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10 months- Happy birthday.

I'm not sure what has woken me up, but I am glad.

Patrick and I moved in together a month ago. We moved everything out of my flat and into his. The team came around for a little house warming party along with my brother and Annie, both of whom seem to approve of Patrick dating their sister/aunty. It feels right living together. I know Patrick lived with me the first few weeks after Red John's death, but this is different. We are living together as boyfriend and girlfriend. We go on dates to the movies and to our favourite restaurant as a couple, not just two best friends. We are sharing a bed, wrapped in each other's warmth and love. The nightmares are no longer a problem. For either of us.

Watching Patrick sleep, truly sleep, is an indulgent of mine. His arm is wrapped around me, making me feel so safe and warm. I love watching him bury his face into the pillow and sighing softly as I gently kiss his cheek. Patrick's gorgeous curls are a mess on top of his head, practically screaming 'tousle me!'. I love how he smiles in his sleep when I stroke his hair, wrapping a stray curl around my finger and feeling it's silky texture. On the bedside table lie his glasses along with our phones and a picture of us together, a random photo Grace took on her phone and framed for us as my 'officially moving in' present. In moments like this, I feel so lucky. So privileged to be seeing the once broken man so happy and content. So relaxed and at peace with the world.

Patrick is my boyfriend, but he is more than that. We are much more than girlfriend and boyfriend. We are Patrick and Teresa. Two survivors of a horrible past. Two winners, stronger as a pair. We have fought through whatever tough times that life has thrown at us, both separately and together against Red John. He is my best friend and I am his. He's the one person I feel truly safe and happy with and I know the feeling is mutual. This is a million miles from what could have been. A heartbroken man on a downward spiral, ending up either in prison for murder or paying with his life for his refusal to back down from revenge. I don't want to imagine what could of happened to us. I don't want to imagine a situation that doesn't have us this happy. Free from worry and heartache. Free from Red John.

He shifts slightly in his sleep and starts tracing circles on my side, a small content smile spreads across his face, mine too. It makes my heart fill with happiness. Patrick always tells me how safe he feels sleeping next to me. How my presence keeps the nightmares away. How he feels relaxed knowing the person he loves most in the world is safely lying next to him. I feel the same way. I love the feeling of Patrick's arms wrapped around me. I love knowing that he is safe and happy. I especially love waking up to a mess of curls and an adorable sleepy smile.

As I watch the sunrise bleeding through a space in the blinds, I feel him shift against me. He sighs and his eyes slowly begin to open, blue/green eyes finding mine and a happy smile spreading across his face. We share a sweet morning kiss. 'Good morning Teresa' he mumbles and softly strokes my cheek. I smile at his sleepy voice and gently ruffle his messy curls.

'Good morning Patrick. Happy birthday'.

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