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Authors note

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I wasn't going to continue with this story due to some negative reviews, but I have decided that since I enjoy writing it then I will continue. As I had stated in the first chapter, I suffer from dyslexia and had a hard time learning to read and write. It does not mean I am stupid as still managed to go to Uni and get a degree, but find that physically getting out what I want to say difficult. I find that writing fan fiction can help to a certain extent.

I didn't know that senators had a term of 6 years, Thank you for pointing that out

I realise that Democrats are left wing and Republics Conservative. But I do not believe that its as simple as black and white. I think there are grey areas where peoples views are not simply left or right. I feel as though Christian would fall into this. He is a Democrat in this fic, but he is more to the middle than totally to the left. That is something I never really understood about American Politics, how you have to either be one or the other, as I like to make my mind up about different things and would not fit into the mould of one or the other. And obviously running as an independent is difficult and not usually done.

I understand fascism is not a part of American Politics, but this was meant to show the opponents individual thoughts, not his part affiliation. And also please bear in mind the story is set in the 2030's things may be different in the future, and I think that can give artistic licence since no one knows what is going to happen in the future.

I know you can not vote until you are 18, but in my experience of UK politics, politicians will normally go to the poling station with their families, so their children accompany them, even if they don't vote. Also, in my experience a lot of students still vote in their home town. They usually either go home for the day or use a postal vote. Again, this may be different in the UK than America

The candidate would IMO concede defeat as soon as the results were in and he know the other candidate had won. As far as I'm aware that is how it is done. Maybe I am wrong, but if it was an election that I was in I know I would be up watching the election results as they come in. As I said before I don't know a great deal about American Politics since I am British, but over here the results can be announced all through the night and usually the candidates are there for the announcement. So I really don't see what is so unbelievable about calling another candidate at 3am in the morning after election.

Anyway, on with the fic.

Lucy's POV

"I can't find anything to wear" I shouted into my sister's room. What I really wanted was for her to let me raid her wardrobe.

"All right, what do you want?" Iona shouted as she opened her door dressed in her robe with half her hair curled.

"Your pink dress?" I asked

Iona walked over to her wardrobe and fished out her pink lace dress. I slipped it on and smiled at the image in the mirror. The dress was a little different to what I normally wore. Which was usually jeans and converse, I only wore a dress when we went to one of my Dad's or Grandparents events.

I left the room and moved back to my own room to get ready.

Iona's point of view

I didn't even want to go out tonight, it was all Lucy. I was doing this whole thing for her.

I finished getting ready and went into my sisters room, she was very excited, and this whole night meant a lot to her. I helped her put her hair up, before heading down to the ellipse to go in our limos.

Once we got to the movies, I noticed that Lucy and Mike had disappeared, I walked over to Katie who was standing with a group of Freshmen.

"Where has my sister gone?" I asked in concern

"To a different movie, just her and Mike" she explained smiling.

I was not smiling, she has ditched me, after just using me to get her here she had ditched me with a bunch of Freshmen. I was not going to spend the night with them, what if someone saw me.

I left the cinema and started to walk down towards the shops, I headed into Starbucks and ordered my drink. I was oblivious to the fact that there were secret service agents all over the place. They had blended in well, and for the first time of my life, I felt like I was on my own, it felt liberating.

The coffee shop was crowded, and there were not many seats left. I looked around and seen a guy smiling at me. I walked over towards him.

"Do you mind if I sit?" I asked

"not at all" he smiled, whilst gesturing to the seat across from him.

"I don't normally do this" I said flushing slightly

"I don't mind, I don't often have a beautiful woman ask to sit next to me either" he stated.

He called me a woman, I thought to myself, not a girl, but a woman.

"My name is Iona" I smiled

"Charlie" he said extending his hand.

"So Iona, what brings you out here on a Saturday night on your own"

"Oh, I was just in need for some coffee, what about you?"

"I just finished work" he smiled

Iona and Charlie talked for ages, until she glanced at the clock and realised it was 10:30.

" I have to go" Iona said, she almost said it was nearly her curfew, but she remembered this guy had no idea she was only 16.

"I can walk you back to your apartment if you want" he said

"No, it's OK, I have to pick my little sister up" I stated.

"Can I have your number? I really enjoyed your company"

"Sure, I said swapping phones. I thought of putting a fake number into his, but I liked this guy, and just put my real number in" As we handed phones back, my hand touched his. I never felt this before, but it was like electricity shooting up my arm. I liked him, I wanted to kiss him, and looking into his eyes, I could tell he felt the same. I tilted my head as he did the same, and soon found us making out.

He wasn't a good kisser, he was a great kisser, I didn't want to stop, but I also didn't want to feel the wrath of my father if we were late home. Suddenly my cell phone rang distracting us.

"It's my sister" I said, which cutting her off.

"I better go get her, but I'll text you" I said as I walked off. I could feel his eyes watching me as I walked away.

Tonight, really had been one of the best nights of my life. And I was thankful that the secret service went unnoticed. If it have been back home, Taylor would never have allowed tonight to happen

Lucy's POV

Well, what can I say except what happened in that movie, I couldn't remember a thing. I kissed a boy for the first time, and what a lot of practice we had during the movie. Mike asked my out again, not so sure how I would manage to see him again, but I said yes, I would just have to work something out.

The movie finished and I was ready to go home, but I had no idea where Iona was.

I called her, but after one ring it went to answer phone. She had cut me off.

I was going to try again, but this time she had called me.

"Hey Lucy, where are you?" she asked

"At the movies, where you left me, where did you go to"

"Ill be there in 5 minutes, we have so much to talk about" she stated excitedly.

Soon, we were both in the limo. I knew there was no chance of us being home for 11pm, I just hoped Dad didn't notice, but of course he would.

"So what happened?" Iona asked me whilst clicking her seat belt in

"I went to see that new horror film"

"and?" Iona prodded

"Mike and I made out, that's about it, what about you?"

"Well, I went to Starbucks, and met this wonderful guy called Charlie, we talked for a while, and then we made out. Until you phoned me, and interrupted"

"Oh, sorry" I exclaimed

"It's OK, it was time to leave anyway, but Lucy he is wonderful, he works in a record store and plays base in a band"

"Did he know who you were?"

"No, I don't think so, secret service were pretty well hidden, I mean I could see them walking about, but I don't think he noticed. Although when I told him my name he didn't seem to link me to Dad. It's not like there is a lot of Iona's around"

"Yeah, that's weird; surely he knows you're the first daughter"

"Maybe he does" Iona said, just as Lucy's cell rang.

"It's Dad" she stated

"Hi Daddy"

"Where are you?" Christian questioned

"We are just coming up to the house; we will be home in 5 minutes"

"Your late" he stated

"I know, but only by 5 minutes, honest we will be home soon"

"OK" I heard him saying and he hung up

"Is he pissed?" Iona asked

"I think so, hope Mom calms him down"

Christian's POV

"Ana, I can not believe they are late" he stated, after he called them to find out where they were.

"It's 5 minutes, you know they are fine, and its not like they are out all night, don't get too angry and spoil their night"

I knew Ana was right, but I hated when they broke my rules. 5 minutes tonight, leads to half an hour next week then an hour next month, before I know it they will be out all night.

"Please just let it go?" Ana asked.

I smiled "for you darling, I will this once, but if they are late again they are grounded"

The girls soon arrived home, and I could tell they thought I was going to be angry

"So, how as your night?" I asked

"Great" they replied in unison. After I was given a briefing of what they done and what movie they had seen, they went off to bed, and I was left with my Ana for the rest of the night.