voices, voices everwhere. without a voice your nothing right? you cant communicate so basically your nothing without it right? wrong! you dont need it if your smart and like to do things on your own. alone that's what i am if you didnt realice well i still have my brothers Justin and Max but it would be awesome if i had someone outside my family to love i never had a girlfriend before. i bet your thinking now huh wtf?! did she just said girlfriend? yes im gay and im not ashamed of it im proud with who i am and my brothers accept me too, well Justin not so much he thinks im discusting but we'll skip that part. your probally confused huh? like why cant that bitch talk is she sick? no im perfectly fine i dont talk cause..well how about i tell you about it later how about we start at me telling you where i am now? im in the car with my brothers cause Justin desided it will be better to move to fucking LA ugh i hate LA everybody is so happy and shit anyways lets get this started...oh any btw im Alex Russo im 17 and that was pretty much it.

(btw, when you see ".." there talking and '..' are Alex's thougts cause she doesnt talk ;p)

(Alex's POV)

"we are here!" i was woken up by Max yelling

"Max wake your sister up im gonna grab the bags" Justin said and got out of the car

'well im kinda your sister too! assholle'

"Alex, Alex wake up we are here" i opent my eyes and saw Max smiling at me and i returnt it, we walked out of the car and i saw that the trunk was still open i went too close it and saw my bags still in it i sighed and grabbed them

"one day he will accept you Alex just give him time" Max said with sad eyes, he hated how Justin treated me i just smiled at him and we walked in the house

'huh not bad kinda looks like our old house' i walked up the stairs and found Justin in the hall with his arms crossed

"we have to talk about the school" i nodded and followed him to what i guess is his room

"so as you know we start school on monday im not sending you to a special school because you dont talk cause in my head your normal"

'right im not normal your the one who talks to his poppets, who the hell has that at 18'

"but thats not what i wanted to talk about"

'great there is more'

"i want you too keep the gay part too yourself i dont want people too treat me and Max different"

'kinda how you treat me'

"got it?" i nodded and walked away too find my room

"last door on your left" i jumped alittle hearing Max's voice

"sorry didnt meen too scary you" he apoligized, i smiled at him letting know its ok

he grabbed a bag and walked with me too my room and sat on my bed

"so what did Justin said?" i grabbed my phone and wrote what he said then past it too him

"oh that sucks, you dont have too hide it i like you just the way you are" he said smiling at me i sat downt next too him and hugged him tightly

"guys!" Justin yelled from downstairs

"come on lets see what he wants" we walked together downstairs seeing Justin standing at the frontdoor with a girl who looked our age

"guys this is Dallas she is our neighbour and is here too invite us for dinner at there place"

"yes! im starving and my stomach cant stand one of Justin's pasta anymore" i let out a chuckle and Dallas started too giggle while Justin glared at him

"i'll remember that for next time" he told Max bitterly then turned too Dallas "we'll love too come"

"cool dinner is at 6 but you can come early if you want so we can get too know eachother" she said smiling at all three of us then left

"you guys cant ever act normal" Justin said glaring at us then walked upstairs

(5 o'clock)

"remember behave" Justin told me and Max and rang the doorbell

"hi you came early" Dallas said smiling

"yeah well we thought we can get too know you and your family if thats ok"

"that great come in" she stept aside too let us in and we walked in

"mom the new neighbours are here!" a women around her 30 walked in the livingroom

"hello im Connie Torres" she said giving us a friendly smile

"hello miss im Justin and this are me sister and brother Alex and Max"

"dinner is almost done i hope you guys like lasagna"

"im sure they will love it they didnt have a good dinner a long time right?" Dallas said looking at me and Max

"why is that?"

"Justin is a really bad cook" Max said and i smirked at the look Justin had on his face

'hah! you totally got burned by a 15 year old'

"oh well i work at a catering so i know a few things"

"cool what can you make best maybe you can give Justin some tips" Max said giving her a hopefull look this time i couldnt hold my laugh and chuckled

"well i make all sorts of stuff and i also make desert every dinner like cake or pudding"

"i think i'll be visiting alot" Connie giggled

"well your more then welcome all of you"

"thank you, i swear if-" Max start but got cut off by Justin

"can we stop talking about how bad i cook i get it now!" he said crossing his arms as we all laughed at him

"ok im gonna get the food ready make yourselfs at home" Connie gave us one last smile and then she moved too the kitchen

"so wh-" Dallas start but got cut off by a little girl who i assume is her sister walking in the room

"hi people i've never seen before, im Madison but my friends and family call me Maddie"

"Maddie these are Justin Alex and Max they are our new neighbours"

"we have new neighbours? i didnt notice" she said looking confused

"yeah we just got here today" Justin said

"oh" she said then looked at me "your Alex?" she asked and i nodded

"how old are you?" i looked at Max

"she's 17" he said

"cool so is Mitchie you two would look cute together" she said cheerfully i looked at her confused then at Dallas

"Mitchie is our sister" she said and i nodded

'where is she then?'

"where is she then?" Max said as if he read my mind

"cheer practice she will be joining us later on"

"dinner's ready!" Connie yelled from the kitchen

"come on" Dallas said standing up walking out of the room as we followed her

(Dinning room)

"so how old are you guys" Connie asked

"im 18 Alex is 17 and Max is 15" Justin said politely

'kiss off'

"and where are you from?"

"New york"

"what school are you guys going?"

"LA High" (yeah yeah stupid name sorry, ok back too the story)

"cool me and Mitch go there too"


"im home!"

'and that must be Mitchie or there dad has very female voice'

"hello family..and strangers" she said smiling the brightest smile i've ever seen

'holy mother of spongebob, i just died and went too heaven cause she looks like an angel'

so what do you guys think? its my first story, sorry if there is any word spelled wrong im from Holland so my english is not so good