I tried Jacob again for the millionth time since the night of the movie with Jake and Mike, I wish he'd just talk to me or that Billy would allow Jake to talk to me I'm going insane. Jake's my personal sun since he left, he's been keeping me together and helping me begin to heal since Jake hasn't been talking to me the hole around my heart is beginning to become unbearable all over again and I can see Charlie's worried I'll become catatonic again so i decided that I'm going to go see Jacob to hell with being told to stay away he's my best friend so I got in my truck and headed to La Push.

I soon arrived at Jacob's house and saw he had changed from the boy I knew he's got lots more muscle, he's cut all his long hair off, he had gotten a tattoo and he was only in a pair of shorts when it was raining really heavily; I called out to him and he told me to go home and that we were no longer friends I finally gave up trying to get him to listen when he walked away from me and towards the woods, so I climbed back into my truck and drove home all the while with tears streaming down my face i felt hurt that Jake broke his promise, I got home and went straight to my room as I wouldn't be able to keep up a happy pretence to Charlie while i was an emotion wreck. I decided to take a shower and change hopefully calming myself down to make Charlie something to eat.

I was in shock later that night when Jacob appeared at my bedroom window and asked me to let him in which I did to then re-learn the Quileute tribal histories Jacob once told me as a scary story Jacob of course didn't tell me he told me I had to guess as he couldn't tell a secret that wasn't his and that he was bound to protect just like when I kept the Cullen's secret about them being vampires; Jacob left not long after and I fell asleep dreaming of the tribes legends when I woke up the next morning I showered and did my morning routine then had some breakfast and left to go to La Push I needed to see Jacob.

When I got there I knocked on the door and Billy answered telling me Jacob isn't in so I replied I'd wait for him then so finally he let me in and I went to Jacobs room seeing he was asleep I left his room and waited for him on the back porch and soon I saw Sam and his gang coming towards the house and my anger flared in me and i went over to them, "what did you do to him he didn't want this" I said to Sam "Oh and like we did" Paul's smart ass comment sounded to my ears but my eyes remained on Sam waiting for an answer, "Bella you need to leave" came Sam's reply finally and that was it I went to hit Sam until Paul caught my hand and then something clicked when he looked into my eyes, I knew something was different as Paul's eyes shifted from anger to love and adoration while he was looking at me.

Jacob came running out when he realised that Sam was shaking and screaming at Paul while I was too close Paul was in a defensive stance in front of me while Jacob screamed at me to get outta the way, as i went to move away Paul's hand reached out and encircled its self around mine and backed up with me still staring at Sam Jake reached us then and was trying to get Sam to calm down which he couldn't so he ended up phasing and went to take a bite out of Paul which caused Paul to shout Jake and get him to move me just in time for Paul to phase into a wolf too to protect me and himself from Sam attacking him.

Jake got me, Embry and Jared into my truck and drove us to someone called Emily's house and as soon as we got there Embry told me not to stare because it upsets Sam when I saw her I couldn't help but see her instant beauty and the scars that ran down her face but they didn't wreck her beauty at all, Emily gave us all muffins and soon Sam and Paul came walking the door laughing as soon as Paul's eyes met mine he grabbed a muffin and came over to me instantly he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside telling me he needed to tell me something so he told me all about imprinting and that I'm his imprint i told him i accept the imprint to which he kissed me tenderly on the lips re-grabbed my hand and pulled me back inside to the pack grinning his head off and soon the whole pack knew I was Paul's imprint and they were all happy including Jacob.

I went home later that night after I promised Paul and the pack I'd be back tomorrow which they were all really pleased about Paul made sure to give me a kiss good night before i left, as i pulled up to my house I had a feeling that everything was going to get better and that no matter what I'd always be protected when i went inside i said night to Charlie and went upstairs had a shower and changed into my pj's for bed when i snuggled under my quilt i fell asleep with a smile on my face for the first time since HE left.