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4 years later

"Britt, can you grab the girls, while I get the boys ready? We have to be at your sisters' house in less than an hour." I hollered down the hallway.

Yes, I said girls. 2 years after the twins were born, Britt and I decided on having another baby. This time Brittany would carry again and we were going to use the same procedure as we did with the boys. We were wonderfully surprised when Dr. Holliday informed us that we would be having another girl. We were ecstatic. 2 girls and 2 boys. We had the perfect family. Bella was an awesome daughter and much smarter than her small age of 6 years. She has the personality and grace of Brittany. The boys took after me for the most part, duh, but they had Britt's love of life and people. But on occasion, they had the stubbornness and attitude of their fiery Latino genes and mami. Then two years ago, Britt gave birth to Korie Elizabeth Lopez-Pierce. She had my complexion, but was graced with Britt's hair and piercing blue eyes. At the lovely stage of terrible two's, she is smart, sometimes too smart, and coming into her own personality. We decided, since we had some part of our parents names in the boys and Bella, that we would honor Britt's mom and have her name be Korie's middle name. How we came up with Korie was beyond me. It was almost exactly like the boys. We had a dream, watched some reality tv, and as soon as Duck Dynasty came on and we heard the name of one of the wives, we knew we were thinking of the same name. I'm not sure if we are going to tell Korie when she grows up that she was names after a red neck millionaire's wife. Even though her middle name is after one fan-fucking-tastic lady that gave birth to my wife of six plus years.

"Yeah, sweetie, I'll get the girls. Do the boys know it's their party, or is it still a surprise? I hope nobody slipped up. They're going to be so surprised. I love you so much for setting this up. Hell, I love you for everything." My beautiful blonde wife admitted, walking down the hall towards me.

"I love you too, babe. All my love forever and always." I said, grabbing Britt's hand, pulling her towards me and kissing her softly and deeply.

"Mmmm, keep that up and we'll be late and blaming the kids won't even be close to a good enough excuse." she chuckled.

"Okay, but you so owe me tonight when we get home. Since you're sister has so graciously volunteered to watch all the kids this weekend, I have dibs on you ass and your time!" I demanded with a slight giggle and smirk.

"Brianna is taking all the kids? How much did you pay her to do that? Wait, let me guess...you volunteered us to host a party or sing for a party, or...oh no you didn't? You did not promise her that?!" she added as she started to wheedle down the list of possibilities.

"I didn't what? I can't believe you would think so low of me. You do realize that mom and dad will be staying over as well. They wanted time with the grandkids and offered to help out. What other reason could I possibly have?" I feigned mock hurt and shock as I giggled.

"San, you know what, it doesn't matter. If we have to play karaoke and entertain one of Bri's parties for her doctor and nursing friends, I can be down with that. But I refuse to let anyone, and I mean anyone, dance or sing a duet with you other than me. You know what happened last time? You almost had to bail me out of jail when that girl started to lick your arm. What the hell was she doing anyway?" she reminded me laughing.

"I have no idea, but she was just a slight bit drunk. She said she wanted to be my puppy. I honestly had no clue she was going to do that. But you have to admit, it was funny." I joined my wife laughing at the memory.

"Well, as long as you weren't egging it on, I guess it's okay. Just don't let it happen again." she kissed me, claiming her property.

"I promise B, no more people puppies. Oh, can you give Rachel a call. I kind of agreed that her and Quinn would be there with us. Your sister definitely knows how to drive a hard bargain and blackmail." I told her, trying to contain the giggles I had in my throat.

"Holy shit San! What all did you agree to? This better be one hell of a huge party and you better be up for not leaving the bedroom for the entire weekend." my wife finally figured out.

"That's it babe. I promise. And I promise that we will have the entire weekend in bed if that's what you want. I think I'm up for that with you. I love our kids dearly, but I can't wait to have the whole house to fuck you in!" I smirked with a devilish grin.

"I think I'm going to hold you to that. Now, let's get the kids ready and head over to Bri's. I'm guessing this is going to be one huge birthday party for the boys." she said, kissing my lips, then my cheek and forehead before heading down the hall to get the girls ready.

After Britt got the girls dressed and ready and I finished up with M n M, we made our way over to my sis-in-law's house for the boys fourth birthday party. I couldn't believe time had gone by so quickly, and it had all started out because I had a bad day and got caught in the rain. We've had our downs and ups, in that order, but I can say, that I wouldn't have missed a life with Brittany for the world. Our careers have been fantastic, she'd gone on a few tours for famous artists, but stipulating that she was gone for no more than 3 months without any break. That way she would be able to come home for a few weeks and go back out. We both agreed that she should follow her dreams and that we would support her. Bella being her biggest and best fan besides me. My singing was mainly for studio work and home, but my producing and talent searching was booming. Since I own the company, I never stay past 6pm and if for some reason that happens, I have the kids brought here and I spoil them rotten. When Britt's home, she brings them to the studio frequently, but when she's not, Beth and my papi bring them down. Spoiled rotten! My kids are great, smart and thoroughly spoiled rotten.

A short hour drive later, we finally arrived at Bri's house. Her and her husband had moved closer to where we were to be closer, otherwise, we'd be driving almost 3. It's great having all the family living within an hour's drive now. Makes for more family get-together's, BBQ's and parties, be it birthday or otherwise. Which we tend to find a lot of reasons to bring the entire Lopez-Pierce clans

We pulled into the driveway of Bri's house and parked behind the other multitude or cars and SUV's that lined up the driveway to the house. Bella helped Britt with Korie and I again was in charge of the birthday boys. To say they were excited would be an understatement. The boys loved family get together alot, especially when Uncle Ricky came to them. Being a Lopez and the only other twin, Max and Milo seemed to bond with my brother very quickly. Of course, having Latino in all their blood made absolutely no difference at all for this extra bonding. The boys were extremely spoiled by every single male figure at practically every family party. Probably because Britt and I were the only ones to have boys. Every one else had girls. Girls, girls and more girls. Brook had three, Brianna had four girls and my sister, Rei-Rei had one and was pregnant with another. Let's hope that when Ricky marries his fiancee' that they'll have boys! We can only hope. So where was I, oh yeah, as soon as we piled out of the Tahoe, the boys made a bee line towards the tent looking for Uncle Ricky.

As soon as Britt and I made it to the tent, the party officially started. We played games, had tons and tons of Dutch and Latin food. We also had the mainstay Burgers and Dogs and so on. The men congregated towards the grill and patio while the women and kids gathered around the pool and yard. After a few hours of playing, catching up and gossiping, we finally brought out the cake for the boys. Double the cake, for double the mess with our M n M's.

"Mommmmmyyyyy! Maaaaaammmmiii! Can we open our presents now? Pweeeeeezee!" I could here them holler over the crowd of family and friends.

"In a minute, munchkin. As soon as everyone gets back under the tent, you both can start opening your gifts." I could her Britt saying, trying to calm their excitedness.

"San, can you get the rest of the gifts out of the house, Mom and I are getting Ice cream for the cake?" my gorgeous wife asked me. Who was I to deny her anything. EVER!

"Sure thing, babe. Anything else, while I'm there?" I asked. Totally, completely and utterly WHIPPED!

"Nope! Just you're sexy ass out here ASAP!" she giggled then smirked at me, giving me a peck as she passed.

"Oh, you are sooo getting it this weekend. And then some!" I whispered back, only loud enough for her to hear.

"I hope so." she says to me as she turns around winks at me then heads out to the patio and tent.

Finally, after what seemed like thousands of presents for Max and Milo, we finally were starting to clean up the paper and discarded boxes. 7 Toys R Us gift cards, 10 forms of money, between cash and checks, the boys raked in almost $300 a piece. Shit, I didn't even do that well for my fourth birthday. But then again, I only had my absent mother and papi. Then at least 10 new toys ranging from remote control trucks and race cars to Wii, Playstation, XBox and the games to go with them all, I would say our boys made out like Latin Bandits!

"Max, Milo, did you thank everyone for the gifts? Make sure you thank everyone before they leave." I asked, making sure my boys learned the importance of please and thank you.

"Almost Mami."

"Getting there mommy" I could hear them shout to us as we giggled.

"Our little boys are getting so big already. It seems like yesterday that you were interrupting our parents wedding for our impatient wonders." Britt said, turning to me and kissing me softly on the lips, then forehead.

"I know, right B? I can't believe how big they are. It's great watching our kids grow up. And Bella, she's the spitting image and personality of you. She's great!" I announced, amazed at our family.

Just then, Ricky and Rei Rei showed up to tell us that they were getting ready to head home.

"Max, Milo, Uncle Ricky and Auntie Rei are leaving, did you say your thanks yet?" I yelled across the yard for the boys.

"Coming." They both shouted, as they came running over to us with the remote control trucks Ricky had gotten them for their birthday.

"So, do you boys like the trucks?" Ricky asked, smiling.

"Yes, der awesome."

"Yeah, iss coool." they both said, excitedly without a thank you yet. Which did not go unnoticed.

"Boys, did you have something you wanted to say?" I asked, sounding all parental now.

"Oh, yeah...do they come with batteries?" Milo asked, totally serious and oblivious to what I was searching for.

"Tanks Uncle Wicky and Auntie Wei." They both said. Adorable.

And there you have my children. Still getting away with being all kinds of cute. Korie had all the sisters attention, the boys, well...had all the boys attention and Bella had all the other friends and relatives attention as she gave an impromptu dance number she was learning in one of Britt's assistants dance class.

"You ready to head home, babe? I think I'm feeling a little under the weather. I might have to stay in bed all weekend." Britt whispered into my ear, softly. Then adding a gentle kiss behind, effectively giving me goose bumps everywhere.

"Uhm, yeah. Let's just say our good-bye's and let the kids know. Then, er, we can get you home and in bed." I smirked back, stuttering at the thought of what the weekend would hold for us. Alone time for the first time in weeks.

"Well, then what are we waiting for. I'm starting to feel really hot. I might be getting a fever." she grinned, giving me that lustful want and desired look she knew would get her exactly what she wanted.

"Then, we had better hurry and get you home. I need to take care of you." I giggled, my devious wife chiming in with me.

An hour of saying good bye to family and friends, cleaning and packing up the Tahoe and saying good bye to the kids, we finally made our way to the interstate headed for home. Alone. Just the two of us for some long awaited "US" time.

I think we made it home in record time. I know for a fact that as each mile marker passed, I was getting hornier by the second. It wasn't that we didn't have sweet lady lovin, we just didn't have uninhibited extra sexy sweet lady lovin. Having the whole entire house to make love and have mad passionate sex in was a special treat. And without any little feet and prying eyes to interrupt anything that we may decided to start.

"Babe, thanks for asking your sis to watch the kids for us. I'm really looking forward to making you feel better aaaallllll weekend long." I smiled.

"Sure thing, San. I've been wanting a weekend in bed or wherever with you as long as we're naked, for a long time. I miss being able to see if the whole neighborhood can hear you. I miss that. Not necessarily, that I want them to hear, just that I love hearing you scream and moan my name. It's so hot, and it turns me on even more. What can I say...I miss you." she smiles shyly, grabs my hand and pulls me out of the SUV and into the house.

"Me too babe. Me too. I mean, I love our kids and our family life together. But I really miss alone time with you as well. Maybe we can set this up once a month or so. We have plenty of family that wants to watch the kids for a weekend. We might as well take advantage of the time while we can, before they catch on to what their mommies are up to when the get to spend time away." I chuckle.

"True. You know, I was thinking back to when we first met. I look back at everything we've been through, and what we've accomplished. I don't think I could possibly be any happier. You walking into, or creeping into my life when you did was definitely perfect timing. And to think, all I had to do was invite you in out of the rain and give you some dry clothes. Look where we are now." She took hold of my hands, pulled me close and gave me the most loving, warmest and heartfelt embrace.

"By the way, I never did give you your clothes back. But I got you instead, and this wonderful family." I bragged, kissing my wife softly, still clinging to her as we sat down on the sofa.

"Like I told you before sweetie, what's mine is yours. I love you and I will, always and forever." she choked out, tears of happiness starting to leak from the corner of her eyes.

"And what's mine is yours. I love you too, B. Forever and always." I smiled back, wiping away both our tears. Happy tears.

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