KP Total Destruction 2: BANE

I do not own KIM POSSIBLE that is DISNEY'S thing Also don't own BANE or Joker that's DC Comics. This story is rated T for Teen. I finally have started to write the next part of my soon to be Trilogy.

It is natural to believe that our will is free. As we go through our lives, we often deliberate about what we are going to do in the future. What if the future is determined by your past, but what if your past is challenge through your free will? Now go forward into the future where this sense of free will is put to the challenge with a ruthless villain. What if this Villain is bent on watching the world burn…BANE! What are you willing to do?


"We have him," one of the GJ agents announce over the talkie

"Good bring him to me," Agent Will Du asked

A Black car drives up to a building somewhere outside the border of Brazil. Three GJ agents take a man out of the back seat he was covered with a bag over his head. They push the unknown man to the ground. One of the agents took the sack off his head revealing a man with a gas like mask attached to his head. It was pumping venom into him so he can live.

"So you're the one everyone has been talking about… Bane," Will Du said.

"Yes, you look surprised. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask so I should be talked about," Bane answered

"So if I take that mask off will you die?"

"It will be extremely painful,"

"You're a big guy,"

"For you,"

"Was getting caught your plan,"

"Of course,"


"To prove a message to someone,"

As he said that a group of gunman came into the building killing all the agents including Will Du. After the gunman searched the dead bodies for the pass code to enter the GJ HQ, Bane then proceeded to kill four of the loyal gunman leaving only one alive.

"Bane why did you leave me alive?" the gunman asked

"Because you're going to help me start the fire," Bane said

"What do you mean?"

"The destruction of Middleton of Course,"

Bane and the gunman walked out of the building heading towards Middleton.

In Middleton Kim and Ron are getting back to life as a married couple after the Zorpox incident. They still were rebuilding from the damages, but they been keeping tabs on an upcoming mission. Apparently out of the aftermath of Zorpox's reign, an up rise of an ex member from the League of Shadows has been on a rampage. He goes by the name of Bane. GJ only info on Bane is he murdered a priest at the age of eight and he is a powerful assassin. He is hell bent on bring everyone to their knees and see that death is the only option. That's where Kim and Ron come into play, they been asked to keep tight tabs on Bane. Now they never seen what Bane looks like all they know is what his record shows.

Well Kim and Ron where at home waiting for word on Bane. Kim was in Bed with Ron. That's when Ron asked her something out of the blue.

"So Kim what do you think about us starting a family,"

"Ronnie honey with the job we are up against we really don't have time right now," kim responded

"I know I was wondering if you were ready,"

"How about after were done with Bane, we will start a family,"

Ron got out of bed to make breakfast for both him and Kim. They had a lovely breakfast until the breaking news hit on TV.

"It's a horrible seen here in Brazil, for GJ agents and four unknown gunman are dead. It looks like the work of Bane as we have seen these same type of deaths in other parts of the world,"

Kim and Ron looked at each other, they knew what they needed to do. Both of them got dressed and headed to GJ HQ.