Hey everyone I'm sorry it's been so long since I last updated there has been a lot of family stuff going on for me and I moved house then had to deal with everything but I'm back now so I hope to update more frequently, I know Christmas is fast approaching so I hope everyone has a great Christmas I'm hoping to get a couple of chapters wrote before Christmas and maybe if I get chance ill update Christmas eve/day.

The day started off slow here we go again is all I could think I knew we'd have to face the Cullen's tonight the elders had called a meeting with Carlisle to make him get Edward and Alice in line or there would be retribution but even with the impending meeting over everyone's heads Edward and Alice continued to try everything they could to get me trapped by them.

(Flash back to earlier in the day)

Paul drove us all to school and as we were walking in and towards our lockers we found Edward and Alice lodged between my locker and the exit, sighing as I knew I had to go my locker before my first class I continued forward "Can you move off my locker? I need to get in" I asked Edward gave me a smouldering look "don't be like that love your welcome to share my books you know that, Esme is looking forward to seeing you tonight I told her I'd bring you after school after we've dropped your stuff off at home and you've showered the smell of wet dog off you of course" Edward said, I looked at him incredulously "Are you kidding me why the hell would I go anywhere with you huh? Your bloody delusional and tell Esme I will see her at the meeting tonight but I'll be on the La Push side of the treaty line, oh and wet dog ha don't make me laugh you smell like burnt bleach" I scoffed at him, and within seconds Alice was chirping up "Bella don't speak to Edward that way what is wrong with you, those stupid mutts are turning you against us and your letting them, you know your family to us Esme and Carlisle look at you like a daughter and Emmett looks at you like his sister" Alice implored.

"Grow up Alice I'm done with your family in that capacity I found a new family that doesn't want to change me! They love me for me! Which is a whole different ball game from the way that your family treated me, I loved your family and you just abandoned me like I was nothing well news flash I'm not nothing I'm a living breathing human being" I spat the looks on their faces ranged from shocked to angry, I looked at Angela who looked at me and she gave me the biggest smile I'd seen and the thumbs up then she grabbed my hand and pulled me down to her locker got the books we needed for our first couple of classes then we headed to class, our teachers asked why I didn't have my books and why I was sharing with Angela we both informed them the Cullen's refused to let me access them.

Lunch time rolled around and I hoped they would back off after this morning but if anything they seemed more determined to capture me now than they were earlier, I told Angela I was just nipping to the bathroom and to get in line for lunch and I wouldn't be long or so I thought I felt like I was trapped the second I stepped out of the bathroom stall as I saw Alice and Edward stood waiting for me in the ladies room, I gave them both disgusted looks and then pushed past them to wash my hands; I felt an icy hand grip my arm in an unrelenting hold I spun my face round to see the one who grabbed me and came face to face with Alice it seemed she had decided to take a proactive step in this game of theirs.

I sneered at her and yanked my arm free blue and purple bruises forming already I went to walk away from them to have Edward block my path I growled in frustration "get the hell out of my way" I spat Edwards face had a dangerous glint to it and the next thing I knew he back handed me, and punched me in the stomach as I ended up bent double Alice grabbed my hair and smashed my head into a stall in the bathroom; I felt my vision start to get black spots in it so I quickly scrambled to my feet and out of her grasp, the sheer rage filling me was spurring me to tear them apart and burn the pieces but I knew I couldn't do that without starting a war and being discovered in the school.

So instead I grabbed hold of Alice and Slammed her into Edward knocking them both backwards and away from me giving me the space to escape, I could feel my whole body vibrating with fury as I left the bathroom I bashed into Jacob and Embry and Angela who had come looking for me when they realised I wasn't back yet and that the Cullen's were missing too, the undiluted looks of murder on their faces told me the pain in my face and arms and body was visible I finally took notice that my face felt wet so I put my finger tips to my eye and pulled them back with blood on them, I saw the guys begin to shake and knew we needed to leave so I quickly coaxed them out of the building and pulled out my phone and called the less volatile one Emily.

(Present time flash back over)

"Hey Em I need you to come pick me and everyone up from school, I need to get the boys back on pack soil and I need to get away from Forks right now, but there's a catch you cannot tell Sam or Paul or anyone else where you're going or why can you do that for me?" I asked hurriedly "Sure I can do that I was just on my way back from the store in Forks anyways I near the school so I can be there in about 10 minutes can you make sure you've got everything and meet me in the parking lot?" Emily asked "Yeah we can thanks Em see you in a few" I said as I hung up I got everyone to grab their stuff they needed then we rushed to the parking lot discretely so the teachers couldn't stop us leaving; Emily's car was sat in the lot waiting for us so we climbed in and when she got a look at me she gasped and I saw tears well up in her eyes, you could see the disbelief that this had happened to me clearly and then the horror replace it.

She looked at me and you could see she was going to ask what had happened so I gave her a pleading look to leave it for now I didn't want to explain twice and I certainly didn't want to make the wolfs explode either and Emily didn't too so the matter was dropped for now, as we rode back to La Push in silence I could feel all of their eyes on me and knew they were all dying to ask me what had happened but were restraining their selves, when we pulled up at Sam and Emily's I saw that the rest of the pack were outside obviously waiting to help Em in with the shopping but all developed shocked faces when the boys and Ang got out of the car, I waited a few seconds before I stepped out of the car and all eyes were on me and I watched their reactions I saw all the wolves begin to shake and growl as they took in the damage done to me and I saw Paul stride towards me with difficulty but when he made it to me he gently pulled me into a hug I could feel the restraint in him as he tried not to hurt me; holding me seemed to calm his impending explosion and as he was smelling my scent and listening to my heart beat I felt him start to calm himself down and I was grateful for that.

"you know what this means right Bella?" Sam inquired "It means war they don't get to do this to my imprint and get away with it!" Paul snarled "you can't blame all of the Cullen's though Sam not all of them were involved just Edward and Alice so you mustn't break the treaty on all of them unless they choose to defend them to death" I implored. "I understand and I don't intend to sentence innocents to a broken treaty/ death just those too and who ever stands against us and united with them" Sam replied.

I looked around at my family and I knew that the meeting tonight wasn't going to go well and there is a possibility that we will need to call for reinforcements to be able to survive intact and whole, I couldn't believe I was even thinking about this before my birthday happened I couldn't even fathom being without the Cullen's and Edward now I'm prepared to go to war with them to protect my wolf family, I had come to realise my life didn't begin and end with Edward Cullen sure he was a factor but now I knew that my life was only just beginning and that I would go to the absolute ends of the earth for people who when I had been with him I didn't associate with from worry of losing him because I was too caught up in him and the vampire drama to see right outside that bubble, that had been created was a bunch of people I could now no longer live without and I have been able to give my friendship with Angela more effort and time now the Cullen's no longer dominate everything.

I knew Charlie would soon find out that we had ditched school and so would Mr and Mrs Webber but we couldn't find it in ourselves to care the only thing on our minds was the people we were with and the upcoming confrontation, an hour after we arrived my phone began to ring and up popped Charlies number "Bella where are you? Why aren't you in school? Is everything ok? Is everyone ok?" Charlie asked immediately on me answering the phone "Woah slow down dad ok first I'm in La Push, second that would be because of the Cullen's, thirdly Yes and no and again yes and no" I replied "what do you mean yes and no Isabella Marie Swan?" Charlie demanded, "It means dad that I'm banged up ok I have bruising and I've been bleeding too but I'm ok otherwise and the boys and elders are pissed but everyone else is completely fine" I answered, "I'm on my way now Bells" Charlie said as he ended the call.

I informed everyone what Charlie had said and that he was on his way, while continuing helping Emily make dinner for everyone here and for the Elders who would be by sooner rather than later; all I knew was that now my dad was pissed too so I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come down really mad and demand to come to this supernatural meeting tonight to be able to have his say, I was once worried my dad would try and shoot Edward now I'm beginning to wish he had even if it wouldn't have made a difference it might have scared him away enough to back the heck off.