Legends tell of the Dragonborn. Powerfull aesir, that had the ability to change into fierce dragons, aiding the armies of Asgard in battle.

Winged creatures, breathing fire and ice, they where as much feared by their enemies, as they where praised by the aesir.

The birth of a Dragonborn was rare, as only a selected few carried the gene. And when Raeven, the last of the Dragonborn was killed in battle, the line was broken, leaving the Dragonborn to fade into legends and memories, thought never to be seen again...

Rain was pouring heavily on the rooftops of Asgard. Thunder could be heard rolling in the distance, and the wind was howling through the buildings. Dark clouds covered the usual clear and starry skies, of the realm eternal.

Down an empty cobblestoned street in the outskirts of the golden city, a young, dark haired woman was running barefoot through the heavy rain, carrying a small baby, wrapped in a blanket.

She came to a halt in front of the worn, wooden door of an old stone house, and startet to frantically pound it, hoping the resident in the house would hear, through the foul weather.

After what seemed like hours, the door opened and revealed an elderly woman, with pale skin, grey hair and kind, blue eyes. Upon seeing the dark haired woman, standing drenched to the skin, her eyes widened and her jaw fell open.

"Amira, what in the Nine Realms are you doing outside in weather like this? Has something happened? Hurry, come inside!" she ushered the younger woman inside, and quickly shut the door.

"I am afraid I have to deliver heartbreaking news to you, Eri. Reia's sickness became to much for her, she gave birth to her child tonight, but her body could take no more. Eri, she is dead…" Amira said with a low voice, her eyes, red from crying, looked to the floor.

Eri gasped, and put a hand over her mouth, tears welling in her eyes. Amira held out the bundle in her arms, for Eri to take.

"This is her daughter, your grandchild, I ask that you take care of her, for I cannot. Reia was alive long enough to tell med what name she had girl's name is Tharyin…"

Eri took the child with shaking hands, and pulled aside the blanket, revealing a perfect, newborn girl, with blue eyes, the shade of the deep ocean, and fire red hair. The child was beautiful, in every meaning of the word, and she looked so much like her passed mother, it made Eri's heart ache even more. But she would do this for her daughter, she would raise this child, and love her, like she had loved Reia.

With teary eyes, she looked to Amira, her daughters best friend, and spoke with a trembling voice. "Thank you, Amira. I will take care of her now, you may go…"

"Blessings be with you both, Eri. I am so sorry for your loss…"

Eri only nodded.

Amira headed slowly for the door, and opened it, looking out in the raging storm. When she was halfway out the door, she stopped and turned back, looking at the baby in Eri's arms.

"Eri, I should probably tell you… She bears the mark. The mark of the dragons…"