The shots rang out and Gibbs ran to save his agent. He wasn't sure he believed Lee. His gut was uneasy with labeling Langer a mole and he couldn't help feeling that something was terribly, horribly wrong with the situation. Skidding to a stop, he sees Lee holding a gun in shaking hands. Langer is slumped down beside a mainframe computer blood seeping out of the bullet holes that Lee had just put into him. He feels for a pulse. Nothing, and now he's wondering how he could have been so wrong about an agent he'd trusted to have his six.

Lee is still standing on the spot from where she had shot Langer. Gibbs gently takes the gun from her hand and escorts her out of the building. Neither of them witness what happens next.

Frank B. Parker lets out a deep breath and coughs as he does so. The bulletproof vest has done its job, saving the life of the agent wearing it. Lee's aim had been true for once, but now they have the hard part to finish up. He winces as he looks at the blood packs and once again he wonders just how and why he'd trusted Tim McGee. He's glad he did, as it means that Brent Langer is still alive. He can hear footsteps and once again slows his heartbeat down to zero. His job is harder now; staying alive long enough to get down to Autopsy.

The footsteps stop by his side and he stays motionless. Ducky motions for the "body" to be removed and Frank almost lets out a sigh of relief. Remembering that he, or rather Langer, is supposed to be dead, he waits until they are on the elevator and Ducky gives him the all clear before taking that next deep breath.

He coughs and Ducky does a quick exam. "You'll be fine my boy. Just a few more minutes now. Eyes closed, that's it."

The elevator doors open and Jimmy starts to come over when Ducky waves him away. "Not this time, Mr. Palmer. This one is personal you might say."

"Very well Dr. Mallard. I'll see you in the morning then?"

"That you will, Mr. Palmer, that you will."

The elevator doors close and Ducky exhales. He turns off the cameras and then moves over to Frank's side.

"Rise and shine Mr. Parker, you're safe for the time being."

"What about Langer?"

"He actually did slip into a small coma; I have some colleagues at Bethesda keeping an eye on him. He's under a different name of course. He will pull out of it, but he is out of commission, out of harm's way so to speak and that will help Gibbs and the Director put the traitor away."

"I almost felt sorry for Gibbs. Is he going to be okay?"

"Mmm, yes, Jethro will be fine my boy. He'll get to the bottom of what is going on. The Director will let him rant and rave at the way we had to deceive him and then he'll be fine. In the meantime, we need to get you on a private flight back to Area 51."

Tim is waiting for them in one of the agencies sedans and Parker smiles as the young agent motions once again for him to stay down. They make it past the guard shack and then they're at the airport where Vance told them the flight would be departing.

"Frank Parker, it has been an honor and a privilege getting to know you. Take care of yourself my boy and keep in touch if you would."

"Thanks Ducky, for a Medical Examiner, you're not too bad yourself. Keep those stories coming, I like to think you're annoying someone with them."

Ducky laughs as he waves the other two on their way.

Parker looks at Tim before he steps onto the plane. "That lady you're so fond of, the one you won't talk about, make sure you contact her. She deserves to know how you feel even if it's not reciprocated. Who knows, maybe one day you'll email me and I'll have a wedding to attend."

Tim nods and shakes his hand, "It's been a pleasure Frank."

"You know, it really has Tim. It really has, you take care now and don't let Vance keep you in that dungeon forever. You have a talent, McGee; use it wisely. Oh and by the way, you should have Agent Lisa fall in love with McGregor; they'd make a cute couple."

He laughs as Tim blushes. Shaking hands once again, Parker boards the plane that will take him back to Area 51 and Timothy McGee watches as the plane takes off, wondering what adventures the chrononaut will be going on next. Smiling to himself, he saunters over to the sedan, thinking about Parker's last words.

Six months later:

Frank Parker opens up an email and laughs when he sees the wedding invitation. It's not to Timothy McGee's wedding however.

"You are formally invited to attend the wedding between Agent Lisa and Agent McGregor in Thom E. Gemcity's newest novel LJ Tibbs and the Chrononaut."