Chapter 1

Love at last

Marcus always was depressed since his precious Didyme died. But that all had changed...

Me: Do not own Twilight guys!

Alec: Good girl.

Me: I am not a dog.

Alec: I know. Still you are mine...

It began when a vampire had be die. As the leaders where on their thrones...As usual. Felix dragged the male vampire in. "Theodorus my friend...Such a shame." He had exposed vampires to a human woman. So it was time to kill his old sad. "But..."Theodorus was cutt off by death. Demitri dragged i the next.A woman who was the reason of this all. Marcus held his breath...She smelled good.


The woman's name was Angelia. Curly brown hair, spanish and big brown eyes. She could freeze things like water. Had a enormous temper. She loved stuff like reading. Her style was girly. Very girly. And, if ya liked to know...Secretly she was totally checking Marcus out. She adored guys like him...

Marcus touched Aro's hand. Not wanting the woman to die. Asking of he could keep his mate. When Aro nodded,slowly a smile appeared on Marcus' face. (?!)Was all She could are smiling while they are going to kill her?! Wat a nerve..."Angelia you can say."He took the time to study her and her was a shocked one."Okay my masters." Marcus shook his head. "You can't stay here as servant."She was confused. Really saw her questionmark. "Not as a servant...But as my mate." Her eyes widened. "S-s-sure."She always talked cute and innocent when she was afraid or when she was in a situation liketis. She stayed there bowing her head for a while. "Should i take you to our new room?"She nodded slowly. He took her to the most beautiful place she ever witnessed. "Is this really mine...I mean ours now?""Yes my love.""Wowie"She capped her hands and jumped up and unpacked and talked about things to know each other. She was given a tour to show who she was now and what belonged to her soon. As one of the wives..."Do all the wives have a bedroom with their husband?""Yes.""When am i going to meet them.""Soon...""That was all Marcus said.

Later i got my wish. I got jumped in by some old,pretty vamp lady."Who are you?"She hissed. Ofcaurse i wanted to play the bitch. "Marcus' new mate.I didn't get yours are you some guard?" I gave her my famous evil grin. "Athenodora.""Now do we know each other so bye-bye." I walked away from her. Not intrested in Caius'. Sorry to brek he news but this world is about me , i am selfish. You don't have to tell me. Already i knewed a couple of things.

1, I am the bitch off hell.

2, I already hate Athenodora.

3, I am not gonna let Marcus go

4, Neither as my new position.

5...No way that i will EVER leave.

Boy...There are some things waiting for me.