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Chapter two




Harry opens his eyes to see that he had his upper body was on Hermione, who was awake and was playing with his long brown hair, then he felt Ron's morning problem on his backside making the shorter teen moan in pleasure. Hermione look at him and smiled at him "good morning Shou. Now we just need to wait for Ryusuki to wake up."

"He takes too long though and I need to get dress before poisons class start…" Harry tries to move over Hermione to get out but Ron holds onto him closer to him "a little help?" he laughs and helps the teen "of cause." Ron turns over to his other side as both teens get out of the bed.

Three minutes later and Ron get out of bed, Harry and Hermione where getting their school uniform on. Let's just say that Ron pass out from bloodless and another three minutes later they walk into the hall "like I was saying, it's not my fault if the idiots are dumb." Ron laugh at this "come on Harry, you're a post to be the golden boy." Harry look at him "oh really? And what are you a post to be, Pet boy of the golden boy?" Hermione was laughing so hard he had to hold his sides "I can't breathe!"

"Then don't." Harry set down next to Samuel "I quit with those two!" then puts his head down and was asleep again, the younger teen turn to them "what did you two do him?" Hermione sat next to Harry and look over his sleeping form "oh was picking on him a little." Ron said as he sat next to Hermione and started to eat slowly, like what a pureblood child should "oh and why are you acting like this for?"

"Because I'm not in the mood to eat like a pig?" the redhead ask as he look at the teachers, when he seen the lemon candy eating idiot of a headmaster look over to them "don't say anything but the idiot of our headmaster is looking don't do anything." Ron whispered to the others around him, he made sure that he looks like he wasn't saying anything. Then he get up and look at Hermione "wake up Harry we need to go now or we'll be late." Hermione nods his head and puts his mouth near the sleeping teen's ears and blow at them making said teen to jump three feet in the air and scream as he fall off the bench "wake now Harry?"

Harry look at him "YOU THINK?! YOU JUST BLOWEN IN MY EAR! MY EAR, HERMIONE!" he was blushing brightly as he get up and was walking away from the tables to where Ron was at "AND HEADMASTER STOP TRYING TO GET INTO MY HEAD! I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT AND WILL LIKE YOU TO PISS OFF!" then Harry was out of the dining hall with Ron. Hermione get up and started to walk away from the table "headmaster I hope you now know not to mass with Harry. The only ones that can are Ron and I. also his little bit tired so he snapped again." The whole Gryffindor house was in laughter, but the other houses where looking wide eyes.

'Okay what the hell people?!' Dumbledore look so piss off that Snape was inwardly laughing his head off. Because of Dumbledore getting own by his Lilly's son 'go Harry go.' He gets up and walks out of the dining hall 'I need to see if Lilly really from that muggle family. But I'll know soon after this class and I'll make sure no one masses up Harry's poison or there will be points token off.' He walks into the classroom/ dungeons "today there will be no one massing with the poison or I'll take more points from you."

Harry was setting away from the Slytherins students and was in the middle of Ron and Samuel, who happen to be talking to Hermione and so other male teen that looks to be a another 2nd year. Snape walks over to the board and writes down the poison they were going to be doing "okay now get a partners and get everything and potter don't mass this up or else." Harry just nods his head and looks at Ron then to Hermione like say 'can I be smart on this on poison?' they nod their head and he was up and out of there to get what they needed.

Takashiro Giou looks at the papers in front of him. Said papers were about a woman with long red hair and green eyes smiling to her lover and father to her child. 'How did I miss this? Lilly was in England this whole time? And now she and her husband are killed by a terriost attack… to leave their one and only son behind. It's all my fault I couldn't save her and now her son is being hurt by his so call aunt… no I'll have Luka go get Shou-Chan…I'll will keep this child save…just like Yuki even if I have to kill human's that we are apposite to keep save…' Ibuki Shikibe walks into the room "you call for me sir?" he looks at her "get everyone… fond where Lilly is…." She look wide eyes at him "oh my! You found her?! Where?! How did you?" he sighed "I'll tell you when everyone is here..." She ran out the room before he could finish what he was going to say.

When Ibuki driven like a crazy woman to twilight hall she get out of the Van and ran up the sitars and open the door and ran into the living room, where everyone was at "You guys are need…Takashiro is calling everyone even you Luka." Everyone look at one another "what's going on?" Yuki Giou ask as he was setting next to Luka "Takashiro fond my missing older sister you other Aunt Yuki-Chan, the head of our family." Everyone drop their mouths and look at her like she was insane "ANOTHER SISTER/ Aunt?!"

"Yes, I'll explain what happen before we were born in the van." Yuki gets up and walk over to her "Okay I'll go." Luka and then the others get up / started to walk over "we'll go too." She smiled at them "okay." When everyone get in the van and where all setting down with the set bleat on. Ibuki started to talk "when mother had Lilly she was happy as can be her first baby girl had bright red warrior hair and the most beautiful emerald eyes in the world. Father was so happy too but in another way, my oldest sister was a very smart child…before someone token her away from them… mother wanted her back they look all over but no one could have find her. They didn't give up until they pass away… when they did, they told your mother Yuki and I that if we get anywhere with the search party to tell her that they love their little warrior. Up until now I too was looking and I couldn't fine her… now that we found her…she never known of us…her little sisters at all, because of the asshole that did this to our family. Mother and Father's only warrior is now found and we'll bring her home…"

They just look at her with sad eyes, who was so cold hearted to take away a child from her family? How could someone do that? Yuki looked upset and had started crying a little to know that his oldest Aunt was token away from his family and that no one known where she was until now that is, but he had this feeling that something was not right.

When they get there, Takashiro was waiting for them. Ibuki stop the van and let everyone out so she could park it. "Welcome and Yuki…" he opens his arms out for a hug, but Yuki being Yuki just look at him "huh?"

"Waiting for my hello hug for you." Luka hold Yuki from the back and glared at him "just tell us what's you want and be done it!"

"Okay will follow me then." Everyone started to walk behind Takashiro as he brought them to his office "Take a set. I get bad and good news all in one." They nod their heads and set down "what is it Giou-san?" he sighed the 100th time today "I found Lilly..." Hotsuma Renjou looked piss off "we already know this! Tell us something we don't know!"

"She and her husband are dead." Hotsuma stop and everyone looked at Takashiro with wide eyes "was it…" he nods his head 'no' "no they were kill by a human… they had a son, he is 13 years old and is right now in a bad place to be, who had token Lilly had made it so no one help him from the beatings… also Lilly's husband is from a very, very, very powerful and rich family of the first England family. The son's name is Potter James Harry… what looks like is that he was abused for all his 12 years… Lilly and her husband James Potter was kill when he was 15 months old. Do not touch him in any way shape or form… we need to help him." He leans over his desk to look at them "he was near death more times than we have. We wait for him to come to us… we'll not go to him because he'll think we are lying about it, all of it." Yuki look at him "he's hurting badly… isn't he?"

"Yes, he remembers how they died, his art teacher in grade one took the picture from him and hide it so no one will know, it was in all detail too… he was in his crib and Lilly fight to keep the man way from her child. Said man said that she can live if she gave up Harry..." Kuroto Hourai and Yuki look shook at this "she didn't did she… she died to keep her child safe… but way?! Why them? She was a new mother with a 15 month old child! How dear he?" Kuroto was pissed…no everyone was pissed off "we'll get this asshole."

"We wait that's all we can do. Just wait for Harry to come to us…hopefully before Reiga does." Everyone nods their heads and get up "Luka stay with me for a little?" Luka nod his head to the older man "sure but no funny business get that?"

"Yeah don't worry"

Ron: -still pass out but was turn as a boy-

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