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This is my Young Justice/InuYasha crossover! XD This takes place after Artemis joins the Team and before Zatanna and Rocket do. I hope you enjoy it; it was really fun to write about all the members of team. Aqualad, Robin, and Kid Flash are my favs!

As for the timeline, the events begin in the same year that the team was started, 2010. However, the formation of the team has been pushed earlier in the year before their official formation on July 4th. InuYasha's timeline has also been adjusted to fit within this timeline. Otherwise, Kagome would be in her twenties.

As always feel free to send me your comments and questions. I'm really interested in knowing if I write everyone in character especially characters from Young Justice.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kagome Higurashi has known Shippo for a very, very long time. Over the years they shared, they grew very close to the point where they could anticipate each other's movements and even each other's thoughts. Even so, Kagome was unexpectedly stunned when Shippo voiced his inner musings while he walked her home from school.

"Why don't superheroes kill their enemies?" Shippo asked without pausing his stride.

"Excuse me?" Kagome remarked, owlishly blinking. She wasn't sure if he was being serious or not.

"You know," Shippo elaborated, "Why don't Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all other those Justice League guys just off the Joker or whatever nemesis they have and be done with it?"

Kagome shrugged and tightened the grip on her backpack's straps. "…to keep themselves in business?"

Shippo turned to her and frowned, obviously displeased with her reasoning.

"Don't you think it would be a more profitable business venture for superheroes to invest in revenge?"

'…he is being serious,' Kagome thought, suppressing a sigh.

"They already invest in revenge," she stated blandly, "After the good guys put the bad guys in jail, the bad guys break out and start plotting their revenge on them. Then the good guys catch the bad guys again, and the whole thing starts over. It's an endless cycle of vengeance."

"I'm not referring to that sort of revenge," Shippo clarified with a scoff, "I mean, fighting the same guy over and over for the rest of your superhero career? No matter how many tricks and traps and world domination schemes he comes up with that gets boring fast, Kaa-san."

Kagome rolled her eyes; Shippo was far too invested in this topic. The concept of a "superhero" began in America and spread to the rest of the world. Subsequently, the "supervillain" followed. Kagome didn't have an interest in them, but, apparently, Shippo did. She blamed it on the kitsune's innate curiosity.

"Consider this," he told her, "Big super bad guy gets killed by big super good dude once and for all. Naturally, after an intense and all inclusive investigation on his demise, it gets reported to the public that big super bad guy was actually everyday Joe Blo from down the street. Poor dead Joe's family, friends, coworkers, old classmates, regular barber, distant admirers, and fanatic followers all see that broadcast and bam!" Shippo loudly clapped his hands to emphasis the strength of his notion.

"Now big super good dude has the opportunity to capitalize on what could potentially be generations upon generations of steady crime fighting action with multiple big super bad guys!"

"I don't think a supervillain's relationships would be based on that type of pack mentality," Kagome countered, "Besides, if all those people decide to avenge his death, what happens when it becomes too much for the superhero to handle?"

Great, now she was being serious.

"That's why most heroes have sidekicks!" Shippo exclaimed with a cheeky grin.

"Sidekicks?" Kagome repeated unsurely.

Shippo nodded rapidly. "A protégé for them to mentor and teach all their secrets. The Robin to every Batman, the Aqualad to every Aquaman, the Speedy to every Green Arrow, the…small Flash to every…bigger Flash…?"

"The Shippo to every InuYasha," Kagome added with a wistful smile. Shippo pouted and looped his arm around the miko's shoulder, pulling her tightly to his side.

"I'd much rather be remembered as your sidekick," he told her, his tone both affectionate and reverent, "You're just as much of a hero as he is."

"Really, Shippo? I'm no hero," Kagome quietly remarked, pointing her gaze to her feet.

Shippo sighed and raked his fingers through his short auburn hair without relinquishing his hold on the young miko. Such disheartening comments from Kagome were commonplace nowadays, and there wasn't much he or anyone else could do about it.

The two continued walking to Kagome's new home in silence. She and her younger brother, Sota, now lived with Sesshomaru as his wards in the city of Shizuoka. When Kagome returned to her era after the end of the final battle with the hellish spider construct, Naraku, Sesshomaru approached her and her family under his modern era persona, a powerful businessman and entrepreneur with the same god-like beauty veiled with dull topaz eyes and short raven hair.

Throughout Kagome's travels in the past, she and the daiyōkai grew close, much closer than she ever expected. Sesshomaru and his small entourage began traveling with her companions as Naraku's demise drew closer. When InuYasha wasn't constantly trying to instigate a fight with him, Sesshomaru silently regarded each member of the group, tolerating their presence and nothing more.

One night, Kagome boldly approached the silent demon and tried to speak with him. He did and said nothing but allowed her to stay by his side. Of course, he quickly learned that ignoring Kagome was not an option, and his curiosity couldn't help but be aroused by her presence. It wasn't long before Kagome's one-sided conversations evolved into a bonding ritual between both parties. Sesshomaru grew to respect Kagome, and she reciprocated those feelings tenfold. With all the chaotic events she experienced during her travels, Kagome eagerly welcomed her new calm, quiet companion.

Because of the close kinship they developed, Sesshomaru arrived to her shrine with a proposition. He offered her a new home and a place in his pack under his protection. Kagome—and the rest of her family—were stunned. She briefly spoke of her fears of the future with him before, but she never thought Sesshomaru would take such drastic measures to ease her worries.

After much debate, Kagome agreed to the move. Her mother and grandfather were sad to see her go but knew there wasn't anything left for their precious girl in Tokyo. A place to start afresh was exactly what she needed to move on.

The only opposition came from Kagome's younger brother. Sota stood firm in the face of the powerful yōkai, not wanting to be left behind for a second time. The boy gave Sesshomaru an ultimatum: allow him to go with Kagome or be prepared for him to do so by force. Intrigued and amused by Sota's bravado, Sesshomaru extended an invitation to him as well.

Sesshomaru wasn't the only one from Kagome's past that she had constant encounters with. Jaken, who continued to faithfully serve his lord without fail, worked as Kagome and Sota's main caretaker much to his chagrin. Of course, he'd never admit how fond he was of the two Higurashi siblings out loud.

Rin, Sesshomaru's former charge, married and mated Shippo, and both visited the manor often, staying for days at a time. Their children were grown with families of their own, and they didn't foresee having more for some time. Both Shippo and Rin felt entitled to spend as much time as they could with their adoptive parents. Kagome knew that Sesshomaru encouraged this behavior and shamelessly spoiled them over the centuries no matter how much he tried to deny it.

When Kagome and Shippo reached the house, Sesshomaru met them at the door.

"Hello, Sesshomaru," Kagome greeted him warmly.

He nodded in response and surveyed her form, checking for anything that was amiss. Kagome fought the urge to giggle; Sesshomaru was as protective as he was indulgent.

"How was school?" he asked once his assessment was done.

Kagome shrugged. "Alright. I'm still getting used to it."

"It's been three months, has it not?" Sesshomaru questioned, "Surely you must be adjusted by now." He suspiciously narrowed his eyes.

"Are you being treated fairly by your peers and instructors?"

"It's nothing like that," she insisted, "Everything is fine. I just need a little more time to get accustomed to things."

"So what's up, chief?" Shippo asked as he put both his hands on the back of his head, "You usually don't meet us at the door."

"A business partner of mine is travelling to Japan within the next few days," Sesshomaru stated.

"Who?" Shippo asked.

"Wayne Bruce-san, owner of Wayne Enterprises," he answered.

Shippo whistled long and low at that name.

"I take it this guy's a pretty big deal," Kagome commented.

With the type of business ventures Sesshomaru and Shippo regularly took on, it was rare they were impressed with anyone especially if they were human.

"Definitely," Shippo remarked, "Wayne has some pretty impressive stats."

"What does that have to do with us?" Kagome asked Sesshomaru.

"Wayne-san's ward and his friends are accompanying him on this trip. They need to be entertained while he attends to business with Shippo and myself," Sesshomaru expounded.

Kagome quietly groaned and rolled her eyes. "So entertaining them is my job, right?"

"It was his suggestion not mine," Sesshomaru remarked, "They are close to your age; add them to your collection if you wish."

Kagome snorted and bypassed the imposing demon to head upstairs to her room.

"I make friends. I do not collect people," she said over her shoulder with a slight huff. Shippo chuckled and quickly followed behind Kagome leaving Sesshomaru behind.

"He does have a point," he commented as he shadowed the priestess, "Your friends aren't exactly normal. They're part of a pretty impressive collection if you ask me."

"Especially since I count you among them," she said with a snicker.

"Hey!" Shippo protested and draped himself over Kagome's back, "I'm your son not a friend! I'm far too special to be counted with everyone else."

"Of course you are, my silly little kit," she agreed and reached up to gently ruffle his hair.

Shippo purred and nuzzled into her neck. She rolled her eyes but continued coddling him. When they reached the door to her bedroom, Shippo pulled away and opened the door, allowing Kagome to walk in first.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" Shippo asked, leaning against the door frame when Kagome took a seat at her desk and set down her backpack.

"I have a research paper due in a few weeks and some studying to do," she answered, "And I'm need to take a break to pick up Sota from practice in an hour or two."

"Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. You want me to pick him up for you?"

"Nope. I can handle it," Kagome replied without looking his way. She pulled out one of her textbooks and her notebook from her bag, opening each to the desired page. After that, she retrieved some colored pens and highlighters from her desk drawer.

Shippo shrugged his shoulders before sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Are you gonna walk or let Jaken drive you for a change?" he asked, hoping but not expecting for it to be the latter.

"I'll walk," Kagome replied, highlighting a section of her notes, "Jaken-san doesn't have to go out of his way for that." She giggled as she turned the page of her notebook.

"Besides, he'll just complain about it the whole time."

Shippo sighed. "In that case, be back before dinner or Rin will have a fit."

"I promise Sota and I will be back before then. I wouldn't want to put you in the doghouse because we came home late," Kagome stated and shot the kit a playful look, "Now let me do my homework in peace."

Shippo grinned before standing up straight and giving his adoptive mother a grand, theatric bow. "Certainly, Kaa-san!"

Kagome rolled her eyes and returned to her studies after he left her room, closing the door behind him. Shippo walked down the hallway, into a separate wing of the large manor, and joined Sesshomaru in his study. He was seated at his desk typing away at his laptop.

"Yes, kit?" Sesshomaru acknowledged him without looking away from his computer screen.

Shippo pouted as he took a seat in front of Sesshomaru's desk. First Kagome, now him. Was he not worth being looked at while being talked to anymore?

"Are you sure you're doing the right thing?" Shippo asked, expecting the dog to know exactly what he was referring to.

Sesshomaru paused and looked at Shippo, lifting one of his slender eyebrows. "Are you not involved in this decision as well?"

"Depends on the outcome," Shippo remarked with a smirk.

"The final decision is hers to make," Sesshomaru said, "It is my duty as pack leader to ensure all of her needs are taken care of, and that she knows all of her available options."

Shippo leaned back in the chair, stretching his long legs out in front of him. "If you say so. I'm sure they'll be pretty persuasive once they learn what she's capable of."

"No one will sway her decision for their own benefit," Sesshomaru stated firmly; this provision in the agreement was absolute.

"The proper outcome will be for Kagome's wellbeing and her wellbeing alone."

"And screw everyone else in the process?" Shippo commented with a devious grin.

A small smirk snaked its way on Sesshomaru's face before he went back to his work.



"What did you want to see me about?" Aqualad asked as he calmly looked up to the notorious Dark Knight.

Earlier, Batman visited the Cave and requested to speak with him in private after he delivered his customary mission reports to the rest of the Team. As team leader, Aqualad frequently had one-on-ones with him; they were usually reports on the team's performance and the like. He had a feeling this was not the case now.

"We have located a potential new member to add to the Team," Batman stated, maintaining his stoicism.

Aqualad didn't seem too surprised. There were many other young heroes—or sidekicks as they were commonly called—who were trained under members of the Justice League. It seemed natural that these young heroes and heroines would work with or join the Team at one point or another.

"Who is this new recruit?" Aqualad inquired.

Batman answered by handing him surprisingly thin folder. Batman was always efficient in obtaining the most obscure facts and information, and it was odd that he'd present him with such a meager amount of data.

'Interesting,' Aqualad thought before he opened the file and browsed its contents.

What immediately caught his attention was a short list of details provided next to the photo of a raven-haired, blue-eyed young Japanese woman named Kagome Higurashi. She was seventeen years of age and the oldest ward of Sesshomaru Toboso, owner and CEO of Toyo Corporation. She currently resided in Shizuoka, the capital city of the Japanese prefecture of the same name, in the Chūbu region of Honshu.

Underneath these printed lines was an array of photos. Listed next to each image was the relation of the individual to Kagome along with any other identifying information. Aqualad quickly flipped through the pages, scanning each one carefully. There was considerably more information on Kagome's mother, grandfather, younger brother, and late father than the girl herself. However, there was only a name and occupation listed next to her current guardian, his daughter and her husband, Rin and Shippo Yoshikuni, and various other individuals that regularly associated with the Toboso family.

Aqualad returned to Kagome's image on the first page of the file, scrutinizing her bright azure eyes and charming smile. All in all, Kagome Higurashi seemed like an attractive yet unremarkably ordinary girl.

'Could she truly be a hero?' he thought, perplexed.

"There is no information on her abilities, powers, or experience," Aqualad commented after he closed the file.

"This is all I can supply you with," Batman remarked, "Our recruit's guardian is very thorough at keeping her information low key."

Aqualad was instantly intrigued; there must be more to Toboso than meets the eye if he managed to keep the Dark Knight at bay.

"I see," he replied, "What is the next course of action?"

"As team leader, overseeing and improving team dynamics and operations fall under your responsibilities," Batman briefly explained, "Because we have no information regarding the merits of this potential member, it is your duty to see if she is suitable for this team."

"I understand. How shall I proceed?"

As always, Aqualad expected the mission to be covert and employ undercover tactics. Once again, Batman surprised him.

"You, Robin, and Kid Flash will accompany me to Shizuoka. The recruit's guardian arranged for you three to have the opportunity to observe her in person. You are not to reveal yourselves to her under any circumstances until she is deemed suitable for this team."

"Why doesn't her guardian tell us what we need to know?" Aqualad couldn't stop himself from asking.

It was clear Toboso had a hand in the League's consideration of his ward as a possible recruit. If he was willing to go that far for her, he should have been more forthcoming with the information they needed.

"That's just how Toboso operates."

Aqualad turned and saw Robin and Kid Flash enter the room to join him and Batman, each wearing wide grins.

"Looks like you got briefed on our new mission," Robin quipped, "It'll be just the three of us this time. Like when we started out, right?"

Aqualad grinned as he remembered that fateful day. "I suppose."

"Don't be so serious!" Kid Flash exclaimed, casually slinging his arm over Aqualad's shoulders, "We're going to a foreign country in the next few days; think of it as a vacation!"

"Plus, Bats trusts you with our secret IDs," Robin commented with a wide grin.

"Your secret identities?" Aqualad repeated in awe.

"Yep," Robin replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "It was originally supposed to be me and Kid Flash on this mission, but Batman decided we'd need your skills too." He comradely nudged Aqualad with his elbow.

"You're lucky enough to see what's under the mask!"

Aqualad looked to Batman, and he nodded once at the Atlantean teen. Aqualad fought the urge to grin widely. To be trusted with this information meant Batman recognized his growth as a hero and deemed him worthy of such knowledge. He truly felt honored.

"Be fully prepared to leave in the next five days," Batman instructed the excited trio, "You may discuss this mission with Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, and other League members, but be discreet. Do not mention the names of the recruit or any of her relations. You are also not to reveal our exact location." His lips tightened to a thin line.

"Under no circumstance is there will be any communication to the remainder of the Team or the League while we are deployed."

The trio of young heroes nodded, eager to get this mission underway.



punkish furball – I hope you enjoyed that! It was on the short side as prologues are prone to be, but the next chapter is much longer. As always, contact me for your comments, questions, and words of wisdom about this story and any others. L83R, DUD35! (≧∇≦)

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