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Bob and Amy are divorced, the kids are all torn, but try to hide it. Gabe makes a friendship with a familiar person, hoping it will help with his stress, Teddy tries to cover everything with her activities, will it be enough? P.J. hides in his apartment most of the time. All three of them know the secret love between their parents, can they keep it? Or will they try to get them back together before the whole family is torn?

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Gabe Duncan sat in the hard wooden chair outside of the counselor's office. He hated that room, he hated how the counselor would make him spit out his feelings, and tell him everything was going to be okay, even though it wouldn't.

The last year of his life was plain crap, everything that had happened.

Nobody at the school knew except for Jake and Jo, he was too ashamed to tell.

Why was he so scared? He had asked himself that question millions of times before.

Tons of kids went through the same thing he did.

He looked down at his hands, he didn't know he was even shaking until he saw the small slip in his hands shaking with the rest of his body.

He looked up suddenly, when Jade Corsanti, walked through the door from the main hall, a slight moment of panick went through him, as he heard her wedge heels coming closer to him.

Jade saw him across the hall, going past him was the only way to get to the nurses office, a shriek of fear shot down her spine.

She quickly wrapped her arm around her stomach, hiding the meter connected to her body, pumping insulin into her, because she couldn't supply her own.

That was her secret.

She knew that Gabe had left class on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, but she didn't know what he was doing sitting outside of the counselor's office. Nobody knew where he went, or why, she knew he had a secret too.

She walked closer to him, and finally got the urge to look at him.

A year before, she had gone to summer school with him, and he had asked her out.

Back then, she went to Eisenhower Elementary and he went to Lincoln. She didn't really know the real Gabe Duncan, until she had almost every class with him in the eighth grade when she moved to South Denver Middle School, after her family bought a new house across town, two blocks from the Duncan house on Edgewood drive.

But now that she'd seen him get called to the principle, and get detentions that he never went to, yet he was smart, she had been crushing on him.

She turned her head up, and gazed into a pair of soft brown eyes.

"Hey, Gabe," she smiled at him, but noticed the slight glance of worry in his eyes.

She tilted her hair up at the clock above the door to Mr. Hawler's office, she had time.

Jade sat down next to Gabe, she didn't want to be nosy, but she wanted to be there for him, whatever was wrong.

"Hey," he finally answered back, but no smile grew across his face.

Jade sat next to him for what seemed like forever, then she looked down at the bright pink paper in his hand, Gabe knew it was too late when her jaw dropped.

Jade slowly looked up at Gabe,

"Your parents are divorced?" she asked, completely shocked.

The last time she went to his house, his parents had just had baby Toby, and she never heard one bad word in that house, or any bad behavior. His parents had kissed goodbye one time Gabe's dad had to leave to work, and she had been over there several times before she was stupid and dropped him. They never fought, ever.

Gabe looked at her, his eyes sad.

"I-I didn't want anyone to know, I was too ashamed, and now..." he couldn't finish, he didn't want to cry in front of the girl he still had a crush on.

"Oh, Gabe," she felt so sorry, and leaned over and hugged him.

"I have a secret too," she looked into his amber eyes, she took a deep breath and showed him her meter.

"I'm diabetic," she said, now Gabe's mouth dropped

"How about we keep each other's secrets?" Jade smiled, and saw the grin grow across his face.

"I think that's a good idea," Gabe replied

Amy Duncan sighed and looked at the clock, her kids should have been home any time, and she couldn't wait.

It had been a year, an official year, since the divorce was finalized, and she had cried that whole night.

She and Bob had gotten into a fight over the stupidest thing, and he just blurted it out. She still loved him, she loved him with all her heart, and would never want to be with another man but him.

She set her head on the cold, hard maple wood of the table.

"Oh, God, please help me," she whispered to herself, she didn't know who she was talking to,

she didn't know if God was even listening to her prayers.

It was Friday, and Amy knew she had to drive her kids the fifteen minutes to Lakewood, Colorado that evening.

She sighed,

why did life have to be so complicated?

Teddy Duncan stared at her watch, she looked up into her boyfriends emerald eyes and smiled,

"Hey, I got to go, we're going to my dad's tonight." she kissed Spencer, and closed her locker. She walked through the large doors of South High, and immediatly felt the sting of the frozen Decemberish Denver air.

She took a deep breath, and felt the sharp knives scratch down her throat, yet, it was also sensational. She hugged her gray petticoat close to her body, as she walked to the car. The reminder hit her head that she had to pick up her little brother from South Denver Middle School before she drove home.

She sighed as she stepped into her car, all three of the eldest Duncan Children knew that their parents still loved each other, they even heard Amy talking to her sister Helen, admitting that she did, but they all knew they couldn't do anything about it,

except wait.

Gabe trudged to the car, as he saw his sister pull up to the front of his school.

The counselor had been depressing again, making him speak, even though he just wanted to sit down and be quiet.

Gabe leaned into the car, and slowly opened the door, like all his muscles were stiff, he let his body slop into the seat, like he was too lazy to lean and sit down softly.

"How was school?" Teddy asked her brother. He shrugged his shoulders, and let his head slant down to the floorboard.

Teddy missed her little brother. The Gabe before their parents divorced, the Gabe that would get in trouble, the Gabe who would pull funny pranks on Mrs. Dabney, the Gabe who was Gabe.

Teddy missed him so much.

The rest of the five minute ride home was silent, as Gabe stared out the window, watching the bare trees and the melted white snow of December fly past the car.

For what seemed like forever, the ride finally ended when they pulled into the driveway of The Duncan household.

Teddy smiled when she saw her older brother's car in the driveway, and hurry up and opened her door.

It had been a while since P.J. had come over to his old house, he was so busy with college and working, since he was over eighteen, he didn't have to go to Bob's house every weekend, when he wasn't busy, he would drive over there, but usually he would stay in Denver when his other siblings were over there. The house was large, but not as big as the house he used to live in, and it sometimes got tight.

Teddy got out of her car when she saw a long arm open the front door, and her little five year old sister Charlie run out to her and Gabe.

Charlie's golden hair, the same shade as Amy's, glistened in the sun as she ran through the large front yard, and reached her older sister.

Seconds later, little Toby came stumbling out too, followed by P.J. and Amy.

Teddy picked up Charlie, and held her on her hip, as she hugged her brother, she felt his tight grip and smiled at her mother over his shoulder.

Teddy hadn't really seen her mother lately much, she was always out at a volleyball game, or doing a Student U.N. for college applications, she was so busy, she came home late at night, and left early in the morning.

The only time she'd see Gabe is the times she would pick him up from school, but Amy's scheduled as a emergency room nurse didn't agree with Teddy's.

She'd barely seen her two youngest.

She would faintly remember at night, being woken by her large bedroom door sliding, and Amy walking to her bed in the darkness in her scrubs, just after getting off at work. She'd sat down on the platform next to the headboard of Teddy's bed, and smile at the seventeen year old. She wiped away a wisp of blonde hair, and kiss her on the forehead, before walking out of the room, and closing the door shut.

After Charlie announced she wanted down, Teddy walked up to her mother, and smiled.

"Hey, mom," she said, she leaned in and hugged her.

She had wished so many times that her parents would get back together, they both loved each other,

why couldn't they admit it?

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