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Previously: "My water. It just broke"

Chapter 30: Parents at Fifteen

Christina's POV

CRAP! I was not supposed to have these babies for another month yet. "Can you guys just stop gawping and call me a cab so we can get to the fuckin' hospital already?" I ask. Mr Shue immediately dials the number for a cab and about 10 minutes later Alex and I are in the cab on the way to the hospital.

"This is all your fucking fault you know right?" I say giving him my evil eyes. "I don't remember you saying no!" he says. "I was trying to cheer you up about you not finding your mom. How was I supposed to know you'd knock me up?" I say. "The fact that I didn't wear a condom should have been a hint" he says.

"You know what why don't we not talk for the rest of the cab ride" I say. "Fine by me" he says. That lasts all of ten seconds when another contraction hits and I start squeezing his hand and yelling "you suck, you suck, you suck".

"I know baby, I know" he says. "Don't speak about fucking babies!" I yell and squeeze his hand even harder.

Alex's POV

If I had known this is what women in labour were like I so would never have had sex. This is even worse than pregnancy hormones (and they at least have the upside of making your girlfriend horny!). We get to the hospital after Tinny has had what seem like a gazillion contractions and I rush her up to the hospital to find her parents, grandparents and Mackenzie's family already there. We say rushed hi's to everyone before going over to the reception desk.

"Hi, my girlfriend is in labor and we really need a room like now" I say. "How far apart are her contractions?" she asks. "Around 3-5 minutes" Tinny says. "Okay then, we'll get you a wheelchair and you're going to room 201" she says. They get her a wheelchair and I wheel her quickly to her room. This is really not what I imagined doing when I woke up this morning.

Christina's POV

I am never ever having kids again. Labor hurts too fucking much. I am just settled in my room when my doctor comes in, no doubt to do some kind of poking and prodding. Actually to be honest I don't really want to know what she's doing down there.

"Okay Miss Hudson when did your labor start?" she asks. "I don't know, I guess around 8am was when the contractions started" I say. "Well you're about 5cm dilated so it could be a little longer yet. I'll come check on you in about half an hour" she says. Just as she leaves another contraction hits. "Did I mention already today that you suck?" I say to Alex.

"You might've mentioned it once or twice" he says. "Well you really suck" I say. 2 hours later and I am still in an unbelievable amount of pain and nothing Alex says makes me less moody.

Just as I am about to lose my mind, the door swings open and the Glee Club arrives. "Hey you guys! Sorry for kinda ruining the end of our last song" I say wryly. "It doesn't matter anyway. Guess what?" Cassidy says. "What?" I ask. The whole Glee Club makes a drum roll noise. "WE WON!" they say bringing out the Nationals 1st place trophy. "I'm so glad and I will make sure to celebrate with you guys but I've got a bit of a situation going on right now, so why don't you guys go wait in the waiting room and we'll tell you when there is any news" I say.

The doctor comes back in to the room to check on me. "Well Christina you're 10 cm dilated, we're gonna take you into delivery now. You can have 4 people in with you, who's coming?" she asks. "Alex, he's the father, my parents and my friend Mackenzie" I say. "Are you sure you want me?" she asks. "Yeah you're my friend" I say. They wheeled me into delivery and another contraction hit. "You're a fucking bastard! Your kids are trying to kill me I swear" I say. "Hey don't blame it on our kids" he says. "I will blame this on whoever the hell I want" I say squeezing his hand even harder. "Look you only have to put up with this for a little bit longer and then we'll have our beautiful babies" he says. "Just get these fucking things out of me already" I yell. The doctor then appears. "Okay Christina, I'm gonna need you to push for me now" she says. I push as hard as I can yelling numerous curses at Alex. "I need you to push again for me Christina" she says. I push again but harder this time.

"Okay your first baby's crowning" she says. Alex goes over to see but almost as soon as he does, he ends up fainting on the floor. "Oh my God is he okay?" I ask. "He'll be fine, we deal with this sort of thing a lot, now Christina I really need you to concentrate and push" she says. Mom comes and stands next to me. "You can do this honey, just push okay" she says. Mackenzie squeezes my hand reassuringly and my dad squeezes my other hand. I push again and the doctor says "Congratulations, it's a girl. Would one of you like to cut the umbilical cord?" I look at my mom and nod. She cuts the cord and then takes my hand again. "Well done honey" she says. "Not over yet right" I say.

They have taken away my daughter to clean her and the doctor says "Okay Christina when you feel the next contraction come I need you to push again". I do as she says and 5 minutes later I have my baby boy. "Congratulations honey" my dad says. "Thanks dad" I say. They bring my son and daughter back after being cleaned. "Could you guys go and check on Alex please?" I ask my parents and Mackenzie. "Congrats Tina" she says before leaving.

Alex's POV

I wake up in a hospital room- which is kinda strange cause I could've sworn that a few minutes ago I was in the delivery room with Tinny. A nurse comes into my room. "Hey could I ask what I'm doing here?" I ask. "You fainted in delivery. Don't worry, it's quite common in first time dads" she says. "Did she have the babies, Christina Hudson I mean?" I ask. "Yeah she did. A boy and a girl- both 7 lbs 5 oz. Real cuties too" she says. "Can I go see them?" I ask.

"Yeah that should be fine" she says and I get up to see Christina. Luckily she was quite easy to find. "Hey you. Glad to see you're up again. Took you a while, everyone else has already been in to see them" she says.

"Yeah sorry about that. It's good that they're a lot cleaner now or I'd have fainted again" I say. She laughs at that. "Can I see them?" I ask. She hands me our two little babies. They are so cute, the girl looks exactly like Christina with her black straight hair and wide brown eyes but with my nose and mouth whereas the boy looks like me, black curly hair, brown eyes but with Christina's nose and mouth.

"Do they have names yet?" I ask her. "No not yet, I thought I'd pick the girl's name and you could pick the boy's name" she says. "Ok so what name were you thinking of for the girl?" I ask. "Sapphire, Sapphy for short. Her middle name would be Anna like your mom" she says. "I was thinking Toby for the boy. His middle name would be Liam- it's your granddad's names put together" I say.

"What are we going to do about their surname though?" she asks me. "For now their surname's Hudson. We'll change it when we get married so we all have the same name but that's several years from now" I say. "That sounds perfect" she says kissing me.

I go out and invite everyone in. I know they've already met them but I think they need to know their names. "So do our grandkids have names now?" my dad asks. "They do. Their names are Sapphire Anna Hudson and Toby Liam Hudson" we both say together.

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