My master once told me that there was a time when all galaxies were isolated from one another; No one dared venture into the depths of space in fear of being captured or even killed by some unknown alien race. That was until the inhabitants of Irk did what no other species dreamed of...

The Irken leader, Tallest Myuki, ordered her best technicians to build something that could easily cruise around space without a single complication. The process took a gruesome eighty years, but the Irken's did it; They built the first space vessel to ever travel such great distances without any problems or hindrance.

The Viral Tank.

Large in size, the Viral Tank could withstand the journey not only out of Irk's atmosphere, but also that of any other unknown planet's atmosphere. Along with herself, Tallest Myuki chose the most suitable Irken scientists to have total control over the Viral Tank.

And that's when those chosen Irken's found did it.

They successfully found one planet who had intelligent life within the same galaxy with advanced technology:


Tallest Myuki and, after much convincing, the Vortian leader, Lad-Nar, met in privacy and discussed the futures of the two planets. After the Irken's encounter with the Vortians, the two planets formed an alliance and together, the two species worked together and combined their knowledge in mechanics and built the greatest spacecraft in the history of the universe:

The Massive.

The name was fitting as the ship was almost three times the size of the planet Mars. The ship housed over three billion Irken's and another three billion Vortians. Together, they ventured out further of the comfort of what is now known as the Nny Galaxy in search for more intelligent lifeforms. The journey was long and perilous but it was worth it in the end. In a course of just six hundred years the vessels from Vort and Irk had discovered and built alliances with more than three hundred alien species in four different galaxies.

It took a thousand years for their technology to advance enough to allow them further access to search the cold, black void of space.

And it took another two thousand years until they found my home planet:


According to my master, Earth was like nothing neither Irken or Vortian had ever seen. The lifeforms there, the humans, were most adaptive species they had encountered. The planet itself seemed to function solely on it's own, well aside from it's sun and moon of course. The two species were shocked to see however, that we humans were so primitive in not only our technology, but our evolution as well. The Vortians swore from that day on that they would send out members of their society to our underdeveloped planet in order to teach the humans the way of advanced technology, for they saw opportunity in our species adaptivity. The Irkens however, found little use in the humans for our brains more underdeveloped than our technology. Instead, the Irkens left Earth to the Vortians and continued to roam around surrounding galaxies.

Shortly after, war broke out between Irk and Florcoocia and Tallest Myuki ordered the Irkens to return back to their home planet in order to fight off the oncoming wave of Florcoosian Space Tanks. The war lasted a mere two months, for Irk's military was far more skilled in their cunning strategies, agility and their unnatural sense for bloodlust rather than Florcoocia's, who relied on brute strength.

Thus, the Irken Elites were born.

That was well over a thousand years ago in the Earth year 1995.

Master said that if it weren't for the Mighty Irkens, Florcoocia would have conquered most of the planets Irk had spent centuries upon centuries 'befriending'. That must be why master is so proud of his race... His fellow brutal, yet cunning Irkens.

No matter how brutal my master is though, I cannot complain. He has given me not only a home, but a name as well. That name is apart of me like any one of my organs. It sticks to me like my pale, white skin...

That name is... Dib. Dib the Human.

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