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"Ah Morgan." Joe smiled walking into the interview room. He'd had a long night dealing with the death of Luke Watney. He couldn't deny that he was glad this case was over. While he loved his work, this murder had been just too much stress both professionally and personally. He strolled towards her with a warm smile. "I've arranged a car to take you home."

"Can't you take me?"

"I'm afraid not. I've still got a lot to do here."

"If course, I understand. - Um…thank you." Morgan stared up at him and Joe ignored the slight jerk of his heart, slightly stealing his breath.

"hum, huh…" he tried to speak but couldn't get the words out. "I…uh…" He coughed to clear his throat before he could say anything else.

Morgan moved closer, pressing her lips to his before Joe got the chance. His heart fluttered a little and his stomach tightened but it wasn't a pleasant feeling. All his mind could focus on was Kent and what a betrayal this was to him. He pulled back, looking down at her. "Huh…I…I'm sorry." he shook his head.

Morgan's smile faltered. "Oh…There's someone else." she nodded to herself.

Joe shifted on his feet. "Yes. I'm sorry."

She stared at him, reading him. "The young one. The DC….Kent?"

His face flushed and he dropped his gaze, nodding.

"Huh. - Well, that explains his attitude towards me. - I can't believe I didn't see it. - Or maybe I didn't want to." she shook her head again, berating herself.

"I'm sorry about…We're…it's new, sort of…."

She turned her back to him. "No. I'm sorry. If I'd know I wouldn't have….flirted." she said blatantly.

Joe blushed, staring at his shoes. "I'm just a little….uncomfortable with….everything."

She stared at him with a raised brow. "If you're that uncomfortable about you relationship then maybe it's a sign you….."

Joe's head snapped up to stare at her. "No. I'm not uncomfortable with my relationship. - I'm just uncomfortable with people….knowing. I like to keep my personal life….private."

Morgan watched him. "Uh. You're scared they'll judge you." she nodded understandingly. "Because you're father would have."

Joe's spine straightened.

"So you'll just keep your relationship a secret? How does….he feel about that?" Morgan asked, turning to stare at him, her arms folded over her chest.

"It's not a secret. - At least according to Miles. He…knows. He say they all know. They've always known."

Morgan's brows lifted in surprise. If Joe had been more in turn, had been looking closer. - Had known her better, he would have seen the spark of jealousy behind her eyes. "Well, that's good then." she nodded. "I hope you'll be very happy together." she said tightly.

"Thank you." Joe smiled brightly, feeling the weight finally lift off his shoulders. "And thank you for all your hell Dr. Lamb." Joe murmured, holding out his hand to her.

When she took it this time, he felt nothing but a warm palm and a slight hitch in his stomach. Something he knew was fading. He sent her a small nodded and turned to leave, pulling the door open he smiled again. "The car shouldn't be long."

Morgan nodded. "Thank you."

Pulling the door closed behind him Joe headed straight for the bathroom to freshen up before going to talk to Emerson. His mind was at ease now that he'd made his decision. Now that he knew what he'd felt for Morgan was fleeting and nothing more than a test. All he had to do now was apologize and explain that to Emerson. Staring into the mirror he noticed the dark line on his shirt collar. His gaze dropped to the rubber band, his fingers sliding beneath it, pulling it taunt but not letting it go. Smiling to himself, he fiddled with his jacket, took a deep breath and strolled confidently out of the door. Feeling completely relaxed and happy for the first time in months.

He strolled back into the incident room, and headed over to Miles, a smile fixed to his face.

"What happened to you? - Or don't I want to know?" the older man quizzed with a frown.

"Nothing." Joe grinned happily.

"Well what ever it is you look much happier."

"I am." He turned at the sound of the doors to see Kent strolling in with Mansell. The sight caused his heart to jump a beat and he asked himself how he hadn't noticed that that never happened with Morgan. Not in the same way at least. His smile grew bigger, despite the fact that Emerson was clearly still mad at him.

"This is going to take some getting used to." Miles remarked, glancing up at him before turning back to his desk.

"Well Mantis is on his way back to bedlam and I'm on my way to my divorce party." Mansell announced warily.

"You go ahead, we've still go to talk to Cindy Watney." Joe said, his gaze followed Emerson around the room, as he shrugged out of his jacket. The younger man not once looking at him.

"Are we going to arrest her?" Riley asked and Joe turned to acknowledge her.

"It's just an informal chat for now. There's no evidence to suggest she was involved." Joe clarified. "It looks like Luke was working alone." he added, glancing at Kent, who visibly stiffened.

"Well by my watch this shift ended forty hours ago, - So you can all have a drink." Miles announced taking a beer from the table.

Joe watched Kent as he moved towards the table, still refusing to look at him. He took the car Mansell held out to him with a tired smile.

"Kent. We need to talk." Joe said, stepping closer to the man, lowering his voice. Cringing inwardly when the man's shoulder sagged. His heart began to pound nervously. "But…." he swallowed. What the hell was he meant to say? He hadn't thought that bit through. He nodded at the drink. "Not until you've spoken to Morgan." he murmured, holding his hand out for the can. He'd send Emerson to talk to Morgan, while he figured out just what he was going to say. Maybe get some advice from Miles. "I think she deserves an apology."

Kent looked up at him for a moment, not happy with the order. Sighing. "Yes, sir." he turned, ignoring Joe's hand and placing the can on his desk, then he marched towards the door.

Joe watched him go and tightened his jaw.

"You alright?" Miles asked from beside him. "You were all smile a second ago."

Joe glanced over at his friend. "What if….I might very well have just messed it all up again." he groaned, realising too late that sending Emerson to talk to the woman he saw as a rival-slash-threat was probably not a good idea.

"Where's he going?" Miles frowned at the door, as Kent vanished through it.

"I sent him to apologise to Dr Lamb."

The look on Miles face said everything. He didn't think it was a good idea either.

"I shouldn't have, should I?"

Miles shrugged. "Well….As his superior, yeah. He was rude and insubordinate to a victim. It's only right he apologise."

Joe stared at his friend. "But…"

Miles shifted uncomfortably. "But…" he shrugged again. "Maybe sending the boyfriend…" he said with a mixture of unease and amusement. "…to speak to the girl he was jealous of - for good reason. - To say sorry for acting like most people in his position would, probably won't win you any favours. - And I never want to know about the favours." Miles warned turning his back on the taller man.

Joe stood staring at the double door hoping that he really hadn't just messed things up before he'd really been about to fix them.


Emerson dragged his feet on the way to the interview room. He really didn't want to do this, though he knew he really had to. He'd been wrong about her, he'd been rude and so she needed that apology. He just wasn't sure he was able to.

Grudgingly he stepped into the interview room to find her on the phone again. He nodded an apology for interrupted and stepped further into the room as he waited for her to end to the call.

"I have to go. I'll talk to you later mum. Stop worrying. Bye."

Emerson cringed at the realisation he'd overheard her talking to her mum the first time. Of course she'd called her family. That's what people did when attacked by a psychopath. He turned slowly, an apologetic smile on his face. "I wanted to apologize to you." he said.

Morgan stared at him. "Why?"

"I uh…Shouldn't have been so harsh on you in your interview. I shouldn't have spied on you. I guess being the bad cop isn't really me." he laughed, trying to lighten the tension.

"Perhaps it's more you than you think." Morgan replied blandly, her eyes burning into him. "Maybe that's why it's not going to work."

Emerson frowned. "Sorry?"

"You'll ruin it eventually." Morgan said matter-of-factly. "Is that all?"

Kent glared at her, his anger returning as he saw the spark of triumph in her eyes. Turning sharply he yanked open the door and stormed through it, not bothering to close it behind him. She didn't know what she was talking about. She had no idea what their relationship was like. He headed straight for the men's room. Tears burning behind his eyes, his whole body shaking. He fell back against the bathroom door, breathing hard, tears rolling down his face. Maybe she was right. Maybe he'd already ruined everything with his ridiculous jealousy.


Joe shifted uneasily as he waiting for Kent to return. A stomach churning fear taking hold of him. Maybe he'd just leave without telling him. No, he wouldn't leave without his jacket. He really needed him to hurry back, they needed to settle things between them.

"He's been a while." Miles murmured beside him.

"I know." Joe glanced at the clock on the wall. It had only been ten minutes at best but it felt more like an hour.

"You should go find him."

Joe looked at his friend with a nod. Just as he moved to leave, Ed came rushing up towards him. Jabbering on about an assistant. He'd never wanted to hit a man before, but right at that moment. Then the doors opened and Kent marched in, grabbing a can and drown a good half in one motion. Joe frowned at the sight. He looked flushed and upset. He groaned to himself as he realised it had indeed been a mistake to send him to talk to Morgan. He opened his mouth to excuse himself from Ed and Miles, when his attention was caught by something happening outside. He frowned. "Something's wrong." he murmured, rushing for the door.

He followed the chaos to the interview Morgan had been waiting. He could hear the shouts from inside and forced his way through the police officers, his heart pounding with fear. "What's happened? Excuse me…I've got to get through. - Let me through!" he yelled.

Finally he got entry. In the middle of the room lay Morgan, her chest covered in blood, a piece of glass sticking out. Dead. Cindy Watney yelled and struggling with the two PC's holding her down. Joe's mind buzzed, the room spinning as he stared at her body.

A sick feeling pooling in his stomach. She hadn't deserved this. Why had this happened? He stumbled out of the room, pushing his way through the crowd in a fog. Shock taking hold of his body. He should have taken her home when she'd asked him. This was his fault. Morgan was dead because of him.

Emerson watched him stumble away in shock, unable to get his head around what had happened. As much as he disliked her, she didn't deserve this.


He turned to stare at Miles.

"Go see if he's alright."


Miles didn't answer or repeat himself, turned and walked in the opposite direction. The way Mansell and Riley had taken a shaken Ed back to the office.

Taking a breath Emerson took slow steps after Joe, finding him finally in one of the empty interview rooms, collapsed in a chaos with his head in his hands. He closed the door softly behind him, but didn't move from it. "Joe?" he murmured gently.

Joe looked up, his eyes shining and red, his lip trembling. "I did that." he said shakily.

Emerson closed the gap between them, crouching down in front of him. "No you didn't." he insisted firmly.

"I did. She asked me to take her home but I wanted to speak to you."

Emerson swallowed hard.

"I should have taken her home when she asked. I could have spoken to you later, after work. I should have taken her home."

Emerson gripped his face softly with both hands. "Joe, look at me. You couldn't have known. She was in a station. She was meant to be safe. We couldn't have known this would happen."

Joe shook his head disbelievingly, tears streaking down his cheeks as he looked unto Kent's brown eyes.

"I'm sorry Joe." Emerson murmured. "I'm so sorry."

Joe frowned. "For what?"

"I know you….liked her. - But I'd never want this."

"I know. I'm sorry." Joe whispered. "I should have told you what was going on with me. My doubts but this isn't your fault either. I was just scared."

"I just want you to be happy, Joe. Even if it had been with her, that's all I've ever wanted for you."

Joe frowned, looking into Emerson's watery eyes, seeing the pain. "Em…" The young man dropped his hands and got to his feet, Joe swiftly following. "Em, I was never….I'm happy or at least I want to be….with you." He insisted.

Emerson looked at him doubtfully.

"I admit I was confused. I was attracted to her and I hated myself because of it. Especially as we are trying again but I couldn't stop it and I knew you sensed it and that's why you were so…hostiles. But I promise it was only ever you. - She helped me realise that."

Emerson shook his head, not believing him. Joe stepped forward on shaky legs, taking the younger man by the shoulders. "I even told Miles. Well, kind off….he knows."

Kent stared at him with wide surprised eyes, then he shook his head. "You shouldn't have done that."

Joe frowned. "Why?"

"What…When this fails, when it end, they'll all know."

"Em, this isn't going to fail."

"It is. She was right. I'm going to ruin it again."

Joe frowned down at him. "What? Who?"

"Morgan. - She said I will ruin it, and I will. We both know I will. I ruined it that last time. I didn't trust you enough to tell you about the Kray's. If I'd told you, you won't have thought I was the mole. I didn't trust you and you didn't trust me. - You still don't."

"Em' of course…."

"No, you don't. You didn't trust me when I said there was something wrong with Morgan."

"What? Kent we've already…."

"I know there wasn't, but I couldn't have been right. You didn't even listen. You didn't trust my judgement."

Joe's hands dropped to his side. "I didn't listen to Miles either." he insisted.

"That's not the same. Miles is you're sergeant, I'm you…boyfriend."

"No here you're not. Here you're just Kent." Joe snapped. Angry at where this conversation was going. "It doesn't mean I don't trust you. - I could say you didn't trust me, that's why you were being so hostile towards Morgan, because you didn't trust me to pick you."

Emerson looked into Joe's blue eyes. "Maybe I didn't. - You're not ready for this Joe. I know that. I've always known it. I should never have started this again. I should have let sleeping dogs lie. We should just get on with our lives, separately."

Joe's hands gripped the younger man's shoulder. "Emerson! Stop trying to end this. Your right. I wasn't ready, before, but I'm okay now. I know now that I don't have to worry about what everyone's going to think of me. Miles is fine, the unit is fine. - You know that was my biggest fear. - But I know now that what happens in the station doesn't have anything to do with what happens outside it."

Kent stared at him uncertainly. "I…Joe I let our relationship effect my work."

"I know, but that's because you were uncertain of us….of me. - If I'd settled your fears at the beginning you wouldn't have reacted that way. It's my fault as much as anyone's and I'm sorry. I messed up, again. - And it probably won't be the last time. But you have to believe me when I say, I've never been surer of what I want in my life. - You know I've only ever wanted you. If I hadn't, I would have moved on by now. - And so would you."

Emerson stared at him. "I don't know Joe." He sighed. "What f it happens again? What if I allow our personal relationship to influence my judgement again?"

"Then we'll fight about it. I'll probably screw up more than a few times in the future myself. But we'll be okay."

Emerson shook his head. "You can't know that."

Joe sighed. "You're right, I don't know that. And we may very well break up. It's a possibility. - But that doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try, Em."

The younger man stared up at his boss-slash-lover with uncertainly.

"Em. Whatever happens here at work. Whatever comes between us as officers of the law, I swear to you it will never affect the fact that I love you, and have done for years now. I screwed up once…."

"We both did." Emerson murmured.

Joe nodded. "Don't let's do it again."

Emerson looked up at him, noting the genuine fear in his eyes. Taking a breath he leant forward, pressing his lips to Joe. "Alright." he murmured, hoping that that promised was never put to the test, yet knowing it would be.


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