Chapter 1:

17 year old Rosalina Tai was half asleep in her 12th grade English class. Senioritis was in full effect in early May. With graduation a month away and an NYU acceptance for next year, Rosalina was ready to get out. As she tried to pay attention to old Mrs. Barnes drone on about their final essay assignment, Rosalina put her head down on the desk. She was woken up by her iPhone vibrating in her bag besides her foot. She glanced down and saw a text from her best friend, Kristina Reyes.

Kristina: I scored 4 tickets to hunter hayes concert tomorrow, im bringing reedy. Last ticket is for you, bring whoever. See u after school xoxo

Rosalina sat up and smiled. Hunter Hayes was her celebrity crush at the moment. It would be the perfect concert to bring a date to, if she had anyone to bring. Kristina, of course, would bring her boyfriend, Reed, who she'd been dating all year. He was star quarterback, she was head cheerleader. The perfect high school relationship. Rosalina sighed as she thought about how lonely single life was getting. She felt her phone vibrate again. The screen showed Nat's name. A million memories rushed into her head. Nat was her first, and only, boyfriend she had ever had. They were in love and the whole world knew it. They broke up Rosalina's sophomore year but had managed to rebuild their friendship back up to how it was before they dated, which is something Rosalina couldn't be happier about.

Nat: Wake up sleepyhead, high schools almost over. Look to your right (:

Rosalina smiled and looked out the window to her right. She could see into the classroom across the courtyard and saw Nat sitting at a desk in his own class. He smiled at her and waved. God, that smile tore Rosalina apart. A part deep down in her had been dying to get back together with Nat but she was too scared to screw everything up again. The bell rang, interrupting Rosalina's thoughts and dismissing classes for the weekend. Everyone rushed out of the door and into the busy Amigos hallway. Rosalina made her way to her locker, threw her books in and grabbed her car keys. She made her way out to the student parking lot, where the rest of her best friends awaited her. The boys otherwise known as the Naked Brothers Band.