Hi everyone, this is another one of those stories I've had in my head so kinda don't know where its gonna go but hey?! Might as well give it a go so...


Disclaimer for entire story: I still don't own Heartland, all them rights go to the wonderful Lauren Brooke and the amazing CBC :)

Amy's Point Of View

A loud buzz echoed around my room. 6:00am. Great. I swung out of bed, blinking back the distant sleep, that I had just sadly left. Walking over to the window, I pulled open the soft curtains; smiling as the sun engulfed my bedroom. Its kinda nice here; at Heartland, even if it is still the deadly hours of the morning... Well not quite.

I jumped in the shower, humming this song that had some how found its way into my head. Making me and everyone else with in about a mile go kinda insane. I pulled on my work jeans, and grabbed my jacket; pinching a hair tie from my dresser on the way and bound for the kitchen. I sighed, of course no one else has decided to join me. Very nice of them all, just snore away. Hey, don't worry about me, I'll just drink my orange juice all on my lonesome...

I strode out to the barn, taking in the morning glow. "Hey Spartan..." I cooed, circling my fingers down his forehead, "At least someone's awake hey?", I joked; letting myself into the stall. "Wanna go out for a ride? Hey just you and me?" I questioned, laughing as is head butted my back, "I take that as a yes?"

Pulling out his tack, I quickly buckled up his girth; and lead him out the barn. I swung up on his back; sighing in content. God I loved this place... My eyes swept over the white peeks, squinting slightly as the sun peeped through the gaps in the sky. "Come on boy..."

I rode out across the bare plains, searching often for something, someone who had shared my thought on rising at some deadly hour in the morning. It was mainly horses and grazing cattle that caught my eye, I watched as they nibbled peacefully at the long grass. Pulling softly at the reins, ready to turn back; my eyes darted, sweeping over the mountains, falling over something. A distant silhouette of a horse and a... Rider...

Kicking Spartan gently into action, I galloped across towards the outline of a person and a beautiful horse. As I drew closer, the sun danced of his back, creating a dance of light. I slowed down, not wanting to startle him or his horse for that matter. Now only a couple of meters away I dropped to a trot, turning slightly so I would fall beside him. I didn't no what to say, his back was still turned, his features still shadowed by my own small shadow. I simply stayed silent, once again taking in the world around me, I almost jumped when Spartan snorted, swinging his head round butting heads with the other horse. I smiled, Spartan had gone and done it. The boys face to swung round, his face softening when his gaze met mine. "Hey." He said simply, shifting slightly; dropping his gaze, my eyes swept over his, taking in everything. He was gorgeous, perfect. No words could ever describe how perfect he looked sitting there; slightly slouched. His eyes were beautiful, stunning... Green emeralds, shone beneath his long lashes, locking you in his gaze. His hair fell perfectly, framing his face, curling slightly at the nape of his neck. His whole body, was perfect; representing power, as well as gentleness.

I smiled softly; "Eh... Hey." he laughed, gently; his eyes catching mine. "Are you new here?" I managed to say, quietly. Not wanting to break the silence around us. "Yes." He said, simply.

"It's beautiful isn't it..." I said, softly.

"Yes." I smiled, 'Hey' and 'Yes' seemed to be the only words actually to be found in this boy's vocabulary.

Almost as he had read my thoughts, "Ty, by the way," he broke in offering me his hand,

"Amy." I replied, he frowned. Scrunching his brow in thought, I shook my head as I realised how cute he looked. Amy stop. "Your from that ranch?"

"Heartland." I finished his sentence, smiling as his eyes widened. "Yes."

"Your not Amy Flemming? Are you?" He asked, cautiously.

"Yes." I replied, oh my god Amy who's the one with the rubbish vocabulary now. Okay why am I suddenly speechless, okay this is weird...

He smiled, "Your amazing..." I looked up surprised at his recent comment, "At what you do I mean," he said quickly, once again reading my thoughts.

"You should drop by sometime," I suggested, smiling softly. "You know and have a look around," he nodded, grinning. "And if I'm so amazing, you should come and see me to..." OMG did I really just say that! Okay I really need to stop. I ducked my head, hoping and praying that he hadn't seen that red hue on my cheeks. "Sure." He replied, a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. Okay he saw it.

"I should get going," I broke in, as yet another blush flared in my cheeks, what the heck was wrong with me?

"Yeah, see ya!" he waved, cantering of into the distance... I scanned the landscape beaming from ear to ear... Ignoring that weird flipping thing in my stomach... Oh God!

Hope you like it! Really enjoying this one! Let me know on your thoughts! Will only continue if you want me to!