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Chapter 6

Calli decided to give her hate up for Alec,since she had to go nursey nursey

Me: Do not own this.

Alec: Why do i always have to be the vicim?

Me: Because you're cute when you're helpless.

Alec: I hate it when you treat me like a baby...

Calliope's p.o.v

Ow god. I am a half year now. Alec has been sent on a mission. To clear an evil newborn vampire army. The same as usual. Only now,he was wounded and i had to take care of him. I was promoted to nurse-toddler-half-vampire-princess. Ha. Typically. I decided to go to the helpless vampire guard. My footsteps left a calm,almost silent, trail behind . I peeked true the door. There, he was. Weakened and looking like he could faint in any moment."Alexander?"I softly asked. "Yes." I entered the room gracefully. Thank god for that! My heart sank. His pain...It was hearbreaking. Alright. Do i have to admit?Yes, i love him. I LOVE ALEC ALRIGHT! "Are you?"He tried to nod with his head, but instead he shivered away in terrifying pain. I wondered if he could make next morning,let it be. I can't live without him. He is the boy i love. I began crying. "Calls...AW!"I fasted next to him. "Alec! No! Please,please stay with me!"He fought off his pain and smiled. "I w...""I was going to have a heart attack. Alexander may not die. I am a princess and i demand it! "Calliope, i won't l-l-leave..."My fingers trailed his angelic featurres, his sweet cheeks, his fine nose and last but not least, his beautiful,full lips. "I have to admit something."I wanted to speak my feeling out. "L-l-late-e-er." His voice became more softer and weakened. I left it. I don't care. I only wanted him so be safe now. So, i started to clean his wounds.

Alec's p.o.v

God. I must have scared my dear one. I was at the edge of death. Calliope was send to heal me. She never could. I was to weak. I would never make next morning. I didn't want her to help me. To see me like this. I am almost death. Please, i don't want to see her tears. This would makeme die faster. Die, because i hurted the one i loved. Because she was crying her heart and only because of me. I am SO selfish. I heared her sweet,soft footsteps in the hallway. The rythm of her graceful dance made me calme but also panic. She would see like this. Please...I felt her eyes on me. "Alexander?"She softly asked, with her twinkling bells voice. I loved that voice. But...I adore everything about her."Yes." I heared her heart. Shit! I always ruin everything. My name shouldn't mean protector, but destroyer. The detroyer of a young girl's heart.I loved her and now i had hurted her really badly. "Are you?"I tried to nod my head but the pain. It devoured me. I don't want he to get heartbroken. It shouldn't be allowed to make somene suffer like this. She cried, just like he feared. no. He broken also his own heart. "Calls...AW!"She immediatly standed next to me. "Alec! No! Please,please stay with me!" The pain was overwelming but still i managed to smile. "I w..."My pain took over. Again, i hate injuries. I couldnt die now. Not when i had her on my . No. Again no. "Calliope, i won't l-l-eave..."I wanted to say not leave your side but it was to much. She trailed her fingers over my face. My cheeks,nose and lips. I wanted to kiss her so badly that it even hurted more as my wounds. "I have to admit something."No. I want to enjoy you and this moment..."L-l-late-e-er."I was to weak to say also didn't say something else started to clean my that could help me. Like that could save me. my last thoughts where:

God, let me live. For Her...

3th person's p.o.v

Everybod could see they loved each other. Everybody hoped he would make it. And luckily, he would do he said,for her. his one true love.