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I really didn't like my last story at all, I probably shouldn't of uploaded it. Anyway, moving on…this is another attempt at a multi chapter story. It came to me out of nowhere but I want to attempt to write a story about the aftermath of finding Red John and how Patrick changes for the better. I'd like to think that he gets a happy ending to the Red John journey.

Hope you like it, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it!


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Teresa's POV

At 2:15pm, we caught Red John. He had a gun and aimed it at Patrick's heart, before smiling and shooting himself.

10 Minutes later:

I think he's in shock. Either that or he's suddenly been turned into a statue.

It's my fault. I should of stayed with him. Rigsby and Cho are perfectly capable of 'taking care' of the deceased criminal. That's what I'm calling him right now. Criminal. We know his name after all these years but he's still Red John.


Van pelt looks at me with concern' Boss, what happens now?' she asks. Van Pelt, Grace, is just as overwhelmed as Patrick. Truth be told, nobody knows what to say or do right now. He was gone, the serial killer who ruined our consultant's life. He destroyed a lot of lives, not just Patrick's. He had hurt the team. To top it all off, he had worked along side us. He had made no attempt at keeping a low profile. Goading Patrick whenever they crossed paths. Hell, he was known to us as a Red John expert, the press were going to have a field day when they found out. The CBI had a long way to go before this was sorted. He'd been in our sights for so long but we hadn't caught him till now.

But I don't care. No, the only thing I care about right now is sat on the grass, staring at the floor and tracing a circle on the ground with his finger. Gently, I kneel down to his level. I can feel Grace watching my every move.

'Patrick?' I keep my voice calm and quiet, treat him like I would a young child who has witnessed something tragic. 'Patrick look at me'

I remember when Bosco was killed, when I thought Patrick was in shock. I had addressed him as Jane, but this isn't the time for surnames. He is my friend. Friends' don't use surnames in situations like this.

Wayne and Kimball had come back with a paramedic in tow, they must of noticed Patrick's state and ask for someone to look at him. I put my hand up to the paramedic, stopping him in his tracks.

'Patrick I need you to look at me, can you do that?' I ask him.

Slowly, he stops drawing circles and looks up at me, his eyes are full of unshed tears. ' he's gone?' he asks, his voice small and frightened. 'yes he's gone' I assure him ' Red John isn't here anymore Patrick'.

His eyes leave me for a second, landing on the paramedic. He tenses slightly and reaches out to grab my hand. Our fingers intertwine. 'I'm not crazy!' he tells me, the fear in his voice brings tears to me eyes.

'I know Patrick, he just needs to make sure you aren't hurt' I assure him. His eyes are back on the paramedic. ' Patrick look at me' He turns to face me 'it's going to be ok' I add, squeezing his hand. He stares at me with worried blue/green eyes. 'it's going to be ok' he repeated.

Right now this minute, I honestly think he means it

Ok so there's the first chapter. Please let me know what you think and whether I should continue. Thanks for reading!