There's nothing bad with moving to a new city, house and school. I mean, it's a part of life and something that an average fifteen year old will have to go through. Okay, I sort of lied. I miss my mom so much, she meant everything to me. She died last year, my dad and I couldn't face looking at the room she was murdered in so we moved to Miami. I start school today, Miami High. The most educational school there is in Miami. It was also the only school my dad could afford, because it's free. I would've preferred to go to a private high school for girls but he said no. So there's me, Ally Dawson, having to go to a public school.

I put on a normal top and some dungarees with cowboy boots. I had to make an impression somehow. I then clipped my necklace on. The one my mom used to wear every day. It was a small necklace with a silver heart with 'love' engraved on it. My bedroom wasn't completely finished yet. I think a little girl had the room last because it was pink and covered with stars next to the bed. Dad said that he'd paint it for me soon so for now it's covered with my baby photos. Smiling, I placed Dougie the dolphin on my bed. I won him at the carnival two years ago. It was probably the first thing I've ever won.

"Ally, it's time for school!" Dad yelled from the living room.

"One second, Dad," I replied. I kissed the picture of Mom then stuck it back over the stars. This day will be wonderful. I can't wait for a whole new school where nobody knows who I am.

It was Dad's fault. If he didn't have to stop to get himself a new hat I would be on time. The hallway was full of students rushing to class. I rummaged through my bag for my timetable. First lesson was English, that's right down the hall, okay, not bad. I can do this.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" some random popular students shouted at me, as I was trying to push my way through. It took a great five minutes but I'm finally outside my classroom. Slightly embarrassed, I opened the door. You know that stare people do when you're late and it looks like you've killed someone? Yep, that's what happened to me right this minute.

"Hi," I finally muttered, looking at the teacher who was writing on the whiteboard. "My name is-"

"You're late," the teacher shouted, not even bothering to look at me.

"Yes, I know. I'm so-"

"Sit down,"

I did as I was told. I was panicking so much that I sat next to a boy with blonde hair. He looked like the bad type of guy so that made me a little bit intimidated.

"Do I know you?" he asked, scribbling something at the front of his exercise book.

"No, I'm new," I tried to get a closer look at what he was drawing but he slammed his hand down onto it, making him get ink all over his fingers.

"I'm so sorry! I..." The drawing was smudged and it looked awful. He shouted something absolutely appalling then stood up and walked out of the room. A girl with dark curly brown hair opened her mouth at me. I looked down and sighed. Will I ever fit in?


Stupid new girl ruining my fine piece of art. Why can't girls just leave me alone? She didn't even ask me if she could sit next to me either. I'm stood next to her locker, entering the combination. I told the site staff that I would give it to her, yeah, fat chance. The locker finally unlocked, it was empty, great. I emptied the trash can into her locker. Then once it was almost full, I covered my nose and then threw a stink bomb into it. I slammed the locker closed. One more thing, I got out one of my graffiti spray cans and painted the locker red with the words 'I think I have problems'. I sniggered then went into the toilets to wash my hands. The smell of rotten egg shouldn't be on a good boy's hand.


I've made a new friend! Her name is Trish. She's told me that the blonde guy's name is Austin and that I shouldn't take it personally, he's always like that.

"Your locker's number 723, it's kind of close to mine," Trish explained. "The site man was really nice wasn't he?" My locker combination is 5804. I passed the rest of the lockers then looked carefully onto the 700s. Locker 719, 720, 721, 722... I stood there, staring at my locker.

"I think I have problems…?" I whispered, touching the spray paint.

"Who would do this?!" Trish sound angry.

I opened it. Litter came falling down from my locker and it smelt like someone let out some gas. Of course, the other students looked at me and laughed. Trish removed the mess out of my locker.

"Don't worry, I'll find out who done this. I'll go tell the janitor!"

"Trish, wait!" It was too late. She was already running down the hall.

"Ever heard of saving the environment?" someone questioned. I closed the locker door to find Austin leaning against the next locker.

"Very childish, you know," I remarked, picking out the crumbs of a cupcake out of my hair.

"Oh relax, Allyson," he tried to take something out of my hair but I slapped his arm. "Ouch, it was a joke okay?"

"One, don't you dare call me Allyson, my name is Ally. Two, don't talk to me ever again you jerk," I turned around then ran down the hall, crying at the laughter.