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What's mine is yours…..


Santana's POV

Splash! "Fuckin' asshole!" I yelled back to no one in particular as I start to shake off the muddy water that was sprayed onto my leather boots as the Taxi passed by. Another rainy day in this wonderful life of mine. Claaaaap! Boooom! And there we have it, another thunderstorm. This global warming shit if for the frikkin' birds. I hate thunderstorms. No sooner had I put that thought across my brain, the skies decided to open up and drop bucket loads of rain. Not the slow steady rain with small, light droplets….No! I'm talking big fuckin', heavy assed droplets the size of Goddamned half dollars. I was definitely not having a good day let alone a mediocre day. I pull out my oversized umbrella and start to run for the parking garage to my SUV. I'm guessing the 30mph winds had decided they had something in mind for me since a huge gust all but destroyed my umbrella! "Fuck!" I mumbled under my breath. Now what the hell was I going to do. It's only two and a half blocks from my studio to the parking garage, but I was already making my way to drowned rat fashion. I had only stayed an hour later than normal, trying to get those last few verses down. Because of my own stubbornness, here I am in the middle of a stupid hurricane. Just as I happen to look up I notice one of the "store" windows as I pass. I hadn't realized that there was a dance studio on my way to and from the garage. That just goes to show you how much I really pay attention back and forth. Maybe if I'd look up once in awhile, I might actually see a few things interesting. Interesting and…fu…ck…ing ama….zing! Damn! I stopped abruptly and turned to face into the window. I'm sure I looked like a frog trying to catch flies as wide as my mouth had dropped open at the spectacle inside the dance studio.

Tall, blonde and as graceful as a butterfly in a field of lilies. She was the most beautiful, graceful thing I had seen since….well in quite some time. She was teaching a class of kids, younger kids it looked like. She would go through a routine then step back and watch the class do the exact same thing. The blonde was graceful and looked like she was floating on air. God must have put her here just to dance and mesmerize anyone that watches her. I must have been standing there watching her dance and teach for a good 10 minutes. By this time I was totally drenched. My sad excuse for an umbrella and my bag were not doing their jobs at keeping me dry. I looked back up only to see a young man and the class going through the routine again. Where had she gone? Unbeknownst to Santana, the blonde had been watching her watch her through the window as she stood there staring getting drenched.

"Hey!" she yelled to grab my attention. Evidently I was not very discreet in ogling and watching said blonde. I jumped a bit at the sudden command and looked up. Into the most beautiful limpid pools of Caribbean ocean blue eyes I had ever seen. I was entranced to say the least.
"Are you okay? Do you want to come in and dry off until the storm passes?" She asked me pleasantly.
"Uhmm, yeah. Sure. Only if you don't mind a drowned rat standing in your foyer or dance floor." I joked back skeptically. Trying to get over being caught staring and then being just as dumbfounded at her beauty in front of me.
"Erm, No, I don't mind at all. Besides, we have mats inside the doors so, I'm sure it will be just fine. Also, I do have some Academy logo'd sweats, shorts and a shirt if you need something to change into. If you want that is. I didn't think that you'd want to walk around like a drowned rat, as you say. Plus, the only extra clothes I have are yellow, black and covered with ducks. I love ducks. Do you like ducks. They're so cute and fuzzy and I'm rambling aren't I? Sorry, I tend to do that around new people or when I get nervous. Do you want something to change in to?" she asked again shyly.
"Yeah, if you don't mind. I really don't want to stand or walk around soaking wet. I don't have any extra shoes though, and I think these, (I picked up my foot and shook it emphasizing my leather 3 inch heeled boots) are not appropriate sweat attire." I chuckled shyly back to her.
"Oh, I can fix that. Hold on a minute." I watched as she skipped away to the back room. Who the hell skips? Damn, I could watch her skip, walk, run, and dance all day long. Shit she was gorgeous.
I stood in the entry way of the studio and waited for the leggy, blonde dancer to return.

"What size shoe do you wear? I guessed 7 ½ to a 9. Was I close?" as she pushed out 4 boxes of dance sneakers my way.
"Actually you were pretty close….I'm an 8 ½. You're good. How did you guess that?" I asked incredulously.
"I've been dancing and teaching practically my whole life….I just have a knack. I think these clothes will fit you as well." she said as she handed me a small duffle with a set of P&C Dance Academy logos everywhere.
She must have caught on to my gaze at the logo…
"Pierce and Chang."
"P&C, Pierce and Chang." she smiled. "I'm Brittany. Brittany S. Pierce, please to meet you." as she stuck out her hand to me.
"Oh, yeah….Santana, Santana Lopez. Nice to meet you as well." I replied back to her taking her hand and shaking it. As our hands met, I could feel the soft skin of her long thin hands. I felt the firm, strong handshake as she held onto my hand just a bit longer than normal. But behind all of that, I felt an electrical explosion as our skin came into contact with each other. Startled at first, I looked at our hands, then back up into those fantastically piercing blue eyes. She noticed it to as a small smile began to tug at the corners of her mouth. I slowly let go of her hand and said a small thank you.
"You can change in the back room if you'd like. I'll give you a few minutes, I still have another 20 minutes before class is over. But I think this storm is going to last longer than that, by the looks of things." she directed me to the back room, which turned out to me a mix of an office, and personal lounge. Not bad, I thought to myself.

I hear a small rapping on the door just as I finish tying the brand new shoes she had lent me, and tying back my unruly, mostly now dried hair into a ponytail.
"Yeah, I'm done. You can come in." I replied through the door.
"I just wanted to let you know that my class is over and that everyone is gone except for me and Mike."
"Mike?" I asked curiously, boyfriend, husband….I was starting to get a bit jealous for some reason. I really shouldn't but, she is gorgeous and I just for some odd reason, can't seem to get my mind off her. Just something about her. Her sincerity, cheeriness and thoughtfulness. And of course her stunning beauty, I just feel something. A flipping inside my stomach, a small ache or spark in my heart letting me know that it's still there after all this time.
"Yeah, my partner in crime. He and I went to High School and Julliard together. He's like the brother I never had. Then we decided a few years ago to open a studio together. Now it's one of the best dance studios on the East Coast." she glowed as she was bragging. It was very becoming on her.
"Oh, sorry. I guess It wasn't really any of my business." I hesitantly and embarrassingly replied.
"Don't worry about. No offense taken. Hey, the storm is still pretty bad outside, we might lose power, even though we do have emergency generators, they don't always come on right away. Anyway, do you want to run next door and grab a coffee or something to eat? You have to be starving by now. Besides, I'm guessing your car is in the parking garage and that's still two blocks away. Sorry, rambling again." she smiled.
"Yeah, that would be great. At least I won't get drenched just going next door.