Chapter 1: Death

The rain pounded against the earth, the wind howling noisily outside. Tree branches smacked against the windows, and thunder roared in the distance. Lightning flashed through the sky, illuminating a young girl dressed in a white nightgown. Her curls flowed gently down her back, the gown fitting loosely around her body.

She walked out of the kitchen, footsteps making soft pattering sounds. Her eyes darted around nervously. She quickly glanced around the room and, finding no one, she unsheathed the knife. She paused for a moment, looking at her reflection through the dagger, fear and determination reflected in her golden green eyes.

Unbeknownst to her, Anastasia, the girl's little sister, was hiding behind the couch. She peeked from behind the furniture, her eyes instantly widening from what she saw.

"No, Reina!"

Reina spun around, startled by the noise. Anastasia tackled her to the ground, Reina landing painfully against her back. The knife skidded across the wooden surface. Reina quickly shot up off the ground and slammed her head against her sister's. Reina then punched her in the nose causing her to scream in pain.

Anastasia clutched her nose, trying to stop the blood from gushing out. Seeing her momentarily distracted, Reina hastily punched her in the gut, knocking the breath out of her. She then lunged for the knife, quickly plunging it into her own heart.

Blood poured out of the injury, staining her nightgown a dark crimson color. She immediately pulled the knife out and slumped forward, falling to the ground. Anastasia caught her just before she hit the floor and swiftly pulled the girl into her lap. She moved a strand of jet black hair behind the dying girl's ear.

She sluggishly moved her palm to rest on Anastasia's face. "… I'm so sorry, Ana," she whispered. Her breathing was becoming shallow, and she was coughing up blood from her mouth. Rich, dark liquid leaked from the corners of her lips and ran down her chin. "Please forgive me," she murmured, her eyes pleading for the girl to understand.

Her eyes slowly closed shut, her hand dropping from the girl's face. Anastasia wept, salty tears hitting her sister's face and flowing gently down her cheeks. She leaned down and gingerly pressed her lips against her sister's pale cheek. She hugged her sister for several hours, the warmth slowly leaving the dead girl's body.

Sorrow clouded the girl's judgment; she grabbed the knife off of the floor, and quickly slit her own throat, blood spurting out of the wound and raining down on the pristine floor. She collapsed on top of the corpse and died within minutes.

Author's Note:

This is a pretty short chapter. I can't tell you why Reina decided to kill herself right now, but you can take a guess. Who knows? Maybe you'll have the right answer. Anyways, all will be revealed in time. Review, please!