Chapter 1 - Abandoned

I don't own Bleach or the characters, but I do own my own Bleach OC, Akira Namikaze. Also another author, SuperSaiyanHollow helped me out with this so you can also thank her as well. Basically I got this idea while doing the description of my own character that I created which is based of me in real-life and simply she was a four months old when her parents abandoned her on the doorstep of the Kurosaki Clinic in Karakura Town, Japan. Luckily, for the newborn Akira, Masaki Kurosaki, who was pregnant with her first child at the time, found and took her in where she and her husband Isshin raised her as their own before their son Ichigo was born two months later. Also this was set in the year 1994 so it really did upset me but it wasn't enough to make me cry though.

Let the story begin.

Running. Breathing. That's all she was really thinking about. She sprinted through the rain drenched streets away from the car she had jumped out of. Her eyes stung from the water droplets that got into them, but she had no time to fuss over that. She had to get out of this place and there was no way in hell she could take along her four month old daughter. They had been driving for miles now, looking for a decent home to leave their daughter at. They had driven into a small town named Karakura and had stumbled across a small clinic. A clinic was the perfect place to leave their daughter. If they couldn't house her at least someone would pick her up there and do it.

She tripped over a stone in the yard as she sprinted, but she was able to land without doing any damage to her precious child. She crawled up to the doorstep and hastily rubbed off the raindrops from the door mat before placing a small plaid blanket on the mat. She removed the blanket away from her child's face so only her head was exposed to the cold and wet. She stared into her daughter's clear blue eyes which had red markings near the end and she felt herself tearing up, but she knew she couldn't hold onto this child. She would be safer here. The child, ignorant of what was happening, gave small giggles and coos. She even made a few spit bubbles which popped in her face.

Tears now freely streamed down her cheeks as she heard the car honking, tellling her to hurry it up. Through the heavy falling rain, she could easily see her husband at the wheel, with a look of pure sadness etched on his face. With as gesture of his head, he told her to hurry it up as he circled the block. She turned back to her happy faced daughter. She gave her a small smile as she ran her thumb along her forehead and accidently exposed a piece of delicate crimson hair to the cold. With a shaky inhale of breath, she looked down into her eyes, and said lovingly "I love you"

She was now sobbing as she stood and gave the doorbell one loud chime. She saw an upstairs light come on and she knew it was time for her to flee. Turning around, she saw the white car in sight and she made a mad dash for it. The door was open and she threw herself in. She slammed the door shut and freely cried as she looked out the window to see a pregnant woman with long light wavy brown hair holding her child. She blew a kiss out of the window and mumbled "Watashi wa anata ga watashi no hakoshi o oinori shite orimasu." The car then drove out of sight, leaving the baby in the hands of a loving couple.


Watashi wa anata ga watashi no hakoshi o oinori shite orimasu

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