The Wolves Of Warrior Forest


There are two Alpha's but only if the male chooses an Alpha Female It is very rare that there should be A Female Alpha before a male.

Every 199 moons The Teens of the pack are taken to a clearing where they will be chosen by the elders.

If you are chosen you go off to a place where you are trained to survive on your own then the Elders choose a leader and Beta for you and you become a pack (This is supposed to please Star Clan) You may return to your History Clan if your mother is there every 3 moons until you move on then the new packs leadeer go to the Stone Ring where the New Clan get a new name then they have a vision of there new terriotory and take the New Clan there.

Only 4 Pairs of Wolves will be chosen along with two Healer apprentices

All Clan Leaders have a Sword that matches their element

Willow Clan:


They are great singers and acters and use this in battle and hunting.


Storm: The leader of Willow Clan. She has a grey coat and striking lightning blue eyes making her look like a Storm cloud Hence the name. She is strict but fair and intelligent and is highly respected by all clans- even Sequoia Clan. She uses her strength and wit to gain the upper hand against her opponent and in battle you seriously want her on your side. She was born and raised in Willow Clan, she has no pups but is the daughter of Bramble. Her father is unknown. ( She sings like Jennifer Hudson)

Lightning Sword.

Rain: Rain is the Lieutenant of the pack she is a blueish grey she wolf with chocolate browneyes and a dark grey splodge on her lower back making it look like something dripped on uses her strength and surroundings as her advantage. She is kind and thoughtful- but do not get in her bad books for your own safety! She isn't afraid of her past as a circus wolf and will laugh and joke about it along with you, she still has 4 leg warmers, on her front left leg she has a luminous yellow and black striped one and a pink and black on the right. On her back left leg she has a pink and black and luminous and black on the other.(She Sings like GaGa)


Bramble: A very old she wolf. She is very wise and most go to her for advice in battle and she used to be a Healer.

Thorny:An almost deaf male wolf he mainly just complains and sleeps but uses his weight in an attack.

Mistyeyes: A blind she wolf with a dark brown coat she has cloudy blue eyes and enjoys telling stories to pups- despite being blind she is a fearsome opponent having very good hearing and scent.(She is retired from singing)

Teens:(postions undecided)

Ali: A pretty white wolf with crystal blue eyes she is very kind and will always try to make friends and is very determined in that area. She fights with her protective personality and unusually sharp teeth. She sings like Britney Speares.

Her mother is Snowstorm and she was born and raised in the Clan.

Melody: As much as she hates to admit it Melody is probably the prettiest wolf in the has emerald green eyes- though no one has seen them, and a black and cream coat.

Her ears are a light grey and she is extremeley small for her age.

She is quite shy and fears that showing emotions is a sign of weakness. She believes that you should only talk when spoken to or if there is something important tosay .

She is quite interested in star watching (A Healers job) but is an impressive warrior as an understatement. She is one of the best singers too (Kelly Clarkson and Pixie Lott mixed together.)

She was found by Mistyeyes as a wandering pup and has a very strong connection to her. No one knows about her past because she doesn't like to talk about it stating that,

"Some things are better off not being known." She never cries and is often found by the lake looking for fish.

While fighting Melody is usually laughed at for her size - but it doesn't last long she is like a bullet and has a lot of stamina and uses her speed to put some force behind her attacks.

She also has an uncanny ability to climb trees.

Being very small she has virtually no wieght and is an excellent hunter- yet everyone finds amusement in seeing how much she can eat without gaining an ounce!

Roxi: Strangely enough Roxi is a Fox she was seperated from her mother by another wolf clan and Storm took pity on her.

She may be a fox but she is cunning and clever ,she is the brains behind Willow Clans battles being able to place the warriors in a way that ensures victory.

She is obviously red, black and white and has Amber eyes and is Sassy yet sweet!

She mainly hunts rabbits and mice but every little counts!

She sings like Adele


Chrissie: A peppy ginger and brown she wolf with smoky gray eyes. She sings like Carly Jae Rapsen.

Midnight: a scruffy black wolf that somehow manages to light up a room no matter how bad things get- completeley contrasting his dark coat and dark blue eyes. (Olly Murs)

Lucky: A laid back brown wolf with a blue collar left over from being mistaken as a husky he has gray paws and one eye blue with the other brown. he's one of the most popular wolves in the pack (Matt Cardle)

Snowstorm: A brilliant white She wolf with beautiful ocean blue eyes. (Beyonce)

Quinn: Cheerful brown and tan male with amber eyes. He has chains on his back left leg from being a dancing wolf in Thailand he was shipped here but broke free of his cage.(Chris Brown)

Shadow: an all black male with long fur draping over his right eye. He's rather cold to strangers but he can grow on you and if he comes to trust you it'll be as if you've been friends for life. (Taoi Cruz)

Flame: A pretty she wolf with a black and white pelt and sea green eyes but what really attracts other wolves is her mischevious attitude- the joker of the clan if you see a slight grin or glint in her eyes run and don't come back until her idea to humiliate you has gone away.

She means well of course and it can really lift your spirits after a hard day of hunting. (Pink)


Kiba: a handsome white cub with blue eyes. (Unfortunatley he doesn't sing)

Blue: a pretty black She wolf pup with amazing blue eyes.(Sings like Taylor Swift)

Sequoia Clan.

A Clan that Prides itself on their hunting abilities they are matched with Willow Clan in Battle but they usually just run into things. Only two members can howl and they have been chosen to go to Willow Clan to ensure a truce- But They don't know that yet SHHH!

They are usually easily angered and tricked into things.


Blaze: A brilliant ginger Male with Blazing Gold Eyes. He is Headstrong and rash but somehow it works against two of three other clans.

He has the Fire Sword.


Moonlight: A beautiful she wolf with blueish gray fur and blue Eyes, She is smart and calm.


Stonefur: A solid gray wolf with dark chocolate eyes.

Lick up: A pretty creamy coloured she wolf with a dark stripe on her back.


Kyle: A Tan wolf with blue eyes and blue eyes. He's Cocky and Obnoxious but he is a great friend and will listen when the time calls for it he's energetic and kinda naive when it comes to others not wanting to talk about things. He laughs alot and is admired by the other teen she wolfs due to his handsome looks and "All That" personality, and boy does he know it! (Liam out of 1D)

Shasta: A Male wolf with a black back and tail his bangs are almost leading to his eyes like Kyle's but is black his underbelly and tail is white but leading down towards his legs it gets more tan he has a black nose with a white muzzle and black smudges around his one blue and one green eyes. He is very mysterious and not much is known about his past except he came down from the mountains from another wolf clan across his green eye is a scar. He ignores all the admiration from the 'fanwolves' as I have now dubbed them.

He has emotionless eyes and a frown etched onto his face with a metal studded, black choker around his neck. He howls like Justin Bieber.









Oak Clan

Strong and Wise known for there Elders living to near impossible Ages


Bites-Back: A calm and dignified male wolf with Dark fur and A red dusting over his muzzle He has brown eyes and his remarkable patience makes him one of the best leaders.

Water Sword


Karai: A pretty young She wolf with a balanced mind who knows when to fight and when not She is said to be the youngest Beta yet.


Thin Moon



Layla- Pretty She wolf with a bullying personality to those she thinks are threats towards the Sequoia Clan teens

Daisy- Beautiful Golden pelted She wolf with a sweet yet naive personality she has wisdom beyond her age however and is praised by all the elder wolves for her cunning.

Luca: A Fairly handsome wolf with white fur and golden eyes he is Naive yet smart and seems to have a slight crush on Daisy.







Spruce Clan

Slow but strong and Brave they will always listen to their gut before there head but this makes them unpredictable and a threat to all that stand in there way.

They are actually quite sexist in a way stating that Females should be with at least 1 male in case they can't protect themselves properly


Frost- A blueish white wolf with clear blue eyes. He has no temper whatsoever but he's not a pushover so watch out

Ice Sword

Raven- A black wolf with a strong personality she is not to pick in a fight and won't back down from an argument easily.


Sky- Pretty She wolf that has a unique colour of eyes - there no word to describe it other than light and greenish goldish blue.


Zuri: Pretty Sassy she wolf that will not be put down coz of her Gender. FULL STOP! She has a strange way of hunting by looking like she has nothing on her mind but play then pouncing when close enough.

Naomi: A submissive Healers apprentice with a strange nack for shivering even if she isn't cold.

Robin: Peppy energetic young warrior with the gifted ability of talking to the dead- slightly creepy but works for him.

Artemis: A quiet male Healer apprentice he is a quick learner and can already hear Starclan's warnings.