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Epilogue- 6 years later.

From the day Red John killed himself, I have observed Patrick. Even after all these years, I continue to do so. However I have another beautiful person in my life to observe.

Neither of our lives have been a fairy tale. Our childhoods where full of heartache and disappointment. Mothers who left out lives too early. Fathers who treated us like dirt. We were forced to grow up quickly and take roles we didn't want. I became a carer to my brothers at such a young age. Patrick became a con man, a puppet in his father's control, taking money from the innocent. Two people who had so much to battle through before they truly found their happiness.

There is no such thing as a fairy tale ending. They are for books and soppy movies or the end of a TV series. However, I believe Patrick and I have found the real life equivalent. The happy ending we never thought would happen. As I said before, I have a new beautiful person in my life. A happy and healthy little boy. The spitting image of his father, my husband of almost 5 years. The man I plan to spend the rest of my life with. We are a family. A small one but a happy one. I have never felt so loved as I do when I am with my two beautiful boys.

Our relationship continued to get stronger and stronger after the anniversary. We didn't want to spend a second away from each other. I wanted to hold him forever, feel the sweet kisses on my lips and see the love in his eyes. In the beginning I didn't think I could have children, but we didn't mind. We were alive. We had each other. We had won. The prize was each other's complete devotion for one another. Three years ago we were blessed with our son. I didn't think we could be more happy but our little bundle of joy proved us wrong.

Our wedding was small but none the less perfect. Grace was my maid of honour, Kimball was Patrick's best man. Virgil game me away. Patrick had even asked his permission for my hand in marriage. I know some people say that marriage is a piece of paper, but I don't care. Even if we weren't married, Patrick and I would still be inseparable. I remember walking down the aisle and seeing his face. Pure happiness. Pure devotion. I couldn't stop smiling. I replay that day over and over in my head every night before I go to sleep, wrapped in the arms of the once broken man I love.

We are all winners. We are all survivors. None of us are perfect but we have each other, as well as other people we love and cherish. Kimball has summer and their soon to be little girl. Wayne has Sarah and Ben and his little sister Kate. Grace finally has her prince charming. A wonderful man who thinks the world of her. No sign of an addition to the family yet, but I know they desperately want a little bundle of joy. Their wedding will be soon. I imagine Grace will look beautiful. A princess awaiting her prince.

I have Patrick and Patrick has me. Together we have Oliver. He is a beautiful little boy with daddy's gorgeous blonde curls and my green eyes. His smile could melt even the blackest of hearts. He is oblivious to our pasts and what it took for his daddy to found happiness once again. One day we may tell him. Maybe. He has the right to know I guess, but the Red John door won't be open unless absolutely necessarily.

Patrick is a wonderful father, I knew he would be as soon as we found out I was expecting. 'I'm so happy Teresa, you have already made me the happiest man in the world without this wonderful news. I can't believe we are here together, our little family Teresa, me you and mini us!' he had tenderly placed his hand over my belly and patted it affectionately. 'Only 9 months Patrick' I had told him' 9 months till out little family is complete'. He smiled at me, eyes full of happy tears. 'I love you so much Teresa, I'm so glad we won. I'm so glad we have each other '. I smiled back, my own eyes filling with tears. 'Me too Patrick. I never want to be without you'.

I love to observe Patrick with Oliver. Matching golden curls and dazzling smiles. My two boys. The people I cherish the most in the world. Olly is just as observant as Patrick, despite his young age. A quick learner with an interest in everything. He adores his Uncle Cho, Rigsby and Aunty Grace, as well as his blood relatives, my brothers who adore him just as much as Patrick and I. When we all get together he loves to play with Ben and Kate, whilst Annie fusses over his hair. Olly is a daddy's boy, copying everything Patrick does whilst Patrick ruffles his hair affectionately and gives him a look of pure love and happiness. Oliver loves his mummy too, especially our special cuddles but nobody tells bedtime stories as well as daddy. Observing my boys fills me with so much pride and joy. Red John seems so long ago, almost as though it never happened but it did. His death made us all stronger. It kick started Patrick's path to moving on. It brought us to this moment right now. A father and son enjoying each other's company. Building houses with plastic bricks.

'Teresa?' Patrick's soft voice pulls me from my thoughts. I looked down at my two boys playing on the carpet, building blocks scattered around them. 'We're playing mummy! 'Olly says, flashing an adorable smile. Patrick holds his hand out to me and I gladly sit beside him. ' we're building a house' Olly informs me. 'Will you help us?' I nod and ruffle his hair' of course baby'. I smile at him and watch as Patrick helps him pick out which blocks to use.

I love my family. OUR family. Patrick is the love of my life. The father of my child. I love to observe his carefree nature. I love to observe how happy he is around the team, his new family. Most of all, I love to observe him when we're alone. My beautiful, wonderful, inspiring husband, Patrick Jane. I love to observe his smile. I love to observe how expressive his gorgeous eyes are. I love to observe his hair in the morning and the little looks of pure affection he gives me when we catch each other's eye. I love observing his devotion to our son and how protective of us he is. There are some days I still can't believe we are here. That Patrick is here with me. I know in my heart we will be together forever, creating memories to cherish forever. Red John is dead and we are still here, together. Two of us started the post Red John journey and now we are three. Me, Patrick and our gorgeous little Oliver.

I can't wait for more beautiful moments to observe.

So there it is, the epilogue to the longest story I have ever written. I hope you all like it and again I would like to point out how amazing you all are and how grateful I am that you took the time to read my story. Thank you so much!