Patience 004: Awkward Moment(s)

Author Notes: Thank you for my readers. Life as usual really hard and not surprisingly turns harder. But by writing it helped me to calm down, take several deep breaths and steady myself before getting hurled by endless problems. This chapter, I dedicated it to my readers, to they who bother to leave reviews or even decide to follow my stories. Thank you so much. Enjoy the chapter and please leave more reviews.

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Once Miranda's Mercedes – Benz arrived at the hospital, Nigel is out of the car and halfway rounding the other door for Miranda to climb out. If there is something Nigel learns from his years knowing the fashion-maven never rude. Offering his left elbow for Miranda to take, Nigel thanks the officers who easily waved it off and go back to their jobs leaving Nigel lead them into the hospital and moved to the nurse-desk. "Excuse me ladies, I am here for Andy Sachs?" greeting them he gained their attention, one of them clearly a senior among the young women around smile warmly. "Ah yes," she grabbed a clipboard look down and reading the papers, "Mr. Kipling?" she peered at him who nod.

"Yes." Nigel's eyes darted down to read the name tag, "Martha. I'm Nigel Kipling."

"Nice to meet you too, sir. Now, follow me," Martha gestured them to follow her walking down a busy corridor while informing Nigel and Miranda about Andy's wounds. "She was sent here after getting a hit-and-run down on the 67th. Bruises are expected but apparently she hit her head. She isn't waking up for long. Also, she dislocated her right shoulder." She stopped sympathizing how Nigel visibly winces while the woman she didn't know yet her name, pursed her lips thin.

"Will Six- I mean Andy, be alright?" Nigel asked considerably paling.

"She's still young and she evidently takes care of herself, she showed traces of a healthy body, perhaps joggings" Martha looked down to the clipboard, checking the papers and nodding her head a few times as Nigel affirms her suspicion. "Yes. Andy always spent twice a week to jog ten blocks at least."

"Mmm. That's good. She needs a sling though. Aside of a dislocated right shoulder, the accident fracture a small part of her bones, not too big but it will pained her time to time until she got healed. Doctor Stevens will give you a further explanation but unfortunately he already scheduled for a surgery. Maybe in the next three to four hours he will swing by." Martha looked up to Nigel, "she is sleeping from the painkillers and I need you to work with the procedure."

"Of course I will," replied Nigel looking for Miranda, his boss gives him nothing but a cold sharp look and he knew what that means. Andy will be wheeled to a better and expensive room as soon as he finished filling the hospital forms. If Martha sees the silent exchanged she wisely didn't make a comment and quickly leading Nigel where he could work with the forms leaving Miranda to sit next to Andy's bed.


18 minutes later, Miranda took off her coat dropping it carelessly on top of a comfortable chair inside a VVIP Hospital-Suite, a far better room than the previous room where Andréa have been placed. Miranda was cringing and flinching whole the time she waited Nigel to finish with the hospital procedure.

She can't understand how the hospital management system puts a young woman like Andréa who unconscious by sleep-induced-cocaine inside a room for four beds, one bed occupied by a man who got broken nose and claws-marks on his face slurring out how he got the wounds from a bar fight. Clearly he didn't know who Miranda is. She is The Miranda Priestly who worked in the fashion world and even she has no degree for medic, she could recognize those claws-scars came from females' nails, not men. And another patient occupying the third bed was a macho super-muscular biker complete with the typical tattoos-covered-skins, whom leering over the sleeping Andréa whole the time and once Miranda sat rigidly on the stool next to her bed, even he didn't recognize who she is but clearly that man recognized the luxury life Miranda have.

The only saving grace the macho-biker was sent to the same room with Andréa because refusing to get a ticket and chased by the police-officers and got wounded in the end. So there is a police-officer seated on a stool next to his bed that bark angrily for him to shut-up which work to silence him, shot an apologetic look to Miranda that cast a freezing glare in return, he meekly busy himself filling his own report. But that is the last straw Miranda will accept.

She stood up, marched away from the room intend to be quick, she didn't believe Andréa's is safe in such room and someone in name of Miranda Priestly does able to quicken everything she wants, hospital procedure included, all by one cell in quiet yet deadly voice and a harsh sniff to one of members of the Hospital Board that only took less than thirty seconds.

Naturally she dropped the piles of papers to Nigel's arms to fill the blanks with the Queen of Fashion striding back into Andréa's room and not a minute later she came out after the hospital staffs wheeling Andréa's bed out of the room and into the elevator.

So now here she is, quietly taking a seat on much comfortable chair compare than the small stool inside previous room, watching the young reporter sleeping peacefully. Even with a bandaged head, right hand on a sling, several bruises and cuts marred her left jaw and chin Andréa Sachs still and always an attractive young woman who blooming beautifully.

"Silly girl." Unfolding her hands Miranda reached forward tentatively lifting Andy's left fingers, mindful not to touch the cuts and scratched skin and bring her left palm to cover the reporter's fingers. "… For a smart girl you could be so silly. Really Andréa, got run by a bike?" She glared to the sleeping reporter as if Andy will wake up and apologizing to her. "You think I didn't notice how many times you fell over those heels? And yet, you still choose this profession." She blew out a soft breath, head shaking. "Really Andréa, even Patricia learned to be a better dog day-by-day." She rolled her eyes snorting quietly on the comparison she used to make the sleeping Andy to see the point.

One, Patricia versus Andréa? A nearly two hundred pound giant fur-ball vs. 5'7 – 5'8 beautiful attractive woman with a smart head graduated from Northwestern?

Two, Andréa is sleeping, doped to the moon.

'You are so pathetic.' She sighed yet again; the Editor stares into Andy's sleeping face. She looks so peaceful but Miranda has no doubt once the medicine wears off, Andréa will be in pain. Miranda didn't know how react, really, despite her cold demeanor she is quite shy person. Only her girls who know that side of her and they cherish her shy nature, always giggling and having funs as their mother tried to put a stern façade to no avail. Her little pair of troublemakers really knows her too much, ironically, the person who comes closest to discover that side, that the real nature of Miranda Priestly is not her ex-husbands but her ex-second-assistant who now in a deep sleep.

'Because getting run by a bike.' Her mind added sarcastically winning another derisive snort from Miranda.

Trying to occupy her mind away from giving a hissing fit to Andréa that she knew will be a waste of time and breath, effort included, Miranda looked around and notice the pile of clothes and a bag placed haphazardly on the side of the table next to the bed. With an exaggerated eye-rolls Miranda gives a sharp sniff. "Young these days, have they never learn the meaning of 'neat?'" Scoffing she turned in her seat, Miranda recalled Caroline despite the one who has obvious talent to follow her footsteps to her dismay got her father's gene that always untidy. Fortunately for Miranda, Cassidy on the other hand is a neat-freak. She could spend hours in the night to organize her bedroom, just like Miranda, the youngest twin will not sleep until everything is in order.

Miranda knew one of the reasons that make her relationship with the twin's father already stiff before their abrupt brutal divorcement is how he can't keep everything neat and tidy even for a minute.

Jeremy came from a rather wealthy family, he is used having maids to clean and tidy things for him. And despite Miranda's career was skyrocketing and bring much more income to the family instead his job that even got a large payment from a family company belonged to him, he throws more moneys than bringing it into their small family. He always belief even Miranda has more demanding job and things she needs to work hard to secure her position, he keeps thinking as a woman she should be the one who tidy the house after he wrecked it. That's a woman's job, that is his mind firmly belief.

While Miranda, even come from not a wealthy family, have a hard youth and every luxury things in her life came from her hard work, never forgot all of those lessons she learned from her childhood day. Reaching forward Miranda begin to fold Andréa's clothes, even one look to the shirt and pants, with a harsh sniff, she tossed the two fabrics into the trash bin. The pants were torn and Andréa's bloods tainted and already dried on her shirt.

Even with some miracle skill from dry cleaners Miranda wouldn't allow Andréa to wear same clothes she got an accident. She only saved Andréa's jacket, even she stared on the few spots where dried bloods dirtying the brown jacket with critical eyes, she decided a good dry cleaner could make those stains gone. Folding the jacket neatly she put it aside and look down, annoyance now radiating from her, she will definitely make another call to the Hospital Board. There, laid on the floor is Andréa's bag where her laptop could be seen peeking out a bit.

She can't understand young these days. So easily throwing things and even she knew Andy's laptop is just for her job's purposes, but it still paid by a hard work moneys. Oh Miranda isn't stingy, au contrary, she isn't. But even to her girls she kept putting a stern control when it comes to moneys. One day they will inherit her wealth, but she will not allow them to be the all-common type of rich girls.

Reaching down Miranda carefully picked up the bag mindful not to drop the laptop, she could guess Andréa have gone to one of her interviews and knowing the young woman in seven months under her tenure always so organize, Miranda has no doubts most information she needs for her next article are inside her laptop. Try as she might, Miranda isn't a seer. Naturally she didn't know perhaps the officers or the hospital staffs, shoving the damaged phone into the bag, again in the same haphazard way without bothering to close the top of the bag. So when Miranda picked the bag and tipped it to the side to place it on top of a low table to secure such important device for her ex-assistant to make her living, the phone slid out and fall to the floor with several parts of the broken Blackberry flinging to the sides.

Miranda gives a jolt, left palm fly up to her chest covering her heart that's beating against her ribcage in surprise and eyes darted to Andy. The sleeping reporter didn't even flinch, still deep in her sleep. Releasing a relief sigh, Miranda's mind already scheming what kind of scathing comment and remark she will use it in the next phone-call to the Hospital Board as she stand up and squat down gathering the parts of the phone.

Returning to her seat Miranda look down to the broken phone, she is sure the phone probably broken already from the unfortunate accident, the owner got an hour ago. But to what extend is a question she can't answer. A bit timidly Miranda worked to put the parts trying to see did the phone still able to be used or not, even she already makes a mental note to call Emily to get a new phone for Andréa. Maybe the accident already broke the phone, but indirectly Miranda makes it more broken. Switching on the phone she stared at the screen that stubbornly still black, so she tried it again, nope, nadda, not even a flicker.

Shaking her head Miranda gives the third try this time the screen comes up, Miranda sigh in relief even the cover already cracking beyond repair, at least it's still alive… or so what she thought before it died again. Now, another thing we all should know about Miranda Priestly, she will never look away from a challenge. It's a bit silly side, but her girls only laughing and loves her for that. Miranda knew it was one of the sides she shared with her girls… and Andréa.

The doe-eyed beauty perhaps never aware of it, and perhaps when she still under Miranda's tenure she need to do her job or got fired, but just like Miranda, Andy never back down from any challenges Miranda fires with her. The Harry Potter's fiasco was one of many things Andy able to carry out.

So after making sure the door still closed, that she has sent Nigel to get back to Runway after seeing his Six will not awake perhaps till next morning, Miranda do everything she could to awake the stubborn Blackberry. From jabbing the switch button furiously till patting its back, something that even she knew it's really silly because she was imagining how she always pat her babies' backs to burp… and how bizarre the Blackberry decided to come alive from a firm pat on its back.

"Even your phone is as bizarre as you, Andréa." Miranda rolled her eyes, "why I didn't surprise when I should feel very surprise?" The Editor just wants to put the phone on the table when something caught her eyes, blinking, slowly she brings the phone to her eyes-level and no. She isn't wrong. There, under the cracks of the cover, it is her picture, head angled to the side smiling down fondly to her girls that seizing her elbows and beaming up bright identical smiles to her when she picked them in the train station.

Miranda blinks. Why was her picture on Andréa's phone? When the reporter had taken it? Alright, clearly she took it when Andy still under her tenure. But then why Andréa used it as a wallpaper of her phone? "… Bizarre indeed…" cupping her cheek Miranda stared to the reporter's sleeping face, now she think about it, Andy Sachs always be a puzzle for her. It's confusing, but surely not unwelcome.