Abandoned Chaper 3 - Awakening

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Ok here it is,the awaited third chapter of Abandoned as Akira will gain/awaken her Shinigami powers when she is in danger of getting killed by a Hollow. But her real mom gets injured, protecting her and they meet for the first time in years before Hikari (Akira's mum) transfers a portion of her own power to awaken her daughter's. But Soul Society will get word of this as it is against the laws for a Shinigami to transfer their powers to a Human, but that will be in the fourth chapter. Sorry for rushing Grimmjow's evolution from a normal Hollow to an Arrancar (Vasto Lorde).

I bet you were all surprised that I used Grimmjow Jaegerjaques for Akira's dad because I made her inherit those markings that he has.

() authoress's notes

Now on with the Chappie!

Ichigo Kurosaki, 15 years of age, watches on as his adoptive sister beat up the gang who decided to jump him because of his hair colour. Akira tends to get extremely vicious and aggressive when it comes to defending Ichigo because some idiots thought it would be fun to pick on him just for his hair.

But luckily, she was passing by when the gang jumped him, so she ran to his defense by using martial arts to seriously injure the moronic thugs, who saw that she meant business when it came to the carrot top.

Meanwhile, watching the scene was Hikari Jaegerjaques, 7th Seat of Squad 5 (Sousuke Aizen, the wannabe god), as she watched how brave her little girl was and she knew that she had inherited her father's fiery temper and the markings.

Then Hikari's Soul Pager went off, indicating that there is a Hollow close by and she flipped it shut before vanishing from her position by using Shunpo (flash-step) to get to her target.

After beating up the gang who jumped Ichigo, Akira arrived back at the Kurosaki Clinic but her father, Isshin came to drop kick his son and that was when Akira did a roundhouse kick on him and that was when he saw the dark look on the crimson head's face. As they entered the house, a pair of yellow reptillian-like eyes watched its intended target, the crimson haired teen, Akira Namikaze.

That evening, before dinner, Akira sat at her desk in her bedroom, doing her homework when she heard a commotion going on downstairs which caused the fifteen year old to roll her eyes at the annoying antics of her idiotic father. But she couldn't focus on the assignments because of the loud racket and she put down the pen agitatedly before getting up to beat the living daylights out of Isshin for picking fights with her brother, Ichigo. By that time, the teen is at the bottom step of the staircase with Isshin grinning sheepishly at his daughter as she cracked her knuckles menacingly while the carrot-top was trying his best to stiffle his laughter at the sight of his dad cowering away from his onee-chan when she started to stalk over to him with an evil smirk plastered on her face and a dark glint in her blue eyes.

Both Yuzu and Karin flinched at the sound of their onee-chan kicking their idiotic dad in the arse which sent the man flying into the living room wall where he left an imprint of himself, even their onii-san flinched at the sound of the impact.

But as usual, Isshin got up for round 2 with Akira but stopped when he noticed the dark look he was getting from the crimson head and she growled darly "Will you stop acting like an idiot for once dad as I have homework that needs to be done but I can't focus with you fighting with otouto!" This was the first time, the other three have seen Akira's temper first-hand but Ichigo has seen it many times whenever she beats the crap out of the idiots who gang up on him just because he's different and of his unnatural hair colour.

Then it was time for dinner and they sat at the table enjoying Yuzu's extremely delightful chicken curry servered with egg fried rice and glasses of coca-cola for them as their drinks. Yuzu turned to her onee-chan who smiled proudly at her and the crimson head ruffled her light brown hair as if to say that meal was fantastic as always. It was time for dessert, with Akira getting out of her seat to get the dessert she created before she went up to do her homework. When she came back, Karin, Yuzu, Ichigo and Isshin's eyes widened to the size of basketballs and their mouths were hanging wide open as they saw her holding a gorgeous milk chocolate sponge with a big jug full of custard. (I made Akira into a fantastic cook as she can make brilliant food, like Yuzu, as she did it while everyone were upstairs, except Ichigo, because she kicked them out of the kitchen so that she could surprise them)

Ten minutes later, the cake and the custard were all gone which left a big grin on the crimson head's face as she helped Yuzu clean up before heading up to bed for the next day.

Next morning, Akira's alarm went off and she brought a tanned hand down onto the clock as she rubbed her eyes with the other hand. It didn't take long to hear her father rushing into her brother's room to surprise attack him to keep his awareness up or so he Isshin calls it and he even did it to her, which resulted in Akira doing a dropkick and then a roundhouse kick on the idiot. Then Ichigo came in to see his father on the floor with a broken nose, a black eye and two teeth missing, this caused the orange head to start pissing himself laughing, that was until he got a rugby tackle from the crimson head, as they rolled all over the floor, play fighting each other while laughing.

When the two went downstairs to the kitchen, they saw Karin sitting at the table with Yuzu ladling out breakfast into the small bowls used for the morning meals of the every day routine and they both sat down when Isshin decided to do another attack but got a fork to the forehead, which did draw a bit of blood, from Akira. This caused everyone to sigh in irritation as Yuzu scolded the man for being an idiot this early in the morning.

Ichigo and Akira are soon walking to school, enjoying each other's company as the crimson head does some comedic acts, thus making the orange head laugh at her which made her smile happily since she got him to laugh and smile again after Masaki died when they were both nine years old when it happened.

When suddenly, Ichigo was thrown backwards and into a wall where he got knocked out by the force of the impact. Akira then heard a hissing voice " Well, look what I have here as I have found two very tasty souls which I will enjoy devouring, hehehe!" The crimson head's blue eyes widened in horror as she watched the thing went for her but not before blood covered her face as she saw a woman with darkish green coloured hair appear in front of the monster when it brought it's hideous mouth onto her flesh.

The teen watched as the woman sent a unsheathed blade into the monster's white face and it roared in pain, releasing her bloody body, before vanishing. Akira caught the woman before she hit the ground, she looked at the crimson head and spoke "Akira, you've grown a lot since the last time I saw you." this confused the girl and she snapped " How did you know my name anyway?"

She sighed "I named you when you were born and besides my name is Haikari Jaegerjaques?" Akira's eyes widened and she whispered "You're my mother, aren't you." Hikari nodded "Yes I'm your mother but right now you are in danger as you just saw." Hikari lifted her zanpaktou and went "Do you want to save that boy and yourself, if the answer is yes then drive this blade into your heart where I will pour my power into you, understood."

The crimson haired teen nodded in understanding and got hold of the blade, before she asked " Yes, I do want to protect Ichigo and my family even though you are my real mom and I will always love you" Hikari smiled before pushing the blade into her daughter's heart as the monster came back when suddenly a bright flash of light appeared where Akira stood and when the smoke vanished. There stood Akira in a Shinigami robes with a drawn zanpaktou and she ran to the thing that injured her mother and she cut inbetween the beast's eyes where it vanished.

Akira then passed out and fell to the ground with a smile on her face.

Finally, the third chapter is done, phew man that was a long chapter to write and I hope it was worth it as I think you might enjoy the Isshin-bashing which I found pretty fun to write as I just love to pick on him for doing his attacks on Ichi and my OC. Soul Society will find out eventually about Hikari transferring some of her power to Akira so that the crimson head can save all three of them from the Hollow that attacked the pair while on their way to school. Also Akira could be releasing her zanpaktou in the future so keep your eyes peeled for chapter 4 of Abandoned and please check out Rise of the Kitsune Shinigami. So tell me what you, lovely people think and don't forget to R&R!

Here is the release phase of Akira's zanpaktou

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