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"Sam?" I whispered as I took a step towards the stairs. I watched as she took a step towards me before J'koran grabbed her hair and hauled her back.

"You are mistaken. I have nothing of yours. And you nothing of mine," he said distastefully as he pulled the woman behind him.

"This," Jack called as he grabbed on to fake Sam's arm and pushing her forward again. "Is your wife. She found a way to disguise herself to get away from you. That woman behind you is a member of my team. And I need her back."


"I'm sure that she tried to explain it to you?"


"Truth actually," Jack said as he took another step towards the stairs, his hand still wrapped around the impostors arm in a tight grip. "I'm sure you've noticed differences?"

"No," he said firmly while looking down his nose at Jack.

"She's confessed everything," he tilted his head towards fake Sam. "Said that you were going to kill her, so she found a way to leave. Something must have changed if your 'wife' is still alive. Surely if you wanted your wife dead, she wouldn't be standing behind you."

"I don't believe you," he stated while shoving his 'wife' away with enough force to send her crashing in to the wall behind them.

"I think you do," Jack said simply. "I think you know exactly what is going on. I'm sure Sam didn't stop explaining it until you did understand," he gestured to the small woman behind him.

"Leave," J'koran said as he gripped the banister in front of him so hard his knuckles turned white, and his face grew red.

"Not until I get my team member back," Jack ground out.

"Your team member, is not here!" J'koran shouted at him.

"You want to play dumb? Fine. We'll wait till morning and prove to you that this is your wife, and the woman behind you isn't."

Jack watched as J'koran's face turned slightly panicked in his rage. He knew the woman behind him wasn't his wife, but was loathe to give her up. Jack knew it was impossible to meet Samantha Carter and not fall head over heels in love with her.

"She belongs to me," he growled.

"Actually," Jack said holding up one finger. "She belongs to no one. And I know for a fact that she would love to kick you ass, right now, for saying that."

"Leave," he repeated, pushing himself away from the banister and making his way to the top of the stairs.

"Not until I get my team member back," Jack repeated, emphasizing every word.

Jack stood his ground and tightened his grip on the woman at his side, who he realised was too scared to move. His eyes bore holes into J'koran's head. There was no way that he was leaving Sam behind; again.

J'koran slowly made his way over to where Jack stood. It wasn't until he was mere steps away that Jack realised how big the other man actually was. Jack knew he was a tall man, standing at nearly 6ft 2inches, but somehow felt small when J'koran walked up to him. Jack had to look up to see anything other than the other man's chest.

Jack gulped at the sheer size of the man. He didn't dare look at his two friends behind him. He knew as soon as he looked away J'koran would strike him down.

"This," he spat while taking fake Sam's free arm into his large hand. "Is not Mislan. That," he pointed to the short woman standing at the top of the stairs. "Is Mislan."

"Ah Mislan, is it. Well, J'koran, as I'm sure you are aware, that," he pointed towards the woman now walking down the stairs, "Is not Mislan. Her name is Sam. And I need to take her home. She has a son waiting for her." He watched 'Mislan's' eyes widen then look to the floor. He knew she was thinking about all the time she had missed out on.

"I do not believe you," he said as fake Sam whimpered in pain. "Now take your woman and leave this place," he pushed her away from him with enough force that she fell to the ground. Jack had to let go of her arm to keep himself upright.

"J'koran please," the black haired woman pleaded.

"Silence!" he shouted at her, half turning to face her. Jack could see the fear in his eyes.

"You have to let me go home," she continued.

"THIS is your home!"


"I said SILENCE!" he yelled at her when she was only a step away, raising his hand and backhanded her across the face, sending her to the floor.

"HEY!" Jack shouted at him. He could sense Daniel and Teal'c moving closer and held up his hand to stop them. He could feel their restlessness. He knew they wanted to do something.

"J'koran… please let me go home," the real Sam begged from where she lay on the floor, a few tears escaping her eyes. She could already feel her face begin to swell.

"You belong HERE!"

"Ah so you do know she isn't actually your wife!" Jack taunted from a few steps away.

"She is mine. She belongs to me. She belongs here!" Jack could see the veins in his head and on his neck bulging underneath his skin.

"You promised," Sam whispered from the floor. Jack watched as J'koran's face fell. "You promised that if they came for me you would let me go. J'koran, I have a son. He needs me. I would never ask you to give up your girls."

"You have daughters?" Jack spat at Mislan as Sam. "And you left them here to save your own ass? You don't deserve children!"

"You cannot leave me!" J'koran said softly as he help Sam as Mislan from the floor.


"This isn't happening," he insisted. "This is a nightmare. I know it."

"I'm sorry," Sam as Mislan answered. "It's very real. You have to let me go."

"I cannot," he said as he held her face between his hands.

"O'Neill," Teal'c spoke for the first time. "It is almost sunrise."

"Whatever is going to happen is going to happen soon," Daniel joined in.

"You know that once that sun rises and they change back to who their meant to be, you have to let her go, right?" Jack asked, knowing exactly what J'koran was feeling.

One of the worst things Jack O'Neill had felt in his entire life was losing Samantha Carter.

J'koran let go of Sam's face and picked her up so she was at the same level as him and embraced her tightly.

"I do not wish you to leave me Samantha Carter," he said, only just loud enough for the whole room to hear.

Jack's heart sank when he realised just how much J'koran loved her.

Once he had set her back on her feet he turned to glare at the woman who was truly his wife.

"You disgust me," he spat venomously. She flinched and tried to make herself as small as possible where she stood. She looked around. Daniel and Teal'c blocked the door. She had no way out.

Light slowly trickled in through the windows, illuminating the tacky looking whore house. Fake Sam whimpered in pain, then cried out as she doubled over.

Jack looked from her towards the real Sam, who was also sinking to her knees. He rushed over to her and held her close. He looked towards J'koran and silently thanked him for letting her go.

Jack held Sam throughout her whole seizure and pain filled cries. He knew Daniel and Teal'c were only a step behind him. He knew that as soon as she was Sam again, she would be taken from his arms and wrapped in their with apologies falling from their mouths quicker than they could breathe.

Jack watched in fascination as the woman he held in his arms became longer and thinner. Gone were the short legs as they were replaced by long ones. Her body lost most of the fat and was replaced by smooth and toned muscles. Her watched as the matted black hair transformed into long messy blonde hair. His heart swelled when she opened her eyes through the pain and he saw the colour change from dark brown to brilliant blue.

He couldn't help but smile at her. She was who she was meant to be again, where she was meant to be; in his arms.

Slowly she smiled at him, knowing that he would never leave her again.

Instead of pulling Sam out of Jack's arms, the other two men sat down beside them and enveloped Sam in their arms. They could tell she was in a lot of pain, and the less she moved the better.

"Samantha," J'koran said softly, making her turn to look at him. "I am truly sorry for what Mislan has put you through. No mother should be taken away from her child," regret laced his voice.

"Thank you for letting me go home," she replied, just as softly.

"I only wish that you would stay."

"I can't," she said as she shook her head as best she could, still wrapped in an SG-1 sandwich.

"I know," he sighed. "Your son needs his mother."

Jack managed to tear his eyes away from Sam to look at Mislan, cowering in the corner of the room as J'koran made his way over to her. He winced as he watched the other man pick the small woman off the floor by her hair.

"Did he treat you like that?" he heard Daniel ask as he turned to face his team again.

"For the first few weeks until he realised that what I was telling him was the truth and tonight. He never touched me," she added for Jack's benefit.

"Tough four years?" Jack asked as he helped her stand.

"No where near as bad as you might think," she shrugged, her eyes never leaving his. "Although, I thought I would never see any of you again," she finished in a whisper.

"We don't leave people behind… intentionally. And when we realise we have, we go back for them," he said as he lifted her chin with his fingers. "Now, you, have a son at home, who is probably awake asking where his mother is." He dropped her chin and looked at his friends standing behind Sam, before turning away and heading for the door.

"Jack?" Sam asked, reaching out a hand to touch his shoulder.

"Yeah?" he asked as he turned to face her again.

Reaching out with both hands she took his face between them and pulled him towards her. Softly she kissed him. Jack raised his eyebrows as his eyes closed and his hands found her hair.

"Ugh, get a room," Daniel muttered as he walked passed them towards the door.

"Indeed," Teal'c added as he joined Daniel out in the early morning sun.

"Thank you," Sam whispered as she slowly pulled away, her fingers lodged in his hair.

"With a thank you like that… Anytime," he grinned. "So… are you scared of the joys of forced motherhood awaiting you at home?" he asked as he removed her hands from his hair and held on tightly to one of them and walked to join Daniel and Teal'c outside.

"Terrified," she admitted.

"You'll be a great mother," he assured her.

As the walked away from the tacky house in which she had lived for the past four years Sam turned around for one last look. She smiled kindly and waved to the man standing in the door way. In a strange way, she would miss him. The first few weeks aside, he had taken care of her. She had been strictly off limits to the men who used the whore house. And although she was more than capable of looking after herself, it was nice having someone to look out for her again.

"Goodbye Samantha, I will always love you," he whispered as he raised his hand in goodbye. He knew he would never see her again. He knew that she had made him a better man. And for that he would be eternally grateful.


Jake impatiently bounced around the infirmary waiting for his mother to appear. He had woken up hours ago in a different one than he had fallen asleep in. He had woken up confused. But Grandpa was at his side.

"Mommy will be here soon," Jacob had promised him. Once Jack, Daniel and Teal'c had left with his daughters impostor he had called George. The man had to be told what was going on.

A half hour after receiving the call he had been on the base and at Jacob's side, anxiously awaiting SG-1's return, with hopefully the right Sam.

The klaxon's howled and Jake had covered his ears with his hands in an attempt to block out the sound.

Minutes later, SG-1 and a rather dishevelled looking Sam dressed in a pair of Jack's spare field uniform t-shirts and pants and a jacket draped over her shoulders, walked into the room.

Neither Jacob or George would stop the smile that almost broke their faces from appearing. They had saved her. She was home.

"MOMMY!" the little boy shouted as he ran towards her.

Tears filled her eyes as she knelt down to encase the boy in her arms. Never in her life had she felt so much love for someone she didn't know, but wanted with everything she had.

After a long hug she pulled back to look at him properly for the first time. Tears clouded her vision when he smiled brightly at her.

"You are so perfect," she whispered as she stood up and set him on her hip.

"You're beautiful Mommy," he said as his brown eyes glistened with happiness. "Love you."

"I love you too."

Jacob ran to his daughters side and took her into his arms. Tears fell freely from his eyes when he saw how happy and safe his daughter now was. He looked to Jack and nodded his thanks.

Once Jacob had finally let go of Sam, Jack walked over to her, his eyes full of questions. Sam held out a hand, which he readily took, and dragged him towards her.

"I've waited three years to do this," she whispered to him, before pulling him right up against her and kissing him.

"Mommy?" Jake asked, his voice hopeful, as Sam released Jack's mouth.

"Yeah baby?" she said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Can I have a sister now?" he asked innocently, while looking at her with pleading brown eyes.

Sam looked between her son, and the man who she still held in her arm. She smiled at him before looking back at her son. "Soon. I promise."

She watched with a heart swelling with happiness as her son's face lit up and he squealed with joy. Confidently she looked to the man standing so close he may have well been a part of her, to see that he also had a mile wide grin on his face.

She knew that she would cherish every moment of being home with her family. Even if she did have to start from scratch in the learning department, she knew that her son was worth it.