By Arakan.

Warning: Unbeta-Ed because my beta I got still working with the previous story I wrote, the 'Question Series.' However, this idea plagued my mind so I decided to write it and find any positive feedback. Should I continue it or not?


Chapter 01. Eyes.

Another day for Andy to coming back home hardly bearing enough energy to haul herself into the dark apartment. Closing and locking the front-door she kicked off her shoes getting inside her apartment. Andy comes close to a table to drop the key followed along her bag and wallet.

Peeling her clothes Andy trudged her path into the bathroom, turning on the light she shut down her eyes halfway to let her eyes adapting to the bright light intruding on her site. Not bothering to closing the door of the bathroom Andy get into the shower, the water that called for a time before grew warm did not hinder her to stay away. Rather, she persisted under the shower letting the cold water that slowly became warmer to wash off the make-up she put on for the day, hoping the shower enough to undo the tight muscles.

Opening a bottle of beer Andy reached out for the table-lamp flipping it on and placed the beer aside as she open her laptop altho expecting for the laptop to get the boot-up she seated on the chair in front of the desk, it Is not that spacious but it's crammed with piles of papers that mostly accommodating researches for her job as a cub-reporter on the Mirror. Connecting to the internet she checked the Inbox of her e-mails smiling to discover afresh e-mail from Nigel, even Andy didn't work for Runway for the last seven months both still be a good-friend to one another. From time to time they'd eat out, which mostly, Nigel was the one who paid the bills. But if they got lunch together, Andy was the one who invited the foods and drinks, obviously if they went to places that fit her wallet.

Opening the email, Andy's eyebrows climbed up finding out Nigel exclusively composed one and only question:

"'Tell me the first body-part you like from your former-boss?'"

"Really Nigel," Andy laughed quietly, that's another thing she learned about Nigel that she only knows it once she leaves Runway. Nigel got a bad habit when it was a slow day in Runway or sometimes when he needs an idea, he would suddenly send an email or even a short-message asking things that would stun Andy to no end of how bizarre such question being directed to her. But sometimes too, such questions fired to her email or phone mostly when Nigel got a bad day in Runway.

Until now Nigel limited his strange queries for her childhood; reciprocally he wrote a long email about his own childhood. What kind foods Andy like followed by the reason she likes it? It's same with another question, such drinks, places she wished to go. Andy learns there was a pattern that Nigel avoiding to question her that related to the fashions. Not that Andy mind even she developed a style of her own, what types of clothing or shoes she prefers, but comparisons to Nigel Andy humbly admit to herself that she still nowhere close to him.

The longer they become friends, the more audacious Nigel's bizarre questions, just two months ago when he suddenly out of the blue texted her to ask, 'would you prefer a hot gorgeous blonde better than a dark-haired macho chap?'

Andy received lots of strange stares from her fellow-reporters as she sputters after reading such message inside the bullpen of the Mirror. She had suffered embarrassing blush for the next hour as Andy stares down to her mobile-phone unable to formulate a reply, so much that Greg, the Mirror's Editor-in-Chief needs to shout her name next to her ear to get her attention. Andy avoids Nigel's emails, texts and calls like a plague for the next four days before she gathered her courage and text Nigel her belated reply with a simple and short "'Yes.'"

There were no texts, calls or emails from Nigel yet in return he suddenly appeared outside of the Mirror picking up Andy using a cab and brings her to a fancy-nightclub where he congratulated Andy with the first round of drinks over 'to find her true-self,' second round of drinks 'for her to get so brave and admit it to him,' and the rest of the rounds was a mix between Nigel congratulating himself that his 'Gay-Dar' still sharp as ever or how he began pointing to the women population inside the nightclub trying to find her preference. From there, he really didn't hold back, continued sending messages and emails trying to get to know the type of female Andy actually wants, regrettable, Andy just recently aware her real preference after for the better part of her life Andy was convince she only like men. With such situation how could she know what kind of woman she wants?

And now, Andy checked the calendar arching her eyebrow higher to find today is the second week of the month, using her memory over Runway hectic-agenda she scratch her head, confuse why Nigel suddenly asking one of his bizarre questions to her. "A lazy day hit him on the head too hard perhaps?" Shaking her head over a strange speculation she could come up with, Andy stared down to the screen her fingertips hovering above the keyboard before begin typing her reply.

The first body-part Miranda has that caught my attention the first time I met her is her eyes. Those blue orbs are as clear as blue sky and yet could be so colder than the wintry - wind. Someone's eyes unquestionably are a window to someone's soul and Miranda's eyes linked to the emotions she felt at the time. The glares she gave to us were and always are, scary. Yet I cannot stop wishing for Miranda to look at me with those significant orbs not with those glares and calculating look. Even just for once.

Rereading her reply, satisfied she didn't write a strange reply to Nigel's already strange question, Andy clicked the 'Send' button and spends an hour to browse on the web before deciding to get some sleep. Her new job as a reporter is something she wishes to have, but the payment? Not that much. Luckily her career turned for the better lately but that means she cannot afford to slack off.

Turning off the laptop followed of the desk-lamp Andy padded through the darkness into the bedroom, climbing up the bed she lay down still thinking of Nigel's peculiar question before simply chalking up over too much stress. Closing her eyes she nods off dreaming a pair of blue eyes that mostly terrified her so much and yet make she longed to make those eyes looking only to her.



Miranda Priestly as was common marching into her office exactly at eight in the morning, today her mood exceptionally so close to the low-level of the barometer. Yesterday Caroline got into a fight with another student in Dalton because he tried to bully Cassidy the gentler and the shyer of the two. The teachers that tried to talk to Miranda cannot speak to her by the second-assistant idiocy reasoning she was in a meeting and cannot be disturbed. The woman is gone from Runway and many suspected from the entire East Coast not sixty-seconds after she casually mentioned there was a call from Dalton about her daughters. Because her foolish deed, the Dalton's teacher called her ex-husband bringing up the sore topic of the custody-battle resurfacing again. To top it all, there was a call from her lawyer telling her that Stephen wants more moneys far above the agreement before marriage both of them had signed. Needless to say, the Dragon Lady now is breathing fire everywhere a staff of Beauty Department and another from Printing Department already got fired before the clock showed she's inside the building more than 15 minutes.

Oddly for the rest of the Runway, Nigel entered the Editor's office poised as ever in his designer-attires, dropping a folder Miranda wants on top of her desk and locked his eyes to hers. "Yes?" Miranda drawled; temper ready to flare once again.

"I always thought your eyes one of your weapons to scare most souls in this world, Miranda." Nigel moved his left palm to prop up his right elbow and put his chin between his right thumb and crocked index-finger. "However, your eyes are one of the most bewitching parts and I suffice to need to agree with the source. It's definitely one of your enamoring persona." He cracked a diminutive smirk on the abrupt blank look his long-time friend got. "Good morning, Miranda. Have a nice day." With that he turned on his heels discreetly smirking leaving a speechless Miranda starring to his retreating back.

Producing his phone Nigel typed a text, 'meet me at the usual place tonight, drinks on me, I am in the mood for celebration' scrolling down his phonebook he sends the message to 'A. S.' shooting a fleeting look over his right shoulder Nigel catch the Editor still looked speechless, ignoring Emily's questioning-glare Nigel exited the outer-office, mumbling, "one battle down and many to go" complete with a pump of his right fist.


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