Officially, this story is on hold until further notice. Due to some... "technical aspects" I'm moving on to other stories for several reasons. The first is because I do not have a perfect recording or any sort of script available at my disposal. It's much harder for me to find a Youtube video, play and pause thousands of times for just ten minutes of the video. Since I'm not tech savvy as others are, I'm going to have to wait like a normal person and find an alternative route on my own time.

Second, in response to reviews: Yes I do plan to continue someday AND extend past the original plotline. That was the plan from the start. In fact I had everything plotted out once the show was "done" to make up my own story. As a fan of this show ever since it's inception, I want to capture the way the writers did that made it such a great series. It's extremely hard to re-create a masterpiece such as this because I'm NOT one of the screenwriters. I knew taking on this project would be a challenge and a risk from the moment I started to pen this. (Yes, people still write on pen and paper when it comes to this)

Last little point is that no story is perfect obviously. In no way am I justifying my work as the best in the universe and so on. I wrote the majority of this months prior writing AFL so I know it's rough draft. My original character cannot be instantly filed as a replacement for Virginia because there's only been 5 chapters so far. This 10K story is in her perspective, not Virginia. Which I could see why others might see her as a replaced character but it wouldn't matter. There was a planned 40+ chapters devoted to character building throughout the series. To see readers out there assuming what the writer's every move is wrong. You don't them as they don't know you. That's the beauty of writing. It keeps you guessing at times; its what makes reading and writing worth while. One day I will make Angelica the best I can write about. Just not the right time.

FYI for reviewers: Calling a story "pathetic and weak plot" is not constructive criticism. Don't like it, don't review. Plain and simple.

On a simpler note, I do hope you continue reading the other stories I plan on writing soon. AFL just ended. Might be thinking of a sequel. BTTEBM is a work in progress and still working out some minor details but should be up and running. Other than that, happy holidays!

- From the Desk of Radiolover1029