Lady Hel's Lullaby.

I dunno why I did this but I've always wanted to this to make Lady Hel all dark and vengeful upon the Asgard gods even though she probably won't do this. :V

Elsie, Sock Monkey and Pig Wizard are my Original Characters starring in my story.

Hel: Hush, my little one; you must be exhausted.

Sleep, my little Elsie. . .

Let your dreams take wing

One day when you're big and strong. . .

You will be a quean!

Elsie: Good night. . .

Hel: Good night my darling. Tomorrow your training intensifies. . .

I've been exiled, persecuted

Left alone with no defense

When I think of what that god did. . .

I get a little tense!

But I dream a dream so pretty

That I don't feel so depressed

'Cause it soothes my inner goody

And it helps me get some rest. . .

The sound of Odin's dying gasp!

The einherjars squealing in my grasp!

The valkyries' mournful cry!

That's my lullaby!

Now the past I've tried forgetting

And my foes I could forgive

Trouble is I knows it's petty

But I hate to let them live!

Ailyth: So you found yourself somebody who'd chase Odin up a tree!

Hel: Oh, the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me!

Hel: The melody of clashing swords!

A counterpoint of painful howl!

A symphony of death, oh my!

That's my lullaby!

Loki's gone... but Hel's still around!

To love this little girl. . .

Till she learns to be a killer!

With a lust for being bad!

Sock Monkey: Sleep, ya little termite!

Uh- I mean, precious little thing!

Pig Wizard: One day when you're big and strong. . .

Hel: You will be a quean!

Hel: The pounding of the drums of war

The thrill of Elsie's mighty power!

Bahamut: The joy of vengeance!

Ailyth: Testify!

Hel: I can hear the cheering

Sock Monkey and Pig Wizard: Elsie! What a gal!

Hel: Payback time is nearing

And then our flag will fly

Against a blood-red sky

That's my lullaby! Hahahaha~!

Obviously you should know who saying what. This seems utterly horrendous. And I hope somebody fixes this or update this. It's not that good. :V