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Harley was recovering fast, he had found a soul mate in Cherry. They were like inseparable now, Spartan never once left his side. Mr Borden had put Ben in charge of training him up, he had pretty good blood lines; he could go far. Ty had taken an immediate liking to Cherry and had stated, I quote that he was a 'my equine twin'. I wasn't quite sure how to take this, however I was assured it was a compliment. Will get back to you on that one.

As well as this, a rather lucky me has caught Mr Borden eye (his words not mine), he I quote said, 'I am an impeccable rider'. I reasoned that I would never be as good as Ty, he shook his head and responded, 'nonsense'. Ty had appeared beside me and had looked questionably at his dad. Mr Borden then returned his gaze to me and continued with this:

"Miss Flemming, you are a brilliant rider; you could go far." He turned to look at Ty, who nodded. I looked from one to the other, completely baffled.

"I would like to ask, if you would like, if you wanted to train with one of my top coaches, for free of course. Your special to Ty, therefore I will help you, I would be honoured if you accepted my offer."

I looked at Ty, 'honoured' I'm the one that should be honoured. "Of course, thank you sir." I gushed, slightly overwhelmed at the whole thing. Ty just chuckled softly and smiled at me.

Mr Borden shook his head, "It's nothing, it's a thankyou for saving Harley. He mean's a lot to Ty."

I smiled softly, "That was nothing." I corrected him lightly.

He chuckled, "Thank you Amy, we appreciate it."

I blushed, "Your welcome sir."

"So you accept my offer?" He asked hopefully.

I nodded happily, when he continued. "Would you like to stable Spartan here?"

I thought for a moment, weighing up my options. I was going to spend a lot of time at Ty's anyway and his facility's were a much higher level compared to mine back home. "If that would be okay?" I responded.

He nodded, "Of course, he will be in the same barn as Harley and Cherry."

I smiled happily, "Thankyou."

He just laughed, "Thankyou."

I looked up at Ty, "What just happened?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment, "Let's see..."

"Ty...!" I said slowly, slightly annoyed.

He laughed, "I think that you just got asked by one of the leading horse trainers in the world train with him."

I slapped his arm playfully, "Big headed or what."

He shook his head and added seriously, "That's just me..."

I rolled my head, "Wow and it's expanding by the minute."

He grinned and wrapped his arms around my waist, "I'm not the only one."

I prodded his arm at this, not quite sure what affect it had. "Is that the best you can do?" Ty asked seriously. I knew what was coming next. Yep there it is.

I screamed, "NO! Ty! NO!"

He continued to tickle me, why the hell did I have to be so damn ticklish? I continued with my rant, trying to squeeze it in between laughing, "You are sooo mean!"

"Hmm. So I have been told." Was his response to that. Damn cheek.

Finally Ty stopped tickling me and reverted to kissing me instead, which worked out fine. Soon it was six O'clock and I needed to get back, I had promised Lou I would assess a new horse.

I looked up at Ty, "I've gotta go, I promised Lou."

He nodded and took my hand, "I'll take you back." I smiled gratefully and waved at the various stable hands I now knew.

Mr Borden appeared from nowhere, "Bye Miss Flemming, I hope to see you soon."

I nodded happily, "You will."

He waved a farewell, I slipped into the truck; waiting for Ty to follow suit. He soon did and turned the keys, quickly pulling out the large driveway.

We soon reached home. I quickly kissed Ty on the cheek and hopped out the truck. Waving as he backed out. I smiled happily as I made for the barn.

Poking my head around the worn door frame, leading to the office; I searched for Lou. She was crouched down, beside of a filing cabniet. Sifting through multi-coloured documents.

"Hi." I spoke up.

She glanced up, "Hi. You have a nice time? How'd it go with Cherry?"

I nodded, "Yeah, it was great; Cherry's like his soul mate."

She nodded, "Anything else happen?"

I shook my head, "Yes why?" I asked slowly.

"Someone called, arrangements, training, stabling... That sort of thing."

I laughed, "So you know?"

"Hmm. Mr Borden himself." She hummed in reply.

I replied oh so casually, "Yeah, I speak to him all the time."

She shot me a look, "You do know who he is?"

I nodded, "Well yes."

"Amy," She stood up, "He's like a world famous trainer, he's done everything."

"I know."

"And your training with him!"

Love the emphasis on 'your', thanks sis.

"Yes I am." I continued calmly.

She shook her head in frustration, "Amy, this is amazing!"

"I know." I said simply.

"Argh! Don't you see!"

"Well yes, I do." I responded seriously. Payback for earlier.

"I've got to tell Granpa!" She exclaimed excitedly, gathering up all her papers in a bit of a fluster.

"I think, I should be allowed to do that." I said calmly.

She dropped the papers, "Of course."

I sighed, rolling my eyes; I pushed of the door frame and turned on my heels, heading for Spartan's stall.

"Hey boy..." I coed, I was gonna miss him here.

He nickered softly and gently butted my shoulder. I chuckled, pulling out a treat. "Here ya go, greedy." I grinned happily, "Were gonna be awesome, aren't we boy!" I ran my fingers in little circles down his neck, he sighed oh so dramatically and leant against me, relaxing, his eyelids drooping.

I rolled my eyes at his sleepy state, wrapping my arms round his neck, I planted a kiss on his soft fur. "You are amazing." I whispered softly, breathing in his warmth.

I had everything, I had Spartan, I had Ty, I had Mr Borden. I had everyone and I was happy.

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