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Natsu Dragneel was sitting by himself in the Fairy Tail guild hall; he wasn't eating, talking, fighting with Gray or even spouting out something for someone to fight him. Everyone knew what he was going through, and it was still hard to believe that their dearest friend, Lucy Heartfilia, was gone!

FLASHBACK 3months:

It was a normal day in Magnolia Town; the streets were busy with shoppers and clerks, but it was the Fairy Tail guild that had always been the life of the town. Inside the guild everyone was laughing, drinking and bragging about recent jobs they had taken. Team Natsu was especially loud because Natsu announced that he was going to propose to Lucy once she returned to the guild!

'Are you really?' Mira asked excitedly. She was known to be a match-maker in the guild. She is currently trying to get a certain metal-head and a blue-haired book-worm together.

'Well…I just figured I'd ask,' he said bashfully, 'we both love each other, so….'

'I can't believe this,' laughed the dark-haired ice-mage, 'and here I thought flame-brain was too dense to even ask her out on a date!'

'What'd you stripper!'

'You heard me ash for brains!'

The two started going at it for ten minutes before the scarlet-haired mage came up to them with death in her eyes, 'I thought I told you two to stop fighting!'

'A-Aye E-E-Erza,' they both stuttered

The guild doors burst open revealing a lovely blonde-haired, brown-eyed celestial mage running through over to her loving, fire-breathing boyfriend! She stopped in front of him, panting like she just ran a marathon.

"Hey luce, I was coming to get you," Natsu said as he kissed her on the cheek.

"I know…but… I thought I'd come here and tell you something," Lucy gasped as she tried to catch her breath.

"Oh?" he asked worriedly, "umm…do you think I could ask you something first?"

"Of course," she replied happily.

He knew the whole guild was waiting for him; taking deep breath, he took Lucy's hand in his and got down on one knee. She wasn't expecting this at all and gasped when he pulled out a little blue box from his pocket.

"Luce, I've been in love with you since I first met you," he started, blushing a dark crimson, "I want to be with you for the rest of my life! W-Will you m-m-marry m-m-me?"

The whole building was quiet as they waited for Lucy's response; the silence was so long that Natsu started to think it was her way of saying 'no'.


That one word made him look up to see her smiling with tears spilling down her cheeks! The guild erupted into shouts and whistles. Natsu stood up and kissed Lucy on her sweet, tender lips as he slipped the ring on her finger.

"Oi, bunny girl," a voice interrupted. Natsu and Lucy broke apart to see Gajeel standing off to the side, lounging on a bench with Lily on his shoulder, "didn't you come here to tell flame-head something too?"

The guild suddenly shut off all sound and looked to the happy couple.

"Oh, right," Lucy laughed, "good thing you talked first Natsu."

"Why's that," he asked

"Because I would have killed you by now," an angry voice said behind him. He turned to see Erza giving him an ultimate death glare.

"What's she talking about Lu-chan," Levy asked as she walked over to her best friend.

"Natsu," Lucy said getting his attention back, "I'm pregnant!"







Mira, Levy, and Lisanna fainted; Gray and Gajeel sweat dropped, but Natsu picked up Lucy and swung her around laughing happily. The guild once again erupted into cheers and whistles. They partied for three days, laughing, drinking and the occasional fights. But nothing prepared them for what was to happen the following week while Team Natsu was on a 'not so simple' mission.


Natsu felt himself breaking down again as he buried his head in his arms, crying for what seemed like hours.

"Lucy…I miss you so much!" he whispered as he cried.

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