The 10th Kingdom – Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time

Hey! So I decided that I would submit these stories in because they are already started and I love this mini-series. Wish they had a sequel :( Generally, I'm going to try to go through the whole story line from beginning to end because you have to understand it from all perspectives. Hopefully it meets to your expectations! :)

Angelica Lewis has always wished for a Do-Over; where she can spin her life in reverse and do it the right way. Ever since she was a little girl she always dreamt of a fairytale ending, with her knight-in-shining-armor whisking her away from the dumpy New York apartment and into a land of fantasy and magic. But that was only in kids' stories, right? Where the heroes slay the dragons and the princesses are in distress from a high tower or in rags with 'no possible chance' to escape the life they are leading.

Angelica was a Cinderella, she was waiting for her fairy godmother (or anyone really)- to give her the encouragement and nudge to go to the ball (mostly just getting a nicer job and home)- and ride off into the sunset with Prince Charming (or the nicest guy she can grab would do nicely). She led a simple life and now she wanted the impossible. With each passing year, her hopes diminished and the candles were about to be put out. That was until a fateful day in the loud, noisy New York city that changed Angelica, her older sister Virginia, and her father forever… Or at least for those days.

"Angel, you ready?" asked her older sister using her nickname as she combed back her hair. Angelica Lewis was sitting at the bedside window gazing at the horizon. Her eye gleamed over the painted colors of the sunset. The hues of orange mingled with the faint pinks and purples for a bright yellow glow. The skyscraper buildings loomed over wide shadows on the busy street below. People on their cellular phones and mothers taking aside naughty children, crowded the sidewalks. It was same thing each sunset right before she and her older sister by a year, Virginia, headed to their third shift minimum paying job as a waitress at a local grill house.

The 20 year-old looked at the same view as she hugged her knees and sighed heavily. She fixed at her dark blue shorts over her black leggings. She wore a tan camisole under her dark blue jacket with a hood. She zipped up the jacket halfway and plaited her hair as a side swept braid. Angel inspected in a small hand mirror. Looking at every piece and crevice of her face, she smoothed back her forest brown hair. Her pale skin was flawless with freshly trimmed eyebrows. Her hazel eyes followed her mirror twin's face.

"Ready for another boring day in New York City?" she asked herself. Not expecting anything, she muttered, "That's what I thought,"

Virginia popped her head in the share bedroom. Virginia had mousy brown hair with the kindest blue eyes she's seen. Her fair skin was barely seen with her blue jacket over the white camisole and her black biker shorts over fitting yoga pants. She had her Docker shoes on and held her hair bark ready to fix it.

"Hey, so do you know what dad wants for supper?" she asked already knowing her sister's answer. Angel shrugged.

"Not sure, might as well leave him the leftovers before they smell," she suggested.

Tony Lewis, once the bachelor with his own business now more or less a janitor in the apartment they live in. He picks up small jobs to make rent but with the extra small wages coming from his daughters, they can barely scrap by. It was Angel's dream to add her money to pay for a small community college to get a degree in Political Arts. So far she had a couple thousand from tips. Angel bit her lip.

Virginia wanted to cook as often as she can but with the pot of money they had it became a regular night of boxed dinner trays and order-ins. Angelica knew the family needed money but she wanted something for herself without feeling the need to sacrifice. Angel and her sister sacrificed a further in education to help with the rent and meet ends meet. Virginia wanted to pursue culinary school but with no tuition money coming through and no available jobs can be promoted at the restaurant they currently work at without some knowledge in food, she had to hold off her dream.

Angelica wasn't going to do that. Even though a year younger she can still have her dreams partially come through. With the money saved up, she calculated another two months worth of good tips and pay might be able to apply for a scholarship.

She walked to the kitchen where Virginia was fixing a dinner for their dad when he finally stops work for the day. With six jobs and a landlord who won't stop barking, it was hard to tell when a day's work is done. Their apartment was smaller than the rest and needed to be clean. But with their jobs and trying to help out, it never got done and thus clutter upon clutter of useless junk and strange odors facilitated in the kitchen and living room space.

Because of their money situation, no one could afford a car. Tony sold the last car years ago and the money slipped through his hand faster than he had a grip on it. But they did manage to scrap up enough money to buy two decent bikes as transportation. Angelica lifted her blazing green and white bike and had a hold of Virginia's plain black and white bike.

"Coming?" she asked her sister.

"Yep," she said receiving the bike and stumbling their way out of the apartment. Across the hall, there was Tony Lewis all in uniform and working on the elevator shafts from the electric wires. He fumbled around the tool case to find the source of the problem. With sweat beading down from his brown hairline and frustration kicking it, he threw the pliers to the side and glared at whoever was behind him. His glaze softened. Both of his girls were carrying their bikes, all in there casual dressings to head off to work.

He said, "You see this? Look at this!" The wire in his hand was chewed up. "This has been chewed! It's not my job. This is an electrician's job, but who gets to do it? Where are you going?"

Angel rolled her eyes. "To work, dad, like we always do,"

Tony lifted a switch for the doors to open. The elevator opened to the shabby fake gold paintings with bright lights all aligned in the same direction. "Oh. On the way back use the stairs, just in case,"

Snow White Memorial Prison, 4th Kingdom, 6:02 p.m.

In another world, kept closely hidden from the unknowing humans were the Nine Kingdoms so forth named. Happily ever after did happen and the stories were true- Cinderella, Snow White, and all the other fables happened throughout these lands. People in these nine Kingdoms looked up to the legendary fabled leaders. Back then in the Golden Ages, the princesses became Queens and soon after brought peace and prosperity to the lands.

But happy endings do end at one point. And currently the Nine Kingdoms are hoping the fate rest on a noble prince of the 4th Kingdom, where lies in the heart and covers the most land of the Nine. Prince Wendell, grandson of the deceased Snow White former Queen in the Golden Ages, has a lot on his plate. What with his coronation coming up and the high prospects of a hopeful future for everyone.

Our attention draws to the most fearsome prison to ever contain a large variety of crooks and wrong-doers. The Snow White Memorial Prison was made to punish the unjust and retain their morals to the virtues of the people in the Golden Age. Unfortnately the years have swept up many thieves alike and the chances of a clean and prosperous happily ever after dimmed for many.

The castle prison estate covered most on higher ground and on the Outer Provinces, miles away from any neighboring village. Not one prisoner has ever escaped in the past two decades and its upstanding record speaks for itself for the most gruesome characters and shadings. The brimstone lining of the prison proved strong and firm like an iron fist. Outside hanging just above the balconies were human-sized cages with already dead victims. The tortured skulls were frozen with fear as their rags and the vultures gnawed whatever meat left on the bone and pesky ravens on occasion.

Inside a shadow of a figure emerges into a hallway in the deep of the prison hallway. The outlining can just barely give away a distorted figure but otherwise near impossible to detect this invisible creature. Up ahead the target was in range, a prison guard making his evening rounds. His jangling keys were eyed upon as they made the bend.

Feeling an odd disturbance the prison guard turned around ready for the catch. Nothing and no one was there. He called out, "Who's there?" When all was silent, he turned back around and continued pacing.

But he heard a noise coming from nowhere. A sharp turn about and he could have sworn a trickle in reality was waving. He opened his mouth again but was instantly silenced by a spray of pink sparkling powder dust. His eyes lolled back and he fell to the floor, asleep.

The mysterious figure reached down to open the key latch. The keys appeared to be floating in mid-air until a trail of gold shimmer enticed the keys and disappeared along with it. Whatever the stranger came for was certainty breaking a prisoner out with the set of jail keys.

Outer Provinces 6:03 p.m.

Around the same time, the royal carriage draped in gold and white with red plume feathers at the top wheeled its way by horses and footmen on their way to the very Prison. Inside was a distraught and equally bored Prince Wendell looking dully at the scenery of wheat field upon wheat field. His companion sat opposite on the purple seats. He had white buzzed hair with a grandfather-ish gleam. His eyes narrowed at the Prince for lacking his posture and the grand outfits they both wore were decorated in medals and sashes according to their royal status.

"So where are we exactly going?" the Prince asked curiously hoping it would satisfy his bored state.

"To Beantown, in the southwest province of your kingdom sir. You're accepting the throne that the craftsmen made sir, for your coronation," the royal councilman said.

The Prince resisted the urge to groan and so he looked away with rolling eyes. With a hint of a whine he demanded, "Well is it much further? Can't we stop and go hunting or something?"

The older man huffed at the twenty year-old man in front of him. Always wanting to have fun, but never sit down to do the work for it. The councilmen sighed. "Very shortly, sir, we must make a brief stop at the Snow White Memorial Prison,"

Wendell thought about his grandmother shortly. She was a legend and a magnificent Queen. One day he wanted to be somewhat like her instead of in the shadows of her success even if she was dead. People whispered how Wendell would be just like her and change things for the better of the 4th Kingdom. With so much heaviness on his shoulders, Wendell grew bored of a royal life and wanted to start fresh and away from anything dealing with the throne. He knew as soon as he was coronate a King, no more regular hunting trips or the little things he enjoyed such as horse back riding at leisure. It would be all paper work, treaties, meet a King's daughter here and there, and then finally settle down until he, with pleasure, hands down the throne and retires to his hunting lodge.

"Ugh, I hate these outer provinces. The people are so common,"

The man calmed his Prince down not wanting an uprising. "Your stepmother had applied for parole again, which we of course turned down,"

Wendell could never forget his stepmother. The one lady to single-handedly poisoned his mother and father and then eventually started to strike him down. She took not only his freedom and life, but his loving parents that he already no longer remembered anymore thanks to the Queen. She was thankfully caught and sentenced for life in the prison where Wendell hoped every day she would rot in there for the crimes she committed and the cruelty she had become.

He fluffed a head pillow and placed it on the back of his head as the nobleman named Lord Childs continued, "It's simply a routine courtesy visit,"

Wendell couldn't wait to get out of the carriage and be back on the hunt.

The stranger passed all the cells. Unknowing to its contents, trouble was stirring. He shoved the key into the hole of a steel barred door. On a little plaque on the door read the names of three occupants who were all siblings- Blabberwort, Bluebell, and Burly, the three haunting trolls from the Third Kingdom. There posted sentence of three years told the guards of how long pillaging and other crimes of nature they performed to earn those years.

The stranger opened the door to find the two males and one female. However since they were trolls, no one could tell the difference between their names and gender. Burly, the tallest and eldest had blackened hair spiked back as a mullet. He had a bone piercing in his nostrils and the tattered yellowed teeth guarded the stench from his mouth.

Next to him was his sister Blabberwort. She wore chest plate armor and wrist guards. Her awful pink reddish hair stuck in odd places. Her long pointed ears were filled with piercings. Her eyes filled with murder and nostrils huffed for whatever she had to face.

And the last but never the least was Bluebell. He had jet-black hair spiked in the front. His huge honk of a nose twitched in anxiety. He was darker than his fair brother and tan sister but the mischievous glint in his eyes told strangers he was the prankster and foolish one in the group.

They began fighting incessantly for whom to confront the invisible stranger. "Stop it!" the sister cried.

"You go!"

"No you!"

The mystery invisible stranger revealed his whereabouts. "You're pathetic. Call yourselves trolls? You should be ashamed," he scolded harshly. His voice rough with no sincerity or gesture of empathy. The older coarser voice shrieked in the trolls' ears like nails on chalkboard.

Burly said, "Sorry Dad,"

Blabberwort said, "Sorry Dad,"

The last of the trio offered a faint smile. "Won't happen again, Dad,"

The voice continued, "This is the last time I come and rescue you,"

Burly stepped forward in repentance. "C'mon dad, take off the magic shoes?"

"I can handle them," he grumbled as two golden shoes with each a small crown placed at the bell of the shoes. Out stepped another troll, bigger, meaner, and definitely more terrifying. He had black spiky hair, a crown resting at the top of his thick spikes. He wore the same biker leather clothing of his children. His tusks of teeth gleamed in a snarl. Hands on his head, he grabbed for the wall in support.

Relish the Troll King would most certainly punish his three children for the headache for the price of his traveling.

In the elevator, Tony pulled a couple switches to manually operate the elevator. As the elevator cruised down, Angel fixed her hair. Virginia situated both of the bikes in case of any more passengers waiting to board.

"You know what I'm starting to think? I'm starting to think that the only kind of people in this country is guys like me," Tony said taking a good sip of his beer.

Angel and Virginia shared a glance and rolled their eyes. Here goes another Tony speech about how he worked for so long and so many jobs that he shouldn't be the only one out there to be reprimanded for the delay in many of his responsibilities.

"You know guys that work for scraps, do six jobs-who basically bend over and take it. Give it fifteen years tops; this country is finished with democracy. I'm telling you as a caring society, where we do things for each other, we got one thing after another- we are finished here!" he lectured.

Angel said, "So are you saying that the caring part of society would resign and leaving all the jobs free to higher standing citizens who are giving free tax breaks, which is the main reason why the economy hasn't begun to bounce back yet? Thus, with what you have said within these fifteen years, we would simply pick up where we left off in the Great Depression, leaving most of America in a worser poverty all because the little men aren't fully recognized for their work?"

Virginia smirked at her sister. She patted her on the shoulder. Angel's insight stunned her father and he kept opening and closing his mouth not knowing how to retaliate.

"Your barbeque ribs are on top of the microwave," Virginia said filling in the silence. The elevator dinged and the doors opened to the spiffy mean landlord in his usual suit and tie. His hair was slicked back and carried a business portfolio.

"Tony, I've been calling this elevator for the last half hour! I thought you fixed it?" the landlord said revealing his miniature look alike- his son probably around 10.

"It is sir, but its broken again," Tony put on a fake smile.

He sneered, "Don't take all night on it, you've got to take a look on that boiler! It's driving everyone crazy. There's air in the pipes, the whole system has to be drained and blazed,"

"I know sir. I just got to fix the leak in number nine and then I'm right on it," Another fake smile with a thumbs from Tony, the landlord and the creature of the son staring at Angel intensely left at the main level. Before they left the landlord had one more thing to say.

"Tony, I'm only going to tell you this once. There are an awful lot of people that would love your job. An awful lot,"

"Yes sir," he said bluntly. Once they left with an air of snobbish attitude Tony whispered over to his girls. "Drain the system, I would like to drain his system!"

The girls chorused as they wheeled their bikes out, "Bye Daddy,"

Being the caring father, he reminded them, Oh, oh listen, don't go through the park,"

"We know," Angel rolled her eyes knowing fully well that was their intended path of travel.

"Do you have a coat? You'll get cold. Oh what did you fix me for dinner-" The elevator closed leaving the girls free of his voice.

Virginia asked as they got on the bikes, "Why does Dad act like he can care when we are grown up already?"

Angel shrugged, "Mid-life crisis?"

"Hasn't he already passed that?"
Angel remained silent as both of them rode the streets of New York. Pedaling swiftly to make it on time, they use the short cut through Central Park. There was nothing wrong with making the trip through the park… except for the occasional weirdo trying to sell something. The sisters continued pedaling on with no disturbances. Virginia re-adjusted the strap of her small backpack skillfully. Angel eyed the scenery and breathed a sigh of relief. She never liked all the noise and just in general the busyness of New York City. She would rather retreat to the country where everything wasn't the same or constructed over.

Wish I could live in the forest, she thought.

Walking through the halls of prison, the Troll King named right so for his desire to fight- Relish- led the way without the help of his all powerful glittering invisibility-granting shoes. His scrambling children not-so quietly arguing over nothing in particular; Relish eyed for any more guards. He already aimed at many of them.

Troll Dust had the effect to make people instantly asleep. It was their secret weapon for winning many wars and battles. The formula was beat out of the scientist in the 6th Kingdom, but due to the hundred-year curse, the ruler and her people are trapped in an eternal sleep. The key to unlocking the curse is in an impossible solving curse. One of the scientists appointed for that task discovered the glittering pink dust around the area and perfected an exact copy in the 3rd Kingdom for research.

But when Relish took over the entire Kingdom, all their secrets were told in return for their freedom. The scientist agreed such a price and showed the trolls how to make the powder. After killing the scientist, trolls made infinite amounts for their militaristic government and ever since they named it Troll Dust.

Relish released another pinch of the powder from a slingshot to a guard. He dropped down from drowsiness and they continued their trek out.

"Wait!" A voice from Relish's head screamed delicately. "Come to me, come to me," the voice commanded. He held his head and his children swamped around him. Relish, intrigued by such a voice and with much authority laced in, followed the voice. He headed with his troll children to the Maximum Security Wing for whatever was down there.

At the same time, the royal carriage pulls in. The horses stood their stance as the Prince walked out. He looked at the mucky floor and heard the distinct vulture calls from the cages above.

Wendell's nose scrunched up. "Well this is marvelous isn't it? Not exactly the red carpet treatment,"

Childs came right behind him, remembering not to scold the king-to-be. "I'm sure they haven't forgotten our visit, Your Majesty,"

Rules were posted on a wall telling the Prison Guards to take extreme precaution.


Relish, the fearsome, scoffed at the rules and continued down the hall to the only occupied locked up cell room in the wing. Burly read the rules and his siblings froze with a sort of nervous.

"Sucking elf," he cursed in the Troll language.

Blabberwort feared, "You were right,"

"Maximum security, we're not suppose to be in here!" Bluebell believed.

Burly confronted their fears, "Dad! No one is ever allowed in there, this is where they keep the Queen!"

Their dad ignored the warnings and kept going down with him. A board flapped down in front of them nearly scaring them out of surprise. In red letterings for a warning, it read ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION WITH PRISONER.

The children whispered amongst themselves as he went round the obstacle in his path to the chained door.

Another board with the same lettering came down, ABOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH PRISONER.

Ignoring again, they continued. With one last effort the prison was warning the four, it had another board but with a steel basket attached at the end. NO FOOD BEYOND THIS POINT, PLACE BELOW.

Whoever this is has committed so many crimes to have this many turn back warnings, he thought has he approached the long awaiting chained up with every kind of lock imaginable door.

"Dad it could be a trap-"

"-You don't know who it is!"

"Silence!" he commanded.

"Open the door. Open the door to everything you desire," Relish grinned and there was a small little peep hole door to open that had no locks. He opened it and saw magic auras all around. For a troll that has no magic besides the urge to kill, he found magic traced all around the cell. Sitting by a window, a middle-aged lady cloaked in a green cape, hood on, and her deep purple dress stroked a golden retriever sitting besides her. Her fading deep auburn hair wrapped in the back concealed by the green velvet cloak. Her strong lip quivered into an eerie smile.

"Childs? Childs?" Wendell called. The nobleman knocked and enter the fortress leaving the prince alone pacing around the front entrance. He opened the door and saw nothing and no one there. "Hello? Childs?"

The door behind closed, leaving the Prince terrified in the semi-darkness. He turned on instinct and to his horror he found a dead Childs. His person was smashed into the thorn spiked doorway. The dangerous spike lay in his back and emerged from his stomach, ringlets of blood dripped around the hole.

"Hello Princey!" one of the trolls said popping in on the already frightened Prince. He was shoved to Bluebell and thrown amongst the trio of trolls. Wendell couldn't fight against three brutes as they slammed him into the walls and ground. Before the first shot was made, the three were arguing.

"I'll make the first shot!"

"No me!"

No! Me!"

All the while Wendell laid helpless and cowering. Then powerful voice rung in everyone's ears. "Enough!"

The lady in the purple cloak and green cloak emerged with black gloves and the Troll King at her side. Her old face seemed in a way youthful and powerful. Her beady eyes narrowed at the Prince trying to stand up against the Queen.

"You're a long away from your castle, Wendell? Perhaps you should've stayed there. My silly little stepson," she sneered.

Wendell straightened up. "Y-you will pay for this," he said using his regal attire and authority as a safe bet. But against four trolls and a powerful Queen the chances were extremely thin.

"Oh on the contrary I think you will beg at my feet for food," she grinned as she mocked a curtsy. She moved her green cloak to the golden retriever. His muffle was removed and was wagging his tail waiting to stretch out his legs. The Queen petted the creature.

"You know what this is? This is a very special kind of dog. This is a magical dog. I hope you like dogs Wendell. You're going to spend the rest of your life as one," she said with malicious intent.

The golden retriever moved onto his path of travel and stood on his legs to touch the Prince. Wendell nearly fell back not knowing what to expect. The world spun and Wendell watched as the dog slowly started to change. The metamorphous transformation started a the dog's face. The nose shifted into a human sized on, the eyes a bit clearer and smaller, and his golden fur turned to the exact golden hair color of the prince. The dog was becoming an exact copy of him!

But at the same moment, Wendell felt shrunken. His face stretched out an his hair grew everywhere as fur. The same fur as the golden retriever replaced his uniform. He became to walk on all fours.

Finally whatever magic the Evil Queen performed was completed. Prince Wendell looked up at himself. The supposed Prince lolled his dog and tucked his arms in as if to beg for food. He chased around looking for the no longer tail. The Prince waged his tail and seemed incredulous to all the world.

Someone was impersonating him and the Queen glowed in whatever light she shined in. She smirked. "Come come, Prince Wendell. You don't greet guests on all fours, do you?" She looked down upon him. The four trolls joined a rambunctious laughter.

Wendell, the golden retriever, did what he thought best- run. He sprinted with new endurance out of the view of the Queen and to figure out a plan to get his body back later. He barked hoping someone would find him and alert the prisoner escape.

"Get him!" Relish ordered.

The Queen's eyes widened. She knew the spineless brat was a coward but to never run away from a fight. "Stop him! Bring him back to me alive!"

"Don't worry he's not going anywhere!" Burly promised emptily. The three made their way.

Blabberwort assured the Queen, "He can't escape; we're in a prison!" It wasn't a time for small jokes when the Queen's plans could be thwarted by an idiot troll search and seizure. The trolls would be unpredictable and she needed a spy and a hunter to track the Prince before it was too late.

She looked at the imposter Wendell who was running around idiotically. "Well Your Highness, just what do you have to say for yourself?"

He whined with his new voice, "W-w-where's my tail gone?"

Nothing new or interesting happened as she pedaled away with her sister. There was always something, but tonight nothing. She looked at the road ahead where some bricks lay… Brick by boring brick paved into the walkway. She rolled her eyes and started looking up at the night sky. The stars were never in the exact same place twice.

The gleaming fire balls starred around the inky black night sky, twinkling in the distance of some far off galaxy where boring is never imaginable and the inconceivable is possible.

I wish my life could change… Something drastic. Something exciting and wonderful… Somewhere away from a life in a run down apartment with a father who never seemed to care, and a sister that could have the faith and confidence she once had… Somewhere where I could be myself and no one could question me for my actions even if they are quite silly… But I understand now I'll never have that happily ever after mom always told us, tucking us in our rooms reading us tales of romance and adventure… So much for my happy ending, she had thought as she cast her eyes away from the starlit night.

The Queen marched down the barracks where the prisoners were rowdy and liked to make some noise. "Give me some food! I haven't had any since yesterday," one man had said looking at the terrible Queen.

She raised an eyebrow and had the urge to smite all these criminal's pathetic throats one by one until peace and quiet was heard. "Let us out! C'mon! Just give us the key! Let us out," they cried.

But she was as forgiving as an angered tiger. None of them would do as a henchman. They were all too whiny or did not have a backbone, or a combination of both. She began to lose hope until she saw a man behind bars staring at her. He had a handsome young face with black ruffled hair, scruffy beginnings to a beard and nicely tanned complexion. His eyes darted away and his panting changed. This man was not ordinary, and the Queen knew this.

He involuntary used two fingers to barely scratch his forehead as if it was a normal twitch.

"You," she said.

"Hello," he said cheekily not wanting to displease a chance of freedom.

"What are you?" she questioned.

He said smoothly, "Me? A very very fine chap falsely-"

Her teeth gritted like rocks. "Do not make me ask again,"

He looked to and fro wondering if anyone were to see. "I'm a- (he scratched his forehead again)- Shh. –(he held a finger to his lips as his eyes turned golden and his pupils thinned like a predator waiting for the catch)- Half wolf," he said and demonstrated.

Wolf? Excellent, she thought grinning from ear to ear. "If I give you your freedom, you must agree to serve me without question,"

"Oh, breakfast, lunch, dinner, I'm your wolf. Loyalty is my middle name," he said slickly.

She drawled, "I've turned Prince Wendell into a dog,"

Wolf nodded his head. "Good idea," not knowing what this has to do with anything. She stepped forward to the gated door.

"Find him… before the trolls,"

He nodded. "Trolls," he muttered as the door opened by the Queen. He made his way out, wanting to find the dog and return back to nature.

"Wait," she ordered. He did so. "Give your will to me. Be mine to summon and control. Do you understand?"

"Yeah," he said nervously. He backed away and started after the hunt for a prince-turned-dog.

The prince swiveled from passageway to hallway and to a separate corridor, whatever his legs willed him to do, the trolls refused to give way. His last choice was to lead them to a forked path. He found a stairwell to a basement. Pegging down the cold steps, there was a drainage system leading the water away from the pipes. Still on the ground, the Prince found another passage where the basement would lead to. He trickled in the water with ripples. He ran as fast as his hind legs could go.

Not too long after, the trolls mumbled their cures and whines from down the stairs. They looked at the disturbed water and assumed the dog ran to a place where his scent would be lost amongst the water particles. The trolls inched their way through.

Then not even a minute later when the trolls were out of sight, Wolf ran down the steps and sniffed through the air trying to detect the one scent of the dog. His nose burned of troll smells and odors. He turned around and growled. His hunt was tricky but he was much more cleverer than the average wolf.

Wendell ran and knocked over some of the warehouses' local junk despots and bins scattered around. Among the junk, a train collision happened as a board was moved and smashed into a nearly empty bin. Like a domino, everything fell in place. The dog hoped that at one point the dead end would show him a secret path.

The bin smashed into a few other objects that landed ungracefully on a full length mirror. The old, dusty mirror's spiraling forms at the sides and corners were proud and signified important symbols from hundreds of years ago. One of the latches that spiraled as a fake handle, broke loose and the mirror switched from the view of the confused Prince. The glow's impeccable brightness vanished as the mirror reflected a different image than of the refracted image of the Prince.

There was a forest with lights and tall structures. It was night time and on this paved road were two bikes that seemed to be heading near the bike. The Prince gazed at the mirror in wonder as he tried to make of this magic accident.

"Huff puff, what's going on here?" Wolf asked as he crouched in an offensive position ready to take down the dog. He too became entranced with the scenery. Two women on transportation system wheeled their way through a narrowing path. His focus became unclear.

The Prince took the Wolf's distraction and jumped into the mirror like it was made of air. The Wolf mesmerized himself out of the weird occasion. He grunted as the dog slipped through his grasps and breaking into the impossible- into a mirror.

Tripping out, spinning around, Wendell broke through the glass without a scratch as if the mirror was still intact but continuing to break through this foreign dimension. Hitting the ground with uneasiness, he landed on the incoming bikes. Slamming from the side, Virginia's bike sailed to the side and she might as well made a front flip. The bike away from her. Because Angelica was on the opposing side of the bike, she squished the braking pedals and fell off from the sudden jerk.

Angel scratched her cheek but the bike remained unharm. The dog laid on the ground looking seemingly dead. Virginia sat up with a pain in her head. Her forehead had a quarter-sized scratch that bled. She looked at the dog and gasped. Her bike was dented but still in working condition in a way. Her sister laid on the ground near the dog with a good sized cut on her cheek.

Rushing to help the two, she inspected the cut. "Angel! Are you alright?"

Angel stiffened but opened her eyes. Virginia helped her up. Angel took a good look at her sister with the blood. "You're bleeding," she said looking at the gash.

Virginia nodded. "I'm fine, I'm worried about you. I think you flipped over?"

"So did you… Oh my God! What happened?!" she gasped as she attended to the dog on the ground.

From another perspective of the mirror, it spat out Wolf. His dressy clothes gazed at the whole of a night in New York City. "Wow!" he said with hungry eyes. He scratches his forehead in that wolfish way before retreating in the woods for better coverage of the strange land.

Sooner or later, the trolls managed to find the glowing mirror and step through. As each blobbed out from no where, they gazed at the city life unaware of their real surroundings.

Bluebell wondered, "Sucking elf! Where are we?"

Burly added, "Wow. Get a look at that," He gestured to the buildings with various lights on. Little to their knowledge, electricity yet to be invented in their fable land.

Blabberwort had her head on. She noted, "This isn't part of the nine Kingdoms. This is a magical place. Look at all those lights,"

Stupidly, Bluebell responded, "They must go through a ton of candles!"

"Maybe we should claim this kingdom?" Blabberwort asked.

The older of the trio nodded and grabbed his axe. "Sensational idea! Let's grab it before someone else does,"

Blabberwort held her sword up in recognition and Bluebell took his dagger in the earth representing the land they claimed. Burly held the axe against to his head for the air and sky around them belonging to the Trolls.

Blabberwort claimed, "I hereby claim this land and all its inhabitants in the name of the Troll Nation. Henceforth it shall be known as… What should we call it?"

Bluebell pondered and then had an idea. "The tenth Kingdom,"

They all nodded excitedly. All responded, "The 10th Kingdom!" hoisting their weapon up.

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