Title: It Takes A Villa

Series: Pokémon

Day/Theme: 21. locked together & pushing

Character/pairing: Barry Lucas, mentions and implications of ~mysterious yuri pairing

Rating: PG-13

Author's note: Melly wanted it, and what Melly wants, she gets! Borrows some traits from the Pokémon adventures manga, as in food, because adorables. Apparently Lucas and Maylene as foodbros is my favorite new headcanon.

Oh, and they're mid-teens here.


When Barry heard the news that Lucas had a place of his own now, he was really psyched. Really psyched, even more than usual psyched. So he flew on over there as soon as he could and visited Lucas. The minute he game to the resort area he had plans, plans which were dashed about two seconds later when an apologetic helper receptionist person pointed out that there weren't any vacancies.

Barry had to admit, he was more than a little disappointed when he realized that the villas were all booked up and Lucas had gotten the last one. Well, Lucas totally deserved it with the whole saving the world thing–which he helped with, by the way!But still. These were really awesome villas. They could've gotten houses right next to each other. He could've had a nice bean bag chair and a lot of stocked food. Though, technically Lucas's place had a bean bag chair. And being Lucas, he always had filled up pantries and a fully stocked fridge.

So the second time he came around, Barry accidentally on-purpose mentioned the whole shebang. Matching next door villas. Pokémon battles every day. Epic journeys to be followed by epic redecorating schemes.

"You know you're welcome to visit me any time, right?" Lucas said.

Barry playfully pulled off his beret and ruffled his hair. "Anytime, then I'll have to come in your room in the middle of night and wake you right up!"

"Like you don't already with your texting? Lucas said dryly.

But the glinting sun off of water had already caught Barry's attention.

"Wait, there's a pool?"

Lucas chuckled. "You didn't see it? If it was an Arbok it would've bitten you."

"Last one there is a rotten eggggg!" Barry peeled off his shirt and threw it behind him, hitting Lucas squarely in the face. He was out of his jeans and canonballing into the water before Lucas even had the shirt off his face. Water crashed out in a huge splash, like he was Crusher Wake grade cool. Lucas was way, way too slow, and soaked to boot. Then he pulled off his shirt and revealed that he was looking pretty different than usual. Lucas had hit his growth spurt, and now was at least three inches taller than Barry. In the time since Barry last saw him, Lucas had seemingly grown more defined. His shoulders were broader, and he had muscles. Sorta muscles. Okay, more of a swimmer' build, but still.

He was always a little better than Barry these days, but Barry was drinking lots of milk and training hard. He'd catch Lucas yet.

"Sheesh, you look like a Machoke! Have you been sparring with Maylene lately?" Barry said.

Barry looked a lot more like a Machop. Or, you know, a twelve year old schoolgirl.

"A little, she visits sometimes," Lucas said.

All the sudden, Barry had a mental image of Lucas and Maylene sparring. Then it turned into Lucas and Maylene getting married by the punching bag, and Maylene tossing Lucas over her shoulder, and heading off to their reception at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Also, Lucas was wearing the wedding dress for some reason.

And it was completely wrong. Lucas wasn't supposed to get married to Maylene! Barry puffed his cheeks out in annoyance. This was wrong, wrong, wrong. He'd think of why later.

"Something the matter?" Lucas asked.

And then Lucas was looking at him and there was this weird sort of dizzy-nauseous-butterfly feeling. Technically this had happened before, once on the top of Mt. Coronet, when they'd fought Jupiter and Mars together, but then he'd been exhausted and pushed it aside. Then there was the time he'd had allergies over in Survival Area—though he didn't get it until days later, but it had to explain it, and the bout of a cold in the Battle Tower when he was battling against Lucas. Well, it had to be a cold, anyways. What else could it be?

And there was now, where the only factor was Lucas with less clothes than usual. His heart was racing like it did when he was running, but different. Weird different. Usually, Barry loved the adrenaline rushing feeling that came with running, like he was flying at mach three. Sometimes he even provided the airplane noises as he ran. But this? This was something way different, he didn't even know what to do with this

"I forgot something!"

In a second, Barry was out of the pool and running. His trunks were wet and falling down, everything he owned was back there, including money, all supplies and most all of his pokémon.

"Yeah you did—You forgot your clothes!" Lucas called back after him.

But Barry kept running. When given the choice between facing the sudden weirdness and semi-nudity, he gladly chose semi-nudity.


It was sunstroke. Really, that's all it was. Sunstroke and stuff, and it made his head weird and gave him delusions. That didn't keep him from shivering semi-naked in the bushes, looking sort of like a creeper as he watched Lucas's villa. There was no sign of Maylene, no frolicking to be seen anywhere. He was doing his secret agent thing, just like he learned from Looker. He and his Munchlax were right there, watching out for his friend. Munchlax was the sole pokémon with him, as it had accidentally slipped from the holder thingie on his belt to the pocket of his trunks.

Well, his Munchlax was mostly eating all the berries in sight, not even very quitely. He, however, was being totally stealthy—

"You know I can see you there, right?" Lucas said from the door.

"I'm not Barry, I'm...Larry!"

"I can see your hair from here," Lucas said.

His Munchlax was giving him that look. He was about to whisper well, you think of a better idea! when he remembered that was its default expression. He was on his own with this one. Barry tried to think his way out of that one. He got up to long lost identical twin brother with amnesia! before he just gave up. He popped up with grass and assorted debris in his hair.

"I thought I saw some rare pokémon over here, but it was just a Psyduck," Barry said. He didn't even bother to try and explain why he was still in nothing but his boxers with poké balls on them. Or the fact that he didn't have a single poké ball with him for catching, since apparently enthusiasm alone wouldn't catch a pokémon, not even if you hugged them very enthusiastically.

"Yep, I mistake Psyducks for Regigigases all the time," Lucas said. "Now come in before you catch cold."

"It's warm up here," Barry said.

"Not so much at night," Lucas replied.

Barry weighed his options. The weirdness could come back and it continue to be weird, or he could freeze to death in a tropical paradise. Or be eaten by rabid Psyducks.

Barry picked up his pokéball and put Munchlax back in, and made a beeline for the door.


It seemed the villa changed tons every time Barry visited. Now clothed, fed and not feeling entirely weird, Barry actually stopped his hectic pace for two seconds to gaze about the villa. It was...nice. Really nice. Of course, Lucas got the extra large fridge. There was now a piano on the far corner, under a large window that overlooked the pool.

In a slight contrast to the high class painting and piano, there were two beanbags and a tv with a black Wii in front of it, controllers set aside as if he'd been pulled away right in the middle of a game.

"I used to have those in my secret base, but Geodudes kept eating my furniture, and my base caved in," Lucas said.

"Yikes," Barry said. "Almost makes me glad I only spent about ten minutes in the underground. I could never find any of those trading hikers, either."

As promised, there was a yellow beanbag and a red one. There were black letters on the yellow one. Barry came a bit closer to check it out.

"I sharpied it so no one else would sit in it," Lucas said.

Barry felt a surge of happiness at this. He flopped right onto the beanbag, only to have all that energy come crashing right down when Lucas finished the sentence.

"—I'll have to get another one for when Maylene comes to visit again. We were playing Fight Out when she was last here. She's pretty good," Lucas said.

Barry felt like rolling off of the beanbag chair and flopping right on the floor. The weird feeling had multiplied, like it'd gained experience and evolved into another stronger form of weird, with a special weird ability and four weird attacks of weirdness. Barry actually liked Maylene. He'd gotten to punch things in her gym, which was always a plus, and she seemed really nice. In fact, Barry couldn't think of anyone he really hated, except maybe creeps like Team Galactic and people who mistreated pokémon.

But suddenly, he didn't want to ever hear her name again. Well, not really never again. He just He never wanted to hear her name from Lucas again. Not talking like she was his perfect eating rival. Barry was supposed to be his eating rival! They'd totally planned going through eating contests after they were pokémon masters and stuff when they were little, laying back in the grass and sleeping under the trees of Twinleaf Town.

Barry had a sudden mental image of taking the sharpie and writing BARRY WAS HERE AND HE CALLED DIBS on Lucas's chest. Because, really, he called being the friend and rival of everything years ago. Maylene, nice as she was, would just have to find someone else to be rivals with.

Maybe he could challenge her to a pokémon battle for the right to Lucas's rivalry. If he won—and he would—she'd have to admit that Barry was Lucas's real rival, and that he and Lucas were going to utterly destroy the eating contest line, as soon as they figured out if there actually was an Elite Four of eating contests.

Then the logical side of him (which always sounded like Lucas, for some reason) pointed out that eating contests can have teams with three or more people. Added to that was a mental image of he, Lucas and Maylene fistbumping each other with hot dogs.

Nah, Sharpies it was.

"All right, I'll sharpie it and then everything will be fine!"

"You know I have sharpies in here, right?"

"I need a special sharpie!" Barry called back as he made his way to the door.

Hey, at least this time he had pants.


Barry flew over to Veilstone, with one thing in mind: shopping. He was going to buy the sharpie to end all sharpies and then he was going...what was he doing again? He somehow ended up buying poffins, entering three contests and winning one, then training for about a couple days on Iron Island, and then more shopping for supplies. All the while, he had this nagging feeling that he was supposed to be doing something, but completely forgetting what it was.

Barry's life was chaos and he liked it that way. He was always going off to buy MooMoo milk and accidentally taking flying lessons and leading a cave expedition on the way. He liked life to have surprises.

It was about a week later that he remembered oh yeah, sharpie to Lucas's chest proclaiming eternal friendship and rivalry! Except putting it that way, it sounded kind of absurd. And out there. And weird. Did he mention weird? Obviously he had sunstroke or something. And really, it was all about Lucas's villa. Sure, they were friends and all, but his fridge was awesome too! Who would want to be away from a fridge that well stocked, with like, a pool and stuff? No one, that's who! It was obvious that what his heart craved from its very depths was lava cookies and chocolate pocky.




Barry took another week to let the weirdness subside before he landed back on Lucas's stoop. By then everything would be cool. Even if Lucas and Maylene got married and had hordes of adorable little children who could dropkick him in a second. They'd call him Uncle Barry and he'd be the best man at the wedding, maybe, right by the ringside. Not in that order, though.

He'd be...fine.


Suddenly his chest was tightening again. He tried to remind himself here for the free food, man am I hungry, so hungry, arrrrgh!

He threw the door open and charged in.

"You were gone a while," Lucas noted absently, looking up from the magazine he was reading. And it was like a waterfall rushing in his head, all these thoughts and feelings and emotions. It just spilled out.

"Maylene can't be your rival!" Barry said. "I'm your rival, remember? Me!"

"Wait, what?" Lucas said. "What are you talking about, Barry?"

"You're always going on about 'Maylene and I sparred today' and 'Maylene and I frolicked in a field of flowers today' and 'Maylene and I got married by a punching bag and I was wearing the wedding dress and then we went off to have an all-you-can-eat buffet afterwards!'"

Lucas fell silent for a few seconds, seeming to be trying to take this all in. "Uh, nothing you said made any sense there. Maylene and I are just friends; she already has a rival."

He pulled out a scrapbook, and in there was Maylene. Barry felt an instant stab of something between hurt and anger. He and Lucas should've had the pictures taken in those silly photobooth things and made silly faces! Then he noticed that Maylene wasn't alone, and it wasn't Lucas by her side. A girl was right next to her, arm slung over her shoulder. Both of them had big grins on their faces.

A bit of squinting told him that the girl was Candice.

"See?" Lucas said. "If I tried to steal her rival away, Candice would lock me in a meat locker."

"Really?" Barry said. "I'd totally do a rescue of you with my Rapidash. We'd ride off into the sunset and everything."

Lucas chuckled. "Nah, she's too nice to do anything like that. She'd give me a talking to. You know, Maylene walks barefoot through the snow to fight against Candice as her training? I wish I had that sort of focus, but I'd just get too cold to even move."

There was a drum solo in his chest. Was that really his heart? Man, he needed to get his ticker checked. But this time he knew it wasn't a cold, or the flu, or sunstroke. Fourth, or maybe fifth time was the charm.

He was in weird with Lucas. There was no two ways about it.

"So, we're still epic ultimate rivals?" Barry said hopefully.

"Who else would be?" Lucas said. "We made a pact, got the decoder rings and everything."

And maybe this would been a long, lasting moment with shared smiles and stuff. Except that Barry's stomach chose that moment to let out a huge grumble, which ruined that moment.

"Go on, there's plenty to eat," Lucas said.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Barry said.

Barry made his way into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. The first thing that assaulted his eyes was a serious lack of pudding cups amidst the stuffed-to-the-brim fridge.

"Whaaat? Did Maylene eat my pudding?" Barry said. He shot Lucas a hurt accusatory look.

"Dawn did, actually," Lucas said.

Barry puffed out his cheeks. "I was really hungry, too."

"I bought new stuff today, though. I just hadn't had a chance to put it all in, yet."

Barry rifled through the bag. In its was a new sharpie, lots and lots of pudding cups, and post it notes.

"Post-it notes?" Barry said.

"To prevent future pudding wars," Lucas said.

"Who's starting these wars?" Barry said. "You get pretty cranky when anyone gets into your poffins and lava cookies."

"Speak for yourself, pudding warlord," Lucas said.

Barry bet down and began to scrawl out a message on one of the notes. Touch Lucas's food and prepare to be hit with pillows.

Lucas had bent to start one of his own. Eating Barry's pudding will result in lectures and/or fines if he isn't distracted within five seconds of finding out.

Barry penned another, playfully and messy this time. Lucas was here, food isn't any longer. he stuck that one to the fridge.

"Oh, playing hardball, are you?" Lucas said. He scribbled another. Barry was here, then two seconds later he wasn't.

Barry started scribbling down note after note. Barry's chair. Barry's food. Barry's side of the bed. It was exhilarating, laying claim to this villa and all of Lucas's attention too.

There's no one else. No one else came to claim my spot. This is mine.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before their post-note frenzy turned into them writing on each other. It started with a post-it note stuck on Lucas's arm—Machamp in training to one stuck on Barry's pants Wannabe Rapidash

Barry was laughing, miming drawing kitty whiskers and a fake moustache on Lucas's face, the sharp scent of the pen putting a damper on the moment. He was miming making thick sharpie arm hair on Lucas's arm when he leaned forward just a little too much and slipped, and then there a little black line are Lucas's arm.

"You do know that this means war, don't you?" Lucas said oh so calmly.

"Bring it!" Barry said.

And there were little black marks, squiggles and lines between their own laughter and wriggling and wrestling, a line of Lucas was here over Barry's arm.

There was a little scrawl of mine at the back of Lucas's neck, but it was so messy that the secret was kept on Lucas's skin, refusing to wash off for days and days.

He wished the marker really was permanent, that it'd never wash off, and that the scrawl would stay there for the rest of their lives. Like a wish written on paper, a prayer breathed and tied on a tree in hopes to make it come true.