"I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it - to be fed so much love I couldn't take any more. Just once"

Haruki Murakami


"Boss, guess who's at Enos'?", Rosco giggled entering Boss' room at the Courthouse.

Boss, his cigar in his mouth, looked up at Rosco, stopping reading the documents in his hands; "His mummy?", he snorted, annoyed by Rosco's riddle: Enos lived at the Boarding House and nobody usually stayed with him nor came to visit him, except sometimes his mother, even if "visiting" wasn't the right word to describe that woman's descending on his son's life.

Rosco stiffened, surprised by Boss' guessing right, "Uh, Boss, but how did you…?"

Boss looked down at the documents in front of him, "I simply saw Rose Strate arriving here this morning with the bus from Atlanta…, after… when did she come here the last time? Oh, yeah, 5 years ago".

As Boss kept on reading his papers, totally indifferent of Rose Strate's coming and leaving, Rosco left.

Enos looked at his mother moving into his little apartment, chatting 'bout her life, and Enos barely listened to her words. When did she come last time? Five years before, then she simply left, never calling him, as usual. She came when she wanted to, and then she left, the same thing since he was five years old.

His arms folded and his back leaning against the door, he looked at that woman in his room. It was difficult for him thinking of her as his "mother"; since she left Hazzard when he was 5 years old, he lived with his father (a honest and good man, but not much loving towards his only child), and he didn't see her anymore 'till he was 15 years old, when he lived at his aunt Minnie's house, his father bein' dead five years before. Ten years without seeing her, only few postcards remembering him he had a "mother".

"What's 'bout Mark?"

Rose Strate simply ignored his son's question and Enos thought that Mark left her, as her previous and various flings (or, more probably, SHE left him, SHE was the one always leaving), and he didn't ask her anything more 'bout that man. Besides, he didn't know Mark, but he remembered her talking 'bout him last time she came to Hazzard.

"Why there's no beer into your fridge, darling?"

Darling, he hated when she called him like that.

"I don't like beer. I don't like alcohol at all", he paused, trying to calm him down, "mom". She didn't know anything of him. Nothing at all.

She burst out laughing, "The son of a moonshiner… what a funny thing. Why don't you like alcohol?"

Enos took a deep breath, and he didn't answer her.

"Why did you leave the Institute?", he asked her the obvious question.

And he got the obvious answer: "I don't need to stay there. I'm fine. And I need a beer".

Enos swallowed against the lump in his throat.

"Is Rose Strate back?"

Daisy looked in shock at Bo and Luke just arrived at the farm with the news from the town. Again, like five years ago, and like various times along the last 28 years (since Enos was 5 years old), Rose Strate was in town.

Uncle Jesse had a deep sigh, in his eyes a shadow of worrisome as he sank into the couch, looking outside the window: insane Rose Strate was back.

SOMETHING ABOUT "CARRY THAT WEIGHT": it's the most complex, sad and psychological story I've ever written. I've decided to write a story of "psychological analysis", "relationship between characters" (all the characters, not only Enos and Daisy, even if the story is obviously more focused on them), and of "growth" (exploring Enos' past, the reason why he is the way he is, sense of family and friendship, sense of identity, and... so on, you're going to understand what I'm talking about), even if a bit complicated and, to some extent, maybe boring. An experiment, a difficult and maybe awkward experiment, writing something so totally new for me, so I'm sorry if I've disappointed my oldest readers with something so different from my past stories (I know a lot of people prefer and wait for "Snow"-style stories, from me, LOL).

Ok, now, if you want to, just stop and review this story: opinions may help me to focus more on some things or to improve some other ones, especially 'bout characters' relationships (ALL the characters, I admit I'm not so good and not much used to write of Bo, Luke and uncle Jesse, and they're going to take part of what's going to happen) and about psychological reactions (it's a rough and difficult topic to write of... but I can't explain HERE why, it'd be a spoiler... anyway, don't worry, NO ABUSE in it). So, any hint is welcome; or, if you want to, just stop and say "I like it", or, uh, OK, just read it, I'll be content anyway.