A.N. I'm back! Not that I was really gone... but here's my newest 7 chapter story written in journal entries from Katie! The chapters are short, but one will come every day! Please review :)

Dear Journal,

For once, I actually had a boring day. The guys on a short tour for a few more days, Mom did a few errands and went to a yoga class, and I had school. And I got like 50 pounds of homework, but I already dug through most of that. (Most of)

This afternoon, I found a flyer for a video game tournament for Guitar Villain.

It's going to be next weekend, and I think I'm going to enter. I rock at that game.

A bunch of people are moving into the Palm Woods for the fall right now. The new faces are great, but I miss the old ones already.

So far, I've met a 22 year old girl looking to act, and three guys, probably my age, and one of their Dads'. I don't think they're staying very long, but they're super nice. Especially this one named Jesseā€¦.