk with me."

Minion nodded before giving a huge leap from the pool into his robotic gorilla suit and following, Link and Doctor Cockroach sighed before going to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat.

Link said as both Minion and Link were walking down the halls "You see, Minion. I know ya get pretty excited with kids but it looks like that ya got carried away."

Minion rolled his eyes. Like he DIDN'T know that? Link continued "But I think I could help you with your little...Paying attention to the world around you problem."

Minion looked at Link "How?" he asked.

Link took Minion by the hand before pulling him towards a different room.