Raising his hand to knock on the door, Dave drew in a deep breath, hoping John wouldn't be mad at him. He was more confident on his way there, but now, standing in front of the door in the house which seemed to have all lights turned off, the confidence pretty much wore off. Knocking, he received no reply.

Hmm. Maybe John wasn't home. But where would he be? Going around to the garage, Dave peeked in through the side door window, expecting to see something, like a car, but then he realized that John can't drive yet and his dad is out on business leave or something. Releasing the breath he had been holding in an impatient sigh, he strolled back to the front door, contemplating whether he should go in or not. He knew John was fine with him simply barging in, as he had even given him a key - which he lost, but he wasn't going to tell John that. Shrugging, Dave opened the door, peering inside.

"Yo, John?" No answer.

Scrambling inside and shutting the door, Dave gradually walked through the house, looking around and occasionally surveying family portraits (he wasn't trying to be creepy!). Not seeing John anywhere, he decided he would do a quick check of upstairs and then head the fuck out of there - it was actually kind of frightening being alone in the house, or so it seemed so far. Climbing up the stairs, he rounded the corner at the top, heading straight for John's room. The door was shut. He hoped this wouldn't be like in those horror movies where everything inside of you is telling you not to open the door but you open it anyways and shit goes down.

Opening it, he was relieved to find that there was no monster behind the door - but he could see John's messy hair peeking out of the covers of the bed. Not even bothering to pretend he wasn't there, he grabbed the covers and tugged them off of him, recieving a grip on the other end - John was definitely awake and aware that he was there. Letting the blanket go, Dave allowed John to pull it back over his head.



"John, seriously."

Still silence.

"John, why didn't you open the door. Why are you in bed." He stated them not even in the form of questions, just statements that John could answer if he felt like it. He obviously didn't.

"Answer me, Egbert."

Nope. Massaging the bridge of his nose with his fingers, he groaned, knowing he would have to do this the hard way.

"Fine, if you're not getting up, then I'm lying down." Ripping the covers from John's iron grip, he scooted in next to him, earning pushes and shoves against him, but it was no use. John wasn't strong enough to push him out, at least not in this state.

"Go away," John murmured, giving up on trying to get him out.

"Now that's not a way to treat your best friend, is it?"

"I said go away..."

"Nope. I am not going to leave this spot until we work this out." Folding his arms, Dave did just that.


The two didn't say anything for awhile, and Dave wondered if John had fallen asleep. But he was proved wrong when John surprisingly cuddled up to him, so Dave wrapped an arm around his friend in return.

They still remained silent, until Dave felt hot tears against his chest. John was...crying? Shit.

"Dude, are you okay?" Okay, that was a stupid thing to ask. Of course he wasn't okay. But John didn't bother to get on his case about it - which meant he really wasn't okay.

"I can't believe he cheated on me, Dave," John said, nuzzling closer into the blonde's chest, which was getting pretty soaked with tears. "I-I mean, I was going to break up with him anyways, but, that someone would even cheat on me...I can't..."

"Shh, it's okay." Pulling him even closer, Dave rubbed his back comfortingly, trying to ignore the stupid hormones. He's mourning, you idiot! Don't even think about your feelings and that shit at a time like this.

"But it isn't," John choked out, sobbing a bit less quietly now. "I deserved it, for not breaking up with him earlier."

Now how did John get that out of this entire situation. How did not breaking up with him soon enough make him subject to this kind of treatment? But wait. John was already planning on breaking up with him? Why? Dave knew he couldn't ask that though; it wouldn't be thoughtful nor would it help at all. "John, you know you didn't deserve that shit, or any shit from him. He's just an asshole." Dave attempted to comfort him with this, obviously not very experienced at doing so. Hopefully John wouldn't get angry with him for insulting his ex.

"I..I know, but I didn't even like him in the f-first place." Okay. What?! Now he was just talking nonsense.

"Then why did you get together with him? Why are you so sad about this?" Nope, that's cruel and stupid, Dave, stupid stupid stupid, but it's already out of your mouth so you can't take it back.

"Because...because I didn't want him to get mad at me? Or something? A-and...I just...I guess the whole thing kind of backfired, when he cheated on me. It was sort of like he broke up with me first, and he was acting all this time and now I feel dumb and worthless and I just..."

"Stop, just, stop."


"John, no one should have to go through being cheated on, especially not you. You're not dumb, you're not worthless, that's all bullshit that you're telling yourself because you're offended about being treated fucking wrongly." Woah. Where the fuck did that come from? Fuck, Dave was talking to Rose too much. At least it was sincere.


"No buts. You deserve somebody who won't cheat on you, who won't treat you and your friends like shit." Like me. Wait, no, Dave, don't even be thinking like that, that's horrible and selfish as fuck. Just stop. "Besides, I don't even think he was acting half the time, the guy's probably still head over heels for you, just has a lot of fucking problems."

Going completely quiet, John waited for his tears to dry up before speaking. "Wow, Dave. When did you learn to be so caring?" Oh fuck no. Not this.

"I'm not, I mean, I, anything for best bros, you know, plus Rose has been lecturing me way too much about shit and..."

"Wait, you've been talking to Rose? About what?" Fucking shit! How does John even figure this stuff out?!

"Well, she's my sister, I mean, come on man." Nope, he had already just lost his cool in front of the only person he tried to be cool for. Why must life hurt him in this way.

"Dude, you said she was lecturing you. That means you've got some kind of problem thing or something." Dammit, at least John was starting to obviously feel a little bit better.

"Nah, she lectures me all the time; it's never really about anything." He was lying, he hated to lie to John but he had to.

"Just tell me."

Knowing that John wouldn't let up, Dave decided to be somewhat distant about it. "Well, okay, um, so there's this person, I guess." NOT COOL. NOT COOL. NOT COOL. "And I sorta got a crush on 'em. There. That's it. It's nothing important." NOT. FUCKING. COOL.

"Why didn't you tell me? I could've helped you or something. Whatever, you have to tell me who it is now!" Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit shitshitshit.

"Um, well, it's a guy, if that's not weird..." He hoped John wasn't homophobic. As friends and only friends, they never talked about shit like that.

"No, that isn't weird! Gosh, just tell me, numbnuts." Welp, he had obviously entirely forgotten about Karkat, so that was a good thing. Probably the only good thing about that conversation, though.

"Man, no, you'd freak out." True. Very true. So true it hurt.

After a pause, John's eyes widened. "It's Karkat isn't it."

"Oh hell no, gross don't even joke about that shit." At least that earned a laugh from the other boy, temporarily easing the tension.

"Okay. I guessed wrong. Now tell me already!" He was rolled over so he was lying on his stomach, but still facing Dave and still cuddled up against him, resting his head on his hands. He looked really cute tucked up under Dave's arm, and it took all Dave had not to squish him into a gigantic hug.

Placing the back of his hand to his head and feigning distress, Dave sighed dramatically. "Alas, it is a forbidden love and therefore irrelevant."

Seeing right past Dave's humor, John only caught one word. "Love?" Okay no shit damn fuck. Dave's brain was going through every cuss word in the book. "You're in love with them?"

"I was being dramatic, Sherlock."

"But you're not denying it."

"That was my denial right there."



"Okay just tell me."

How was it not painfully obvious to him right then and there? Here they were, cuddled up together abnormally close and he wasn't picking it up. Was John really going to make Dave say it? Dave didn't want to, at least not right now. It would seem like he was taking advantage of his susceptible state. Yet, it seemed like it was now or never...

"I can't." He couldn't.

"Why not?" John looked genuinely hurt.

"Dude, no, it's not that I don't trust you, I just - can we just change the subject? This is stupid.."

"No, I am not letting you get out of this that easy, Dave." Darn.

"Okay, look, I just, I can't get myself to tell you an actual name, okay? That just isn't...I can't." Lost his cool long ago, no need to try and avenge it.

"Alright. Weeelll...why not just tell me stuff about them and I can guess?"

"Fine.." They were boys though! Girls were supposed to have these conversations, right? God dammit. "Um..well, they wear glasses.."


"Uh, what?"

"There are a lot of guys who wear glasses. For example, your brother, ew by the way, Jake, also ew, Sollux, Equius, Eridan..." No no no no, gross.

"You didn't let me finish."

"Then finish."

"I um..well, they have blue eyes..maybe.."

"Narrows it to Equius and Eridan."


"Then who?"

"Um, okay, shit, I guess you've kind of forced me to tell you this and so please don't get all weird from me saying it because you asked for it woah hold on what are you doing-"


Hell yes.

Hell fucking yes.

John was kissing Dave, it wasn't Dave kissing John, no, it was John literally putting his lips against Dave's and it felt like the most beautiful thing in the world and it wasn't drunk and it was totally involuntary and he immediately began kissing back and hoped he didn't seem too eager it was just he was waiting for this for his entire life and then suddenly John just pulled away why did he pull away he's supposed to be keeping his lips there. "Wh-"

"Shit, fuck, sorry Dave, sorry..." He was apologizing. Ha.

"Why're you sorry?" Licking his lips, Dave raised an eyebrow at John, still trying to remain calm but he knew his face was red as an apple.

"I-I know you weren't talking about me and I didn't mean to be all weird there I sort of just acted on the spur of the moment-"

"Shut up and kiss me." Hell yes, Dave got to use one of the most cliche lines ever just like he always wanted. And then John nodded sheepishly but wouldn't move so Dave had to lean forward and pull his face closer, their lips reuniting the second time that day.

It was a real kiss; they both were putting effort into it and it wasn't one-sided like the first time. Not wanting to pass any boundaries, Dave broke the kiss shortly after and grinned nervously at the love of his life. He couldn't believe that that just fucking happened.

"God, you don't know how long I've wanted to do that," he found himself whispering, then quickly clamped his mouth shut realizing he said that aloud.

Instead of acting grossed out or horrified like he expected, John actually smiled and wrapped his arms around Dave's neck, taking him by surprise but he wasn't complaining. "Please don't hurt me like Karkat did." Damn, okay, it hurt that John thought that was even a possibility.

"I wouldn't, I would never, I fucking promise that if I had to either hurt you or die I'd be dead." Not the best reassurance.

"You'd hurt me if you died, though," John giggled, kissing Dave on the tip of his nose. Dave still couldn't believe this was happening, and he was still too taken aback to control the blush blooming on his face. Holding John closer, he shut his eyes and wished that if he was dreaming that he could never wake up. He'd never felt so sappy and joyful all at once and it was somewhat nauseating but for the most part, a high he'd never felt before. The scent of John tingling in his nose, it wasn't long before both he and John fell asleep together, content.

Author's Note: omfg sooo sorry for the long wait until this update! I was really busy with tough schoolwork and home troubles, so I hope you can forgive me. v.v I fluffed it up x10 for you so that it might be worth the wait! Shoot, I'm starting to notice a pattern in my chapters ending in sleep...oh well!