Back to Life, Back to Reality

AN: This is NOT a song fic. But if the title sounds familiar it was the title of a song by En Vogue. I just thought it would be fitting here.

One name kept coming to his mind. Just one name, over and over again, Peter Burke. And he, somehow, knew it wasn't his. His feet were leading him. It had been 4 months and a lifetime ago since he had crossed that threshold. He spoke to the first person he saw.

But the agents in the FBI building in New York City were not used to unkempt, dirty, unshaven bums entering their doors. The agents in the building's lobby gave him a wide berth. And a couple of the agents were on the phone, immediately, to the building security requesting the man be lead out of the building. The security guards showed up almost immediately, the cameras picking up the man's entrance. They grabbed the young man and started towards the door. The bum called one of the men by name. The guard then noticed, for the first time. He was looking into a familiar pair of deep blue eyes.

END NOTE: I hope this is a good enough tag to get you hooked. I am planning on trying a different POV and story-telling method here. I hope it works. Stay Tuned. Enjoy!