Hello this is my first Rosario vampire story so don't yell at me if I mess up please. And I will write stories (a.k.a chapters) as I come up with ideas. By the way you Tsukune/Moka fans aren't really gonna like this story. I mean sure it revolves around them but they don't actually date. And I am a huge Tsukune/Moka fan and I will write plenty of stories of Moka and Tsukune where they date but this isn't one of them.

Chapter one

"Moka!" Tsukune yelled as he tried to catch up with her. "Hey how have you been the past weekend. I haven't seen you since Friday after school."

"Oh I've been just fine." Moka answered. "It's just that I've been thinking about something."

"Oh yeah and what's that."

"Well we've been friends for a long time and I was thinking that we should go on a trip together."

"What do you mean?" He asked as if she was thinking of a date.

"I mean like an adventure. You know how I'm a vampire. Well I thought that since I turned you into a vampire I would like to see how you do in adventurous times."

"Oh I get it. But where would we go."

"Well I was thinking of the Antigo forest. You know in the U.S."

"Wait go all the way to America. Are you serious? Even for a vampire that's crazy. I mean America? I mean we live in Japan. Even if I agree how are we gonna get there. We can't just take a boat. That would cost a fortune."

"Did you forget that my family is rich?"

"No but they hate me. At least your father does since I used to be human. So asking him for money to go on a trip with me. There is no way he'll say-"

He stopped to notice her holding up a stack of money.

"How did you get him to say yes?"

"That is my secret."

"Fine but this is going to be suicide."

"Wait so is that a yes to you coming?"

"Well I can't let you go alone cane I. I mean even if I said no you would go anyways. Besides you probably already knew that I would say yes for that exact reason didn't you. For an innocent girl you are pretty dang devilish."

(The next day)

"Ready to go?" Moka asked in a cheerful tone.

"Not really, besides what time is it?" Tsukune asked in an annoyed tone. " Plus how did you get in my room. I didn't give you a key plus this is the boy's dorm so how did you get in."

"Yukari put a spell on all the students so they wouldn't rat us out."

"That little witch. She's only ten and yet she knows how to hypnotize an entire building. I bet Ruby taught her that."

"Well you better hurry."

"Wait isn't it Tuesday. Wait let me guess Yukari did a spell that skipped to Saturday."

Moka gave a huge smile that just told him that he was correct.

"If you don't get up I am gonna force you to remove my Rosario and you know what will happen then. And in case you're too tired to think then I'll tell you. My other half will kick you from here to kingdom kum."

"I know that she will but I honestly don't believe you will do that. Maybe you can be very devilish from time to time but you won't risk losing a friend."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean if you do that then I will just be mad at you."

"Yes I know that but I also know that you like me secretly."

"Maybe. But that doesn't matter on if I get mad at you or not."

"I wasn't finished. You secretly like me which means that you won't do anything to make me cry."


"Hah you have nothing to say which means that I win. Hello? Helloo?"

She sat there for a minute before realizing that he fell asleep.

Chapter 2

"Are you ok?" Moka asked.

"Yeah just a little worried." Tsukune answered. "How are you about all of this?"

"I'm just fine."

All of a sudden they both saw a giant storm cloud and heard thunder.

"Aw great." Tsukune muttered.

"What's wrong?"

"Well this boat isn't meant for stormy weather. So I'm worried that something might happen if that storm reaches the boat."

"Well I wouldn't worry about it I mean we have been lucky for the past three days so i don't think it will connect."

"Actually that is exactly why I'm worried."

Moka just stared at him confused.

"Think about it. We've had great luck so far and all good luck has to end eventually. So that is why I'm worried."

"Oh I see."

All of a sudden their fears came true as the boat started to rock after a sudden crash and explosion at the back of the boat.

"Well this sucks." Moka yelled. "Now your fear of the boat being attacked is coming true."

"Actually I wasn't afraid of the storm attacking the boat. I was more afraid of the fact that we're vampires and that we are surrounded by our weakness. A giant mass of water."

"Oh crap I just noticed that. How are we gonna get out of here?"

"I honestly have no idea."

"Well first of all we better hurry up and get inside for now. Plus we're half way to America so we won't make it if we crash."

Just as they were getting inside there was a giant explosion.

When Moka awoke she was lying in the sand. She looked to her left and noticed Tsukune there all ripped up and damaged from the crash while covered in water while she was completely dry. Right then she noticed that there was a giant, thin, and nearly invisible sheet below her. Right then she suddenly realized what had happened. Tsukune had saved her from getting hurt while he was badly injured and nearly dead. But luckily he survived. She suddenly heard a noise from the forest behind her.

"Tsukune." She whispered desperately for him to wake up not because she was scared but that if something attacked then she wouldn't be able to get out of there with him. More or less fight without her Rosario being pulled off. "Tsukune." She whispered again.

"What's going on? "He asked confused.

"Were being watched by something."

"What is it?"

"I have no idea."

"Well let's get out of here."

They slowly crept away only to fall into a deep cavern right behind them. Moka couldn't see it because of how she was too busy trying to wake Tsukune up.

Later Tsukune awoke only to realize that he was lying down with Moka right on top of him with her white underwear right in his view. He would've enjoyed this if not for three reasons. One that he wasn't dating her so he didn't have the right and it would be considered perverted. The second reason is that they were being followed by some unknown creature. And finally that they were in an unknown cave.

"Moka are you alright?" Tsukune grumbled.

"Yeah." She answered.


"By the way this is your chance to make your move."


"I mean this is your chance to ask me out."

"I know what you meant but I'm afraid of your response."

"Well you are already looking at my underwear so if I said no then I would have to hit you and I really don't want to do that right now."

"Well then would you go out with me."



"I'm just kidding jeeze. Of course I will go out with you."