A/N; For anyone who is particularly awesome and read Of Big Brothers and Kindergarten Jitters, I promised a companion piece, and here it is. It's going to be twenty-five chapters in all, a chapter for each piece.

Disclaimer: This is the final proof that I don't even understand the show, let alone own a part of it.

John Winchester's Great Big Book of Personal Narratives: Introduction

This was what he and Mary had always planned to do. It was going to be the Winchesters' Book of Personal Narratives, by Sam and Dean. Now it was just his. John Winchester's Great Big Book of Personal Narratives. By Sam and Dean.

He put every single one, Kindergarten through twelfth grade, into a photo album the boys never bothered opening.

It was John Winchester most prized possession.

There was a perfect twenty-four in all.